The Last Card Up Their Sleeve




CNN Spokesperson: .. Casualties have been reported in the thousands, and military forces seem to be falling back. We haven't gotten any word from our correspondents at New York City, and won't appear to be reporting us on the situation anytime soon.

The spokesperson is interrupted by a cast as they pass a paper to them

CNN Spokesperson: [Pauses, visibly shocked] In- in a more breaking news. The 48th President of the United States has d-died on impact, following confirmations of .. of a plane wreckage at Colorado to be Air Force One.

Something groundbreaking occurred a few nights ago, it made him hyperactive and unable to sleep. He's never been excited since the birth of his daughter, but doesn't think much of it. He stood in front of the elevator, waited for a moment until it widen and a few associates exited and he entered.

The elevator was just metal, no mirror to ponder. It descended as soon as he presses the elevator button to his floor. He was alone for a short moment, but it felt like hours for him. He had regrets throughout his life, and that was the abandonment of his family.

The elevator stopped, he looked at the lifeless short hallway that lead to a door. The hallways felt like a bunker, concrete and a lot of yellow hazard lines. The outside CCTV panned to him as he glanced at it, pulling out his key card and sliding it in. He entered, noticed Dr. Weaver next to the computer and walked behind him. While in mobile, he glanced at the black mirror which had someone sitting down in a bright room.

"Has our subject been talking?" He uttered as he couldn't take his eyes off of the guy in the other room.

"Hmm? Oh hey. Didn't notice you were here Grieves- Captain."Dr. Weaver paused, his headphones off and his eyes at Captain Grieves.

"So .. has he been talking?"

"Uh, no. He's been awfully quiet since he arrived. But, he did provide us some interesting insights from the data bank he brought."

Captain Grieves took his eyes off from the guy and at the screens. He leaned closer and analyzed each screen brought in front of him. "Huh. So, what was in the data bank?"

Dr. Weaver smirked, his head in attention to the screen and brought up a few file directives that Captain Grieves by surprise. Captain Grieves leaned towards the computer screen. A lot of files and audio that incited his curiosity, but hides it away from Dr. Weaver.

"A lot of things." He whispered and clicked a sample file of a CNN footage. He couldn't contain his expressions of excitement, but tried to remain professional. "It's a collection of what pretty much happened at our world, it's great isn't it?"

Captain Grieves sighed and sat beside Dr. Weaver, wanting to hear it.

"Let's go through one by one, starting with this one." He points out as Dr. Weaver plays it.

Vice Admiral Gortney: [Mummers] Fuck … Do we have a head count of any of the cabinets?

Thomas Donilon: Two dead, eleven missing, and .. well, one accounted for.

Vice Admiral Gortney: So, all of the cabinets except for the Interior Secretary?

Thomas Donilon: Yes.

Secretary Salazar: General-

Vice Admiral Gortney: Admiral.

Secretary Salazar: Right, Admiral. Look, we have to assume that the eleven missing cabinet members are missing. We can't continue to strain our constitutional limitations when the country has no executive leader. I am the "only" confirmed cabinet member alive!

Vice Admiral Gortney looks at Secretary Salazar

Vice Admiral Gortney: Mr. Secretary, with all due respect, we need confirmation that every person in the line of succession is alive or dead. Given how we have a mix of unknown and known cabinet members who are alive or dead, we can't do that.

Secretary Salazar: I understand that, but we must assume that they're all dead.

Vice Admiral Gortney: Protocol dictates that-

Secretary Salazar: Admiral, wake the fuck up. Half of the federal government is incapacitated, and we're on a constitutional crisis!

Everyone stares and the command room goes quiet

Operations Officer 1: [Walks up to Vice Admiral Gortney] Admiral, sir. We've got confirmation that A.G Eric Holder is alive.

Vice Admiral Gortney: Where is he now?

Operations Officer 1: According to the Secret Service who tried to escort him to here, they're currently held up at the U.N Headquarters.

Vice Admiral Gortney: Get us patched to the Attorney General, now.

"Surprised that the Americans haven't nuked themselves, yet." Dr. Weaver commented as he chuckled to himself quietly.

"Do you always laugh to yourself about the American government disintegrating itself?" Captain Grieves replied.

