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T he Vatican Secretariat of Supernatural Primacy2 ("The Primacy") is the containment agency of the Vatican City-State established in response to the Papal Auctoritas Imperata declaring independence from the Roman Catholic Church and becoming the modern Authority. Tracing their origins to an obscure precursor organization known as the Auctorias Ecclesiastica, the Vatican Primacy is committed to preserving the holy relics and sacred doctrines of the faith and defending the Roman Papacy from supernatural threats.

Initially comprised of traditional Catholic mercenary units known as the Military Vicarate of the Papal States, The Primacy was reformed during the First Vatican Council into a dicastery3 of the Roman Curia in order to combat the Authority's jurisdiction over the anomalous in a period known as the Arcane Schism. This defensive and war-like mentality resulted in numerous clashes with the agency. However, since the Second Vatican Council, The Primacy has moderated its aggressive behavior and now cooperates with the Authority and UNAAC on a case-by-case basis.

This state of affairs is not likely to last. Recently, a rise in religious fanaticism has been observed among VSSP operatives, reflecting changing mentalities in the Catholic Church proper. Ideas that were once fringe in Catholic thought, such as declaring a new Crusade, restoring the Christianized Roman Empire, or calling for a Third Vatican Council are now gaining wide support within the agency. With over a billion Catholics worldwide, if The Primacy were to follow through on any of these objectives, they would present a significant threat to the Veil.

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D eveloping a modernized containment format was essential for The Primacy in the aftermath of the secularization of the Auctoritas. A more complex terminology and categorization system was created to facilitate this process. Containment Documents are organized under three classifications: Sacred, Demonic, or Obscure Phenomenon.

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