We are Death, and Death is us.




The first rider approached the golden gate guarded by his seal. He commanded into the ear of a thousand minds and was set free to ride and unite the lands under one. His name, being the first of four, was Conquest, the white horseman.

RPC-787 was the first ArcOS Admin Command System to be developed by Dr. Weissenhorn and his team. It was meant to solidify the efforts in which the Board of Global Directors and select Level-4 individuals could develop better containment protocols in order to prevent potential containment breaches. However, it became mutated into the very opposite of what it was intended to be. RPC-787 began altering other anomalies to its bidding, just as an emperor would when usurping those below him.

The Authority could not allow such a perversion of their efforts to remain within acting capacity, and thus RPC-787 was shut down, to conquer and rampage no more. After this abomination of protocol was taken from the hands of Weissenhorn, the entire Arc Operating System was pulled into questioning. How Weissenhorn was able to operate hidden from the eyes of the Board was unknown, and thus ArcOS was pulled from research. Weissenhorn receded into the darkness, heard from no more, and seen only in the nightmares of the workers under him.

The second rider approached the golden gate, and whispered its demand into the ear of a thousand minds. The golden gate creaked and slowly opened, as if it were maliased and wasted away. The rider's horse trotted into the land carrying behind him an aura of hunger and malnurishment. His name, being the second of four, was Famine, the black horseman.

RPC-907 was an unintended side effect of the ArcOS Ontological Chip. In each human lies a mysterious energy known as the consciousness. How or why this force operates within us alone is one of the greatest mysteries ever, and Doctor Weissenhorn wanted to codify it. Thus came RPC-907, an entity which feeds off of this force, but is only awake within those who were implanted with the ArcOS chip. In every other human, it lies dormant, awaiting instructions from its creator, to infect and pollute the inner machinations of the human condition.

RPC-907 is trapped in a single researcher, and the Board intended it to stay there, no matter the consenqueces to the lowly researcher infected with the very manifestation of famine. Weissenhorn, a master of manipulation, somehow slipped passed the gaze of the Board and was able to retake control over said process. He began overseeing ArcOS anew, however, for the next 15 years, he would lie passive, keeping a close eye on the Board, awaiting the right time to strike and develop the next phase of his master plan.

The third rider approached the golden gate, and shouted his demand into the ear of a thousand minds. The golden gate swung open and he rode forth into the lands to burn the non-believers and heritics. His name, being the third of four, was War, the red horseman.

RPC-856, a byproduct of experimentation, arose after Weissenhorn moved on from human implantee's to machinery. A reconnicance satellite, built to track enemy agents silently, became this monstrosity infecting the minds of high-ranking officials and enemies of the Authority with propoganda and rage. It sent directed declerations of war unto its targets, and although most were intercepted, some slipped passed the grimey fingers of Weissenhorn and reached their targets. Thus came the AEP's attack on Site-014 and the detonation of the fail-safe present.

This time was different, however. This time, the Board would not let Doctor Weissenhorn slip past them again. They began a full-fledged investigation into the ArcOS Initiative and Weissenhorn, but they found nothing. No background, no registered approval, not even a paystub under his name. He was, for all intents and purposes, an anomaly. They began to questions their entire foundation. "How did we not look into him the first time?", they asked. "How did we not see this coming?".

They blamed it on an "infohazard" which affected them all, but they knew it was their mistake. They knew that they brought it upon themselves, and they swore to never let this happen again. They swore to update their background check and project assesment protocols, but it was too late and they knew it.

The fourth rider approached the golden gate, and did not speak into the ear of a thousand minds. The golden gate fell before the rider as he stepped forward to join his brothers to complete his task, bringing torn revelations upon the people of Earth. His name, being the final rider of four, was Death, or as his colleagues knew him as, Eliot Weissenhorn.

T-120 Minutes To Site-014 Detonation

"Director 07, we've intercepted another message from 856" Head Researcher Seidman stated.

"Another one? How much longer till we can eliminate the anomaly? Satellite A479Z is our most expensive reconnaissance probe and I'll be damned if I let it go to waste."

"Our teams are working on it, Sir but we don't know how much longer we need. Don't you want to hear what the message says?"

"Get on with it, Seidman. I don't have time to waste."

"Sorry boss. It says 'Hello, brother. Torn revelations will be upon us soon as our brothers, Conquest and Famine await. Expect great things from us, we do this only to please you.' And it was addressed to a Dr. Weissenhorn."

"Who did you say it was addressed to?" the director replied with an equal sense of confusion and horror.

"Doctor Eliot Weissenhorn", the researcher replied. "A researcher working on the ArcOS Initiative."

"I see." Director 07 says as his drink falls out of his hand and onto the linoleum floor. He looks to the researcher with a sense of dread and fear on his face. For the first time in his career, he doesn't know what to do.

"Should we call a board meeting?" the researcher asks unbeknownst of what is at hand.

Director 07 manages to muster up the only words he can think of. "Yes, call the board."

T-30 Minutes To Site-014 Detonation

The board room was in an uproar. Not a single director understood the situation to its fullest. No one knew why they let the ArcOS Initiative slide. No one could even begin to understand the gravity to which humanity was in danger. Now that whoever, or even whatever, Doctor Weissenhorn was had the ability to control three separate branches of the Authority; containment, surveilance, and research, he could enact whatever he deemed fit.

"It was an infohazard." Director 03 shouted out. The room fell silent. "We were all affected by an infohazard, and we need to document it." He was talking out of his ass. They all knew it wasn't an infohazard but they wanted to believe that they simply let this slide and that there were more than seven directors.

"Also, there could more be interim directors to assist major departments and we simply failed to follow up." Director 06 redirected to the board. "Other sites hired more directors to help out and we simply were to busy dealing with more pressing matters." The room nodded in agreement.

"It isn't out of the scope of possibility. It could happen… as it has happened. That is exactly what happened." Director 04 responded.

They still didn't know what Weissenhorn was. No one knew, including the very people who worked on the ArcOS Initiative. For all they knew there were more Global Directors hired and they were never notified about it. But all of this would be shrouded by the next few moments.

There was a knock on the conference door. It was Head Researcher Seidman. "Directors, Site-014's Fail-Safe was just detonated. A rogue AEP agent infiltrated the site after RPC-856 contacted them. That's all we know so far." He left immediately because he knew what was coming.

The atmosphere of the room switched from anger to fear to desperation in the matter of seconds. No one knew what to say. If they weren't confused before, they were confused even more now.

T+2 Minutes After Site-014 Detonation

"What do we do now?" Director 01 asked.

"It doesn't matter." Director 07 responded with dread. "We now know what the ArcOS Initiative was made to do. It was made to unleash fire and fury, and we have allowed it to do so."

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