"Hah, maybe."

Dr. Weaver raised his eyebrow and shook in disapproval. He glanced at another monitor that peeked his interest.

"Wait, there's a file there about a phone call after this." He pointed at it as Dr. Weaver noticed.

"Huh. Apparently it came from the Interior Secretary who made a phone call with a Malthus cell." He said aloud as he read an attached note to it.

Captain Grieves' eyes widen, he looked at Dr. Weaver as he read it out.

"Wa-wait. A Malthus cell? The Interior Secretary was an embedded agent?"

"Maybe? I'm just gonna play it."

Unknown: Give me an update. Better be good.

Secretary Salazar: Lo-look. I can't do this. I can't-

Unknown: Mr. Salazar. We're already executing our plans, and you becoming the President of the United States is essential to that. We did not kill those cabinet officials for nothing. You either follow the cause, or we'll force to leave you behind it.

Secretary Salazar: [Breathes heavily, pauses]

Unknown: Mr. Salazar, I hope you rethink twice before betraying the cause that you've sworn to upheld. Now, do you have the presidency?

Secretary Salazar: N-no. There's an issue.

Unknown: What kind of issue?

Secretary Salazar: The Attorney General is alive.

Unknown: [Pauses] Do you know where he's being secured?

Secretary Salazar: From what I've heard, he's being secured at the UN Headquarters.

Unknown: That place is heavily locked down.

Secretary Salazar: Then how am I supposed to get the presidency when I can't get my objective done? The sooner that he- he dies, I can get the launch codes for you.

Unknown: And Geithner? The fuck happened?

Secretary Salazar: I-i don't know what happened to Air Force One, all I know is that the plane was shot down. By who? I don't know.

Unknown: Right. I'll let you know once we dealt with the Attorney General. I don't have to remind you that we can continue our objectives "without" you.

Secretary Salazar: [Sighs] Y-yeah. I'll do it. I'll contact you when I'm somewhere more safe.

Unknown: Somewhere safe? Aren't you in the most secured location in the United States?

Secretary Salazar: No. This place is apparently a target according to the Joint Chiefs.

Unknown: Hmm. I hope you get us those launch codes so we can establish a foothold in Russia.

Captain Grieves paused and exhaled with frustration as the audio stopped playing. "Christ." He murmured to himself.

"You okay?" Dr. Weaver noticed his exhalation.

"I'm fine. I'm just shocked is all." Captain Grieves paused once more. "Um. What about the United Nations? Is there any file on them- anything?"

"Hold on, I'm pretty sure I saw something like that earlier. I scoured the files earlier before you came."

Dr. Weaver said as he looked for the UN files he opened earlier on. Each second, Captain Grieves leaned closer and closer.

"I .. I got it! There is a footage file here. 4 hours ago after that call was made."

"Right. Let's hear it."

Secretariat Brown: Madam Prime Minister, can you hear me?

Prime Minister Harper: [Static] Chaotic. Canadian forces with the assistance of local authorities have been overwhelmed by resistance forces. We're getting large reports of Malthusian cells stirring a mutiny within the government.

Secretariat Brown: [Scratches forehead] How long can the Canadian Government hold out until total collapse?

Prime Minister Harper: I'm sorry to say this, but not long. Most of the Canadian military have deserted, destroyed, or mutinied. Evacuation for me is no longer a viable option.

Secretariat Brown: [Sighs, empathically] I'm sorry to hear that.

Prime Minister Harper: What about you? What's going on over there?

Secretariat Brown: Unstable. Local authorities, including the military and our own forces, have barricaded here to hold out.

Secretariat Brown turns to the French delegate

Secretariat Brown: I'm going to assume y-you are what's left of the French Government?

Minister Juppé: [Distorted, static] Yes. The president was executed by terrorist forces. I .. I am what remains of the Republic of France.

Secretariat Brown: And what's the situation?

Minister Juppé: [Unintelligible, static]

Secretariat Brown: I'm sorry- you're cutting off!

Minister Juppé:Paris has been obliterated! They took over the defense missile sites and targeted it to Paris!

Military soldiers enter the room, approaching the Secretariat

Soldier 1: Sir, we have orders to evacuate you.

