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Actual pic of me (in real life).

About Me!

Hello! I'm Vecter Specter, known as Tax Fraud on Discord. I'm 17 and from Pennsylvania. I love all Mario games, horror related things, and of course RPC! I also do art, and I also like to write. The types of RPC articles I like are brain breakers, something that will genuinely give me the chills, especially articles with monsters.

Contact me on Discord for anything: Tax Fraud #4795

My Decently Made Garbage

RPC-789 - The Rusted Warnings
More coming soon…

Lesser Known Garbage I Made

LO-313 - you found the burger good job!!!
LO-317 - Elefun But Real

Reviews of Me

"Israel" - Worm that Walks
"Tax Fraud? isn’t that the guy who said fuck in mario golf?" - Spambot

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