Winter Contest

Here are the winners of our Winter contest. Very nice job everyone!

First place for the In the Dead of Winter Contest is The Shepard and His Flock by LogangreenjeansLogangreenjeans with 22 upvotes. They have won the RPC-563 slot!

First place in the New Beginnings Contest is Nothing's ever gonna make me forget her by MrPinesMrPines with 23 upvotes. They win the RPC-365 slot!

In a very close race in the Winter tales Contest, Cogs by Vizlox does not match any existing user name has won with 12 upvotes!

Second place in the Dead of Winter contest goes Christmas With Amazing! Co. by moist breadmoist bread! They had 21 upvotes!

Second place in the New Beginings Contest goes to A parting gift from an immortal bird by google_chromegoogle_chrome! They had 21 upvotes!

In the Dead of Winter Entries

New Beginnings Entries

Winter Tale Entries

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