Secretariat Brown: What- where? Where are you taking me?

Unknown: At a safe location, we are under attack and we can no longer maintain these premises. Sir, we have to go.

Secretariat Brown: [Pauses] Give me a few minutes, soldier.

Unknown: But sir-

Secretariat Brown: I said a few minutes dammit!

They remain quiet, setting up a defense perimeter on the entrance

Secretariat Brown: [Turns back to the monitors] Th-the Russians. Where is the Russian President?

Prime Minister Harper: The president refused to join the session. He's currently sending his forces to assist CSTO states.

Gunfire and explosion are heard

Unknown: Sir, we have to go!

Secretariat Brown: [Sighs] I'm sorry. I must leave the building now. The Authority is gone, and we must defend for ourselves. I wish you all the best of-

An explosion goes off within the room, causing the footage to turn black

Both Captain Grieves and Dr. Weaver momentarily went dark, the quietness filling up the air. Captain Grieves exhaled softly and opened his mouth to break the silence.

"What the hell happened there?" Captain Grieves expresses in confusion.

"I don't know. It looked like an explosion, he died probably." Dr. Weaver replied as he combed through the files related to the footage.

"Is there anything that indicates that the guy survived? The secretariat, I mean."

"No. It wouldn't be possible for the secretariat to survive anyway due to structural instability. I mean, you saw the room lit up like a firework." Dr. Weaver replied doubtfully.

A computer notification caught the attention of Dr. Weaver, who glances over and leans closer. His eyebrows raised as he stared at the results.

"Well. It appears we know who he is."

Dr. Weavers looked at the glass, the man still straight and quiet.


The room was bright and colorless, the atmosphere was lifeless with silence until it was broken by the sound of a door opening. Captain Grieves entered and walked towards the metal table while carrying a file and a container. He tossed them in front of the man and they jumped in surprise. He glared at the container and at Captain Grieves as he sat down straight and looked back at him.

"We know who you are." Captain Grieves opined to him with intimidation. He picked up the file and flickered through it. "According to the data bank you so kindly handed over, you're Dr. Harold Yang. A Level 4 HR, no records of any of your previous positions. Most of what we can scavenge is a bunch of redacted history, which is a nice resume if I may add."

He sarcastically added as he set asides the file and placed both his arms on the table.

"Dr. Yang, or Harold- if you'd prefer. We also know that your activities extent-"

"I worked for them."

Captain Grieves paused, pondering to himself what Dr. Yang meant by 'them.'

"Well, that wasn't so hard. Who is them?"

"The Directorate." Dr. Yang replied.

Dr. Weaver at the other side of the room stared at Dr. Yang, murmuring to himself with such declaration.

"You worked for them back in our world?"

"Our?" Dr. Yang tilted his head as he replied.

"Yeah. Me and some other folks here once lived there. Well, except the guard outside. They belong here."

Dr. Yang squinted his eyes at Captain Grieves. He sighed and closed his eyes as the brightness slowly began to incapacitate him.

"Well, yeah. I used to be part of the Directorate."

Captain Grieves scoffed as he grew skeptic of Dr. Yang's claim. He leaned backwards as he crossed his arms.

"If you are claiming to be of such. Then how did you survive? Most of the Directorate personnel died within the span of the Alpha Trigger. Some of the GDs, if not all, betrayed or outright died."

Dr. Yang paused, he thought to himself and looked at his palm covered by a bandage, soaked with his dried blood. "You see, I managed to get to the experimental Alaskan site as a safe haven, and found a way to get here."

Captain Grieves felt doubt about it. He scratched his head and paused for a moment, giving himself a bit of time to think.

"Look. I want to believe you, but what you're saying is literally impossible. The Alaskan site was, as you said experimental. That project was abandoned for a reason-"

"Then how am I here? My flesh and bones are still intact, and I'm telling you; I found a way to establish a connection to this world." Dr. Yang screamed at the top of his lungs while Captain Grieves paused with his left hand on his holster.

"Alright, alright. Then tell me why you were carrying the data bank with you?"

Dr. Yang leaned back and sighed away his frustration. He looked down at his shoes and back at Captain Grieves.

"Either to not repeat history, or, as a bargaining chip."

Dr. Weaver continued on to write his report and brought all of his focus onto it. He heard a door opening behind him, and glanced to see who it was. Dr. Rieper entered and stopped midway, glaring at both Dr. Yang and Captain Grieves on the other side.

"O-oh. Dr. Rieper, what brings you here?"

Dr. Weaver waved at Dr. Rieper as he looked at him. He walked towards him while continuing to glance at the other side.

"Well, who do we have Gareth?"

"Eh. He claims to be a Directorate staff, though we couldn't find anything that indicated that he was one."

Dr. Rieper slowly turned his body towards the mirror, walking to it and continued to watch.

"But yeah. The other part of his file is just an annoying amount of black bars and and restrictions."

"Black bars?" Dr. Rieper repeated to himself. "It would make sense for him to be as such if their file was redacted. Otherwise, it's just

"He claims to be a Directorate official- well, not as a GD. But as a staff of it."

"Huh, there any evidence to suggest that he could be?"

Dr. Rieper turns to Dr. Weaver.

"No- well, all we have is him being a Level 4 Human Resources Officer. Everything else about him on the file is redacted, oddly."

"Hmm, makes sense for his file to be redacted or replaced with something else if he was a Directorate official."

Dr. Weaver paused and glanced at Dr. Rieper as he stood in front of the glass. He had been longing to ask Dr. Rieper a question since his arrival here, but his quavered voice resisted him. Dr. Weaver cleared his throat, garnered the attention to ask him as he called him out.

"H-hey, Dr. Rieper, can you ask you something?"

Dr. Weaver paused and took a quick inhale before he opened his mouth. "What is it?"

"Is it true? My other self here .. died?"

Dr. Rieper paused once more, replying to him with nothing but a simple nod.

"I-i see." He commented, looking away from Rieper and back onto the monitors. "You may wanna have a look at something."

Dr. Rieper once more turned to Dr. Weaver and walked behind him, viewing at the monitors as Dr. Weaver played a file for him.

Footage shows multiple security officers present within the room, many site personnel attempt to make contact with other facilities or continue to analyze the ongoing situation

Cpl. Mark: Captain Richard, can you please report the status of the containment operations on RPC-800? Captain-

O.M. Officer: [Turns towards the Operations Officer] Shit. We lost communications with Site-19, someone get me Site-002!

Researcher Mark: RPC-739's containment was breached, it got out!

Intercom: Attention, Northern Command and Eurasian Command have officially been designated as inactive

Dr. Whitaker watches from the deck as the command room slowly descends into chaos

Dr. Whitaker: [Sighs] Major Daniel. Where the hell are we with the evacuation?

Major Daniel We're still trying to reconnect back with the satellite, and see if we can connect with Site-023. They're the ones who were supposed to send us choppers for further evacuation.

Major Daniel: Make it sooner, the site is slowly turning into a warzone.

Lieutenant Fauster: Doctor, I just got off the phone with Site Director Green. He's informing me that Site-007 has officially been overrun.

Dr. Whitaker: What about the British Government?

Lieutenant Fauster: No word, but there are rumors that the Prime Minister shot themselves.

Dr. Whitaker: Fuck. Get me in line with Regional Director-

Intercom: Attention. Self destruct sequence has been initiated at Sublevel 4. Personnel are to evacuate the facility immediately

Dr. Whitaker: What the fuck?

Unknown: Sir! We're getting feed back from Sublevel 4 that Dr. Yang initiated the self-destruct protocols!

Dr. Whitaker rushes towards the monitor and watches Dr. Yang leave the room with a data box. He glances at the CCTV camera as he enters the elevator.

Dr. Whitaker: [Grabs a microphone] Dr. Yang, what are you doing! [Turns to Major Whitaker] Get security and a technician down there now!

Intercom:Self-destruct sequence in sixty seconds.

Dr. Yang is then seen entering Sublevel 3, passing a few cameras and entering through a room with an open wormhole. His expression is seen with tears, and waves at the camera as he nears the wormhole.

Dr. Yang: I'm sorry .. I'm sorry. There was no other way.

Footage shows Dr. Yang entering the wormhole as the video turns black and ends.

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