World Contest 2019

Here are the winners of the World Contest. Great job to everyone!

First place in the 004 Contest is The Serial Poet by LogangreenjeansLogangreenjeans with 20 upvotes. They won the RPC-004 slot!

First place in the Divisions Contest is Sean's Bizarre Adventure by AscriberAscriber with 21 upvotes.

Second place in the 004 Contest goes to The Howlers of Dreamland by Von PincierVon Pincier! They had 19 upvotes and have won the RPC-543 slot.

Second place in the Division Contest goes to Men on the Moon by Von PincierVon Pincier! They had 13 upvotes!

First place in the RPC Art contest goes to FishiesFishies!

Thanks to everyone for your entries, excellent jobs.

004 Freestyle Entries

Division Tale Entries

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