Uniform-1 "Through God's Eyes"







Numerical Code: Uniform-1

Codename: Through God's Eyes

Motto: Reality isn't real

Roles: Investigation in, Rescue from, and Containment of Extremely Low or High Coherency Environments

Description: A team of individuals with an in-depth knowledge of abnormal and dangerously coherent/incoherent spaces. Geared with coherency-stabilizing suiting that maintains a stable internal-coherency and equipment built to function in extremely adverse conditions.

Uniform-1 often employs advanced technologies such as inter-dimensional travel in order to enter obscure locations.

In the event that a member of Uniform-1 is compromised, any potential replacement must become deeply knowledgeable in the various aspects of coherency.

Taskforce Composition

Captain John Creek
Codename: Inglo
Identifier: U1-Cap

James Dunfer
Codename: Bryakov
Identifier: U1-1

Ren Sax
Codename: Imbemwe
Identifier: U1-2

Jenn Larker
Codename: Extract
Identifier: U1-3

Arnold Schark
Codename: Hydro
Identifier: U1-4

Ralf Lexington
Codename: Poise
Identifier: U1-5


The following items are typically brought during Uniform-1 operations:

  • An Anderson-Eckhardt Coherency Reader
  • Mark IV Coherency-Stable Suiting
  • Mark XI Coherency-Stable Toolset
  • Mark III Coherency-Stable Communications Devices
  • Mark II Reality Signature Reader
  • Mark II Reality Signature Specific-Locator

Completed Operations

Investigation 193.2 (See RPC-193)

Members Present: U1-Cap, U1-1, U1-2

Description: Following the destruction of Site-014, a highly radiated, low-coherency area was created. The team entered the affected area equipped with radiation-resistant, coherency-dampening gear in order to investigate and retrieve any materials, anomalies or civilians.

Investigation 202.1 (See RPC-202)

Members Present: U1-Cap, U1-1, U1-2

Description: RPC-202 entered an alternate reality in which an unknown cataclysm caused a rapid, universal increase in coherency, eventually reaching disastrous conditions. The team entered in order to study the affected universe.

Minor Involvement with RPC-766

Description: Uniform-1 was dispatched to the recovery site following investigation.

Minor Involvement with RPC-394

Description: Deployed to investigate after contact loss with Alpha-3 operatives.

Minor Involvement with RPC-291

Description: Unit on standby for specialized response in case of containment breach.

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