The Fires Of Uncertainty




In a morgue's vault, a body was inexplicably replaced with a mass of wood shavings, newspaper, wires and plastic wrap.

At that point in time, an armed ASF officer responding to another emergency rounded a corner at Site-14 and ran into a group of people dressed in animal masks. The horse raised their rifle stock and, with a breathless invocation, turned him into a cloud of moths. The rest of the ASF team, however, opened fire. Multiple bullets pulped the horse's head, yet their body still continued to fight. By the time he fell, five other ASF members have been turned to moths. The other animal-masked group has dispersed in the firefight.

The Abner family awoke one morning to realize that for the past fourteen years, they had been living with a stranger. The woman who claimed to be Edna Abner infiltrated the family after the real Edna Abner died of cancer fourteen years prior.

As the pack of cultists carefully stalked the corridor, the cat tripped and fell. With that, the cameras that were pointed at them no longer showed an empty hallway, and the security system kicked into gear. An automated turret popped out from the ceiling, and shot the cat fatally in the gut before the other four shot their rifle stocks and turned the turret into cockroaches. Afterwards they would turn every security camera in their wake into human eyes, dangling connected to the wires.

The inquiry of Travis Pullman revealed that he was a fake identity, details scrubbed too clean. But what intrigued the alphabet agencies was that the evidence they collected turned out to be made of the bark of birches and silk. The guns, the explosives, even the entire trailer - all made of paper-like bark.

The group continued deeper into the facility, through the wing where containment chambers sit like gargoyles. By this time, there were only four of them, and their rifle stocks had freed a couple dozen more moths from their corporeal prisons. They had wised up as to where the hidden turrets were - but as they were about to pass yet another concrete box, they stopped. This one is marked by the Radiant Joy. They knew the ancient pact, made by the Suns long ago, and passed down to them. The alligator volunteered to stay and try to set her free, and that was the last they've seen of him. The group of three went on their way.

A bloodied convenience store freezer was discovered by Nevada policemen after they responded to a missing persons case. The chalk outline of a body and of a door was found, along with copious animal tracks in red. They would later be baffled when the convenience store exploded on its own, and its ruins started to emit strange-colored fires.

The group of three hastened their pace, for they had started to hear an emergency announcement over the site's PA system. Instead of an expected intruder alert, a long, rambling manifesto was heard. The fires of uncertainty were calling, and they must claim it before they no longer can. So the hare decided to kick down the doors to the nearest security station, alone. Expecting the same unprepared personnel, the hare was surprised when instead, an entire MST team clad in gas masks was already waiting for him. As they peppered the hare with fire from their Glocks, a bullet struck the hare's painted rifle stock and broke a pattern of runes in a certain way. The resulting otherworldly detonation wiped out the hare and most of the MST team from this existence.

After the hobo known as 'Sleepin' Ed' disappeared, a couple of homeless folk decided to check on Ed's cardboard box and belongings. They ended up discovering that the box was much, much larger on the inside, and all the walls of the cardboard castle were absolutely covered in dreamcatchers made of bone and sinew. As they tried to show the rest of the homeless community what they found, the box had disappeared into thin air.

Now, as the last two intruders finished off what remained of the MST team into more moths, the frog of the two used his rifle stock and spilled coffee to draw a sigil around a person-shaped hole in reality. The sigil then wormed its way into a new shape, a blueprint of the current floor with a glowing spot. The two heard footsteps, and the frog quickly put his hand on the shoulder of the other one. Then, quick as lightning, he drew another sigil, bigger and more elaborate than the first one, and watched as his compatriot disappears down an instant hole. The new MST team wasted no time putting a bullet in his head - and then there was one.

There has never been, never was, and will have never be a person that is Rachel Eduardo. She, like her other five comrades, exists purely as a thoughtform made manifest, a Tulpa that served the Moth-that-Was, thought into being amidst a haze of dreams. She knew that even though her physical form ceased to be, the urban legend she spread will ensure that somewhere, somewhen, another thoughtform that is Rachel Eduardo will exist.

So as the moth fell three stories down onto the nuclear device and broke her left leg, left arm and some ribs, she knows that she does not fear death. As the sirens blare with what sounds like a countdown, she reached into her broken chest and drew forth translucent ichor from her beating heart, and started to draw. She will bring the Moth-that-Was its prize, the very fires of uncertai-

We knew the world would not be the same

Some people cried, some people laughed, but most people were deathly silent

And I remembered a line from the Nihilic scripture for the Moth-that-Was

The Moth… was trying to persuade the other Suns to unite against the Engineer

So it took on its multi-shaped form, and says,

"Now I have become the fires of uncertainty, destroyer of worlds"

I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.

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