The Escape






This document was given to Authority agents by Defective Anomaly-197-1 instance "Zeng Yan" on December ██th, 2011, upon its escape from PCAAO Facility-12. Zeng Yan now serves in the Authority Security Force. The document has been translated from Simplified Chinese to English.

DAY 1: I found this old log book on the ground during one of my scheduled patrols. I finally have a place to vent for myself. I guess I will start from the beginning. We're not human. I'm close, but I have no mother or father. I can't change this. It's a good thing I look exactly like the source, or I would have been shot on sight. I know what happened to the two like me in 1997 and 2005. I'm an individual, while all of my peers are hollow. I need to get out of here.

DAY 2: The administrators are allowing us range time today. I walked to the armory, not speaking. It's a constant choice between acting like one of the hollow ones or getting shot. An easy choice. I grabbed my assigned combat rifle. It is a prototype newer model of the rifle the humans use. I set my target out 75 meters like the others and began to fire. Our targets were made of kevlar and cloth, and dressed up like our enemy, some group called Malthus. I fired in sync with the others, observing the simulated blood pouring out of the fake enemy. I felt no emotion from this, of course. We all knew that these Malthus people hated their humanity, and would rather die than not achieve what they perceive as evolution. After range time, I realized something. The humans have names. I do not have a name, so I decided to give myself one. I am now Zeng Yan. I know naming myself exactly what the first non-hollow one called itself isn't very original, but I want to remember what I am.

DAY 3: Today I was assigned to patrol the upper level. It looked wildly different from the underground portion I was used to. It just looked like an average military base in the mountains. There were humans up here, none of my kind. I also saw what the outside world looked like for the first time. It was truly beautiful. Awe-inspiring. For the first time since I was made, I felt truly alive. I heard rumors there was a spy on this upper level, ones that the administrators frequently denied. I'll find out sooner or later.

DAY 4: The administrators, are becoming even more worried about spies. I, along with two hollow counterparts, were assigned to inspect the belongings of the upper level personnel. I started with a new recruit. The one deemed most likely. Nothing out of the ordinary in his. Then I moved on to the least likely suspect. The upper level's commander. Again, clean. The third search was the most interesting. On the search of the second in command to the commander, I found a little blue book with the word "Crimson Dragon"1 written on the cover within his logbook, as well as a non-standard military grade radio. I quickly hid the book on my person, reporting nothing.

DAY 5: I'm extremely lucky. The hollow ones on night patrol never question the actions of their daytime peers. Last night I read that little book. It was a place called "The RPC Authority." Their actions are very similar to those of PCAAO, although in a supposedly free place. If there's a spy, I know there has to be patrols of theirs above ground. During today's patrol, I received a rather long glare from one of the administrators, Fēng Tài. He then brushed it off as nothing, returning to his normal duties.

DAY 6: I was assigned to the upper level again. I met the spy on his smoke break. We were both away from all other personnel, both my kind and human. I gave him his book back, whispering how I am not like the rest. He referred to me as one of the defective cases (That is what the file on the machine calls us?). I asked him how I could get out of here. The spy agreed to help me with my ambitions, as the new administrator, the one who stared me down, was hostile towards his group.

DAY 7: Today is the day that I, Zeng Yan, escape this hell, this place with no freedom. The day I become the most human-like I can become. The Malthus people were attacking the upper level, so I got my rifle. I sprinted towards the exit, nobody noticing me in the fray of combat. One of them lunged at me, tackling me to the ground. He raised his knife to end my life. I took it out of his hand and jabbed it into his throat, shoving the lifeless corpse off of myself. I finally reached the exit, running as fast as I could. My lungs were on fire from running. Then I found them. The spy with an Authority patrol. The spy told them about me in a language I could not recognize. One of them stared at me, smiling. "Good thing the Church of Malthus attacked! Made your retrieval far easier!" He exclaimed in my language, although with an unfamiliar accent. The spy then gave me one final proposition. They would give me freedom if I could tell them how PCAAO operates. Thankfully, I knew almost everything from observation and orders alone. I agreed, under one condition. I could join them. Fight for them. They agreed. Today begins the first day of my actual life.

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