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Flag of the Union of Soviet Satellite Republics

General Overview

The Union of Soviet Satellite Republics, formerly the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, is a communist interstellar state spanning several star systems. The new USSR rose from the ashes of Embers' Day. A pre-established military force, the Soviets quickly attempted to consolidate power over the scattered surviving colonies in the Sol System. However, survivors and armed forces loyal to the National Aerospace Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Empire of Japan in-Exile (EJE) opposed their attempts at total solar domination.

In 1938, thousands of reports were made by frightened citizens from Central Europe, East Asia and North Africa detailing vicious attacks on villages and mining communities by what appeared to be massive three-legged robots accompanied by spider-like machines that would tear through the tallest of buildings with ease. These were later identified as Soshi Mining Drones and Soshi Scout Drones respectively. With civilian casualties estimated to be in the millions within the first week alone and military forces being unable to effectively stop their advancement, the USSR and the Allies were forced to begrudgingly sign a non-agression pact with the Empire of Japan in order to combat the Soshi more effectively.

The following conflict, which has been most commonly referred to as either the Second World War or the War of the Worlds, would last for the next 6 years, resulting in 90 million human casualties. The war would end in 1945 following the locations of both of the facilities which housed the Soshi robots were confirmed and subsequently destroyed by two atomic bombs that were produced by the Manhattan Project.

Rangers later identified the drones as belonging to an old Soshi Mining colony on Mars which was abandoned after their exodus from the solar system following the Soshi-Karza War that took place around 10,000 years ago. The drones were most likely awakened on complete accident by the arrival of what were assumed to be Nazi party officials, GARD agents, as well as SA and SS officers attempting to flee from Earth.

After the destruction of the Earth and subsequent exodus of what remained of the human species from the planet in 1969 due to Ember's Day, all hopes that a peaceful reconciliation between the three powers could be reached were gone. All three parties began to engage in what would eventually be known as "The Sol War". This bloody interplanetary conflict would last between the years of 1979 to 1983, and would result in the deaths of at least 25% of the remaining human population.


State Emblem of the Union of Soviet Satellite Republics used in English-speaking communities before the forced script change

At the peak of the war, Soviet forces would decapitate NATO's command structure in a surprise attack, leading to the destruction of NATO. Twenty-two years after Ember's Day, Soviet troops had achieved total victory over the solar system and its heavenly bodies. This event caused a mass exodus of civilians and ex-NATO forces and the remnants of the Empire of Japan alongside the Shōwa Emperor from the Sol System, which only increased after the USSR had begun to either destroy or overrun the remaining NATO and Japanese bases on Mars in 1982. The Red Planet would later be declared as their capital in 1984.

In an attempt to eradicate the fleeing refugees, Soviet forces launched a wave of one-way strike craft into Oort Cloud. However, a joint project between ex-NATO scientists alongside Japanese engineers created an experimental FTL device, aka the Drunkmann Drive. All Soviet fighters sent to intercept would be lost in deep space. The USSR, unable to replicate the FTL drive, considered any further pursuits into hunting down the remaining refugees a lost cause.

In the present day, the USSR is considered a local power. Far from the galactic-spanning fighter, it portrays itself as in its propaganda, the USSR's projection of power is limited to the Local Bubble. Its systems are constantly under threat from raids by pirate factions. These pirates, generally financed by the Consortium, have made the citizenry increasingly Xenophobic, particularly toward their leaders, the Zidophants. The USSR has frequently engaged in many assassination attempts of top-ranking Consortium Board Members. These plots have, at times, almost led to an all-out war. This directed xenophobia from the USSR has slowly begun to spread to various other factions of the Local Bubble. The Soviets' most prominent supporters were their fellow members of the Sodality. As Consortium-backed piracy rates rise, talks about "Exterminating the Zidophants" become increasingly common.


GRP-014 - Temple of Psyche
GRP-424 - Installed Humanity
L-GRP-699 - Cuban Missiles

Miscellaneous Documents

Zidophant Alien Report
Celliut Alien Report

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