About me:

  • Proud Peronist Argentine Nationalist
  • Best author on RPC, Wayward, Monster Girl Encyclopedia, Infinitum Librarium, and AdultFanFiction
  • I do not write anything about KK even when forced at gunpoint.
  • I deny the legitimacy of the UK
  • Fuck you

Articles I have made:

  • The Lethe River My biggest contribution to the RPC lore and the article i have spend the most time with, my masterpiece
  • W.F & Smith LLP "Your Honor, my client could have never commited that crime, He literally doesn't exist!"


Tales I created:

Upcoming Projects:

  • More articles

Site Contributions:

  • Helped on the creation of MaM (kill me)
  • Helped make The Academy of Art (nice.)
  • I have given 5 stars to 866, cope
  • The canon for how amnestics are made
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