The Beast And The Man





As I appear onto the wasteland made up of sand and broken glass, I only smell burnt ash and dried up corpses. I see the ragged thing laying in the distance, unmoving. When I approach it I notice its tears. I ask “why are you crying beast?” it says “I have reached my ultimate goal and killed, devoured and destroyed everything on this planet but I only feel regret, because now I finally know how it is to be truly alone.”
Tsk, If what you say is true then I nor anyone else will forgive you, you are only a demon deserving neither mercy or remorse. What will be your punishment? You’ll choose it yourself, if you can’t I’ll have to choose it for you.” The demon looks up with tears in its eyes, looking like it doesn’t how to answer. I grimace. “Then so be it, because you clearly don’t know your own sentence I’ll give it to you. You shall lay here for eternity amongst the sand and broken glass