The Diary




April 17th, 1813

After many months at sea, I have finally returned home to my city of birth, Madrid! Likewise, it was uncommonly hot. As my boat was underway, I began to fantasize about my next expedition. However, after having been coaxed off the southern half of the island of Luzon by the less than impressed natives, I am lucky to still have breath under my blouse. I also have not a penny left, as I had spent my fathers fortune on many an expedition. Still, what is life without a little adventure? For while the sensible might tremble, I pity them as I engage upon the unexplored wonders of the world. I fully intend to continue many expeditions into the unseen world, regardless of my latest failure, provided that we ever get off the forsaken seas.

My vessel is less than three days to port, I will be in Madrid before the dawn of May. I have little confidence in regards to this estimate, however, for the captain of this frigate seems to have raised his ideas on more than one fruitful occasion, for aught I know, the man has gone mad. After all, we have been at sea for over 2 months. Thus, until we reach the closest port, I will keep realistic expectations on the date of our departure from this accursed frigate, in high spirits, no doubt.

April 20th, 1813

At last! At sunrise of this fine mourning, we are no longer hampered down to life on the seas. We have reached port! It would seem as though it was only a senseless delusion, a dream. However, I was quickly made aware of the reality of the situation when I was asked for my passport. Perchance, I had misplaced my passport, as I wanted to drink my troubles away the day prier, however, I had not remained sober. Luckily, I still had my passport on person, in the most unlikely of places; within my shoe. After I exchanged a brief, uncomfortable glance, I was allowed to port. As I was driven by the finest horse drawn carriage into the city of my birth I began to hunker down into the warm, silk woven sheets of the carriage. As I began to day dream, thinking of what wonders I may find when I embark once again to explore the unknown.

When we arrived at the mansion of my fathers, stepfather's previous mansion, I let loose a sigh of disbelief. The mansion was in a state of disrepair, comparable to the primitive huts the natives of Luzon fantasied. When I questioned my Coachman about the state of the mansion, he replied. “Not one soul has lived in that thing for well over 15 years.” I was in a state of pure shock, never had the thought occurred to me that leaving my father's mansion vacant for 15 years would be detrimental to the mansions well being. I was not too hard on myself, I just simply lose track of the lest then insignificant aspects of my life. I immediately paid my Coachman the last bit of money I had pocketed, and then set out to repair my father's mansion to its former glory.

April 21st, 1813

I have began working on tidying up my father mansion. With unwilling-servants, I could have had the entire place spotless within 3 hours. However, I had sold all of my unwilling-captive at the start of my earlier expedition. Nevertheless, I will have this mansion cleaned to its former state of order, if it takes me 7 years to do it.

April 22st, 1813

Jackpot! After dusting the many paintings of my many relatives, I unwittingly knocked the painting of my father off its tac. Sheepishly, I began to rehang the painting of my former predecessor. However, while I was mustering the strength to lift the bulky painting, I took note that the wallpaper behind the former resting place of the painting. Curious as I am careless, I began to peel away the loosely-attached wallpaper, only to find that behind the wall paper was a false wall! A began to pound on the false barrier with the strength and passion of a ravage bull, hoping to find something, anything, that might offer some restoration to my checkbook.

After a few moments of flaying my hefty body against the weak, yet, surprisingly robust wall, it gave way to my weight. After the dust settled from the sudden force, I gazed into what could only be described as a secret room! I peered into the room, only to see a framed map, a locked safe and an envelope, waxed sealed with my family symbol! After a brief moment of stunned silence, I ran to get my magnifying glass and candle, as only a commoner would enter a dark room without proper lighting!

When I took my first steps into the foreboding room, I took one long gaze at the framed map, I recognized the location immediately! It happens to be on the southern coast of "Nueva España!" My curiosity, not yet satisfied, began to once again wonder, “What would my father need of such a map?”After a splendidly awkward time looking at the map, I removed it from its frame, and folded it to fit within my diary, after all, what would one such as my father need with a map of this age and location? After I transferred the map into my rightful diary, the note with my fathers initials where the next priority of mine. I opened the envelope, expecting some sort of deliberate annoyance, only to find these words written in ancient Latin, “F'r one to inh'rit et'rnal life, is f'r one to summon the depths of hell to f'rev'r giveth chance, f'r the l'rd thy God is fair to those who is't pass naturally.”

After a brief pause, I came to the realization that the note is a warning, telling those that dare inherit eternal life are to be chased forever by something forged within the bosom of Hell. I haveth a clue as to what business this note has with my father, nor, its warning pertains to. However, at the bottom of the note, my eyes came upon a string of numbers with a small note attached at the bottom, written in gentlemen Spanish with modern ink. 8 3 3 5 7 3 2 8 3 2 5 1 “Look At Who You Really Are.” I know not what the numbers are trying to convey, nor, their purpose. However, I believe the note right below the number string might be a clue as to the meaning of both the ominous warning and the random string of numbers; maybe, they pertain to how to open the safe.

April 22nd, 1813

Success! After many shameful, long hours, I have finally cracked open the safe! As it turns out, the string of numbers on the envelope where the code! However, the sequence of the numbers were arranged backwards! The final bit of text at the bottom of the note was the solution, a clue to be precise. “Look At Who You Really Are” was a riddle of sorts, actually telling the answer outright, as, how else is a gentleman to gaze upon himself, without a mirror?

After I opened the safe, I was bewildered to find several hundred journals, not unfamiliar to my own, signed, “Francisco Hernandez” my father. Along with 17, 24 carat gold bars! More than enough to pay off my debt, and fund another expedition! Besides my enthusiasm, there was nothing else of value within the safe, save for a few cobwebs and a rat corpse. As there is so much literature here, I will have the opportunity to indulge in reading tomorrow morning, I hope these journals have some sort of closure over the note and map, however, I shall keep contain my excitement, for now.

April 29th, 1813

I haven’t had the time to eat, let alone wright in my diary as of late; the amount of detail hidden within these journals are stunning, to say the least. My father, Francisco Hernandez, was apparently an explorer in his youth, much like myself. His one goal however, was to find the fountain of youth, which he sought for his entire life, even in old age. I was surprised at first, to say the least, however, I came to the not so imposing conclusion, that I had inherited my father's love for exploration.

With the gold bars, I will start a new expedition, to finish what my father couldn’t, to finish what could possibly be the greatest exploration of all time. I will achieve the dream of immortality, I will achieve greatness. More than my father ever could! I am sure that, with luck, I will be able to find happiness within immortality.

April 29th, 1913

I was wrong, very, very, very, wrong. They are coming, HE is coming. I don't know how much longer I can last. and honestly, I don't care. I can hear him coming! God have mercy on m-

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