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Anders Sivertsen had quite an interesting history with the Authority. He started as a Malthus agent, Pretended to be a hostage during the Gobi Campaign, and then grew to appreciate his new job at Site-014. In 2006, He joined the AEP. His obsession with the Association was at fanatical levels, treating it more sacred than any god. That devotion led him to formulate a plan to destroy Site-014. He wanted to be idolized among the Association. He wanted to be viewed as the first piece in a divisive war which would lead to victory. He was committed to his new goal. He knew it was morally abhorrent, but he didn't care. He felt it was a worthy sacrifice for the rise of the AEP.

Anders's first action was to write a manifesto. As he pretended to conduct research on his anomaly, (which was some cave in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in which he used unmanned drones to monitor the anomaly remotely. The cave would send people to an alternative version of the First World War.) He poured his soul into the manifesto which was nearly completed, he began to read an excerpt from it idly. "Brothers, Sisters, Comrades in arms for too long the Authority has held us beneath their boot. For too long, they have claimed their wish to protect us while instead oppressing us. They treat us how a man might treat his dog, something cute but ultimately harmless. Well the AEP will no longer answer to a master who thinks himself above the struggles of the average man." Satisfied with what he had done, he hid the manifesto.

Later that day, Anders met up with his old friend from his Malthus days, Jim. The two were still good friends, and both still had ties to Malthus. Jim would relay information to the church on a regular basis, somehow not getting caught. Anders decided to tell Jim about his idea.

"Hey Jim, I have a plan to get rid of this place," Anders whispered.

"You can't be serious!" Jim replied, stifling his shock as much as possible.

"I am, Jim. We have to remember who our enemy is here. Who breaks our common cause in their selfish pursuits. Plus, imagine what the radiation would do to the anomalies. It could help our cause." Anders replied.

"As crazy as it sounds you're right but I can't risk my cover. You're going to have to activate the failsafe, while I try to play it off. Sound good?" Jim asked.

"I can get behind that. It's time to usher in a new age." Anders replied once more, before walking off.

Anders spent a week memorizing the pattern of the Director until he could recall everything he would do even asleep. He found out the code to his office, and when the Director wasn't there, Anders was finally able to start the plan. He unlocked the room and quickly found the director's pager lying on his desk. He took it, quickly returning to his normal duties. Thankfully, he did not attract any suspicion. All he needed now was a distraction, and he had the perfect plan. He had quickly inputted a code to sound the alarm for a mechanical failure. He saw the technicians rushing towards the breach, and used the opportunity to evade sight. He approached the security office, leaving the pager there. He opened the failsafe program, his face soaked with sweat. "There's no going back. it's time," he said to himself. He quickly activated the failsafe procedure's initial notification and slipped out of the security room, finding a place to hide. He was quite nervous, not knowing what to expect. The only thing he knew is that the point of no return had been passed.

He watched as Jim entered the security room, The Director following. The Director quickly picked up the pager, shock overcoming his face.

"The failsafe has been activated. Did you see anyone in here?" The Director demanded.

"No sir I think it's a glitch, No one's been in here. I do remember that something similar happened a few days ago, but it turned out to be a glitch. Might be the same issue." Jim replied

"Goddamnit, we need to fix that one. Don't worry Jim, I have it this time." The Director sighed.

Anders waited for the Director to leave and quietly entered the security office. Anders quickly motioned for Jim to give him his knife, and with the knife firmly in hand, he began trailing The Director.

To finalize failsafe confirmation, Anders would have to go to the Director's office.

As he approached, he heard the voice of the Site Director call out "Hey, this is a restricted area!" Anders quickly hid in the nearby bathroom, watching two guards rush past. Anders's hands were shaking, sweat was dripping down his face, yet he still looked confident. He had a goal, and by god, he was going to complete it. Anders proceeded to ambush The Director, stabbing him in the neck. After he confirmed that the director was dead, Anders sliced off the Director's thumb and took his credentials. Using the Director's credentials, Anders entered the Director's office. He quickly sat at the Director's computer, which was locked with a thumbprint scanner. Anders unlocked the computer, noticing the pop-up to confirm the failsafe. Anders triggered it, causing the pager to beep. Finally, Anders uploaded his manifesto to all known anomalous facilities. With that done Anders began running like hell, going back to the security office. He grinned, feeling the satisfaction of victory. Now all he needed was an escape. Luckily, he had a plan for that.

Anders quickly called out to Jim. "Jim, time to get out of here! I activated it!" Anders exclaimed.

"Alright, take this!" Jim replied, throwing a pistol to Anders.

And then the two ran to the VTOL bay, preparing to hijack one. Anders began unloading on the guards who were suspicious of the two, buying Jim time to hijack one. The startup process was already slow, and this wasn't helped by the fact that the lift to the surface was equally as slow. Once Jim was able to start the VTOL up, Anders quickly ran inside. Jim took off, Anders letting off a sigh of relief. They had exited the blast zone three minutes later. Almost like clockwork, the nuke went off. Anders put on some protective eyewear and then looked at the explosion. He knew that it signified the death of thousands, but it was also a victory for AEP. He had hoped to be idolized. He had won, for now.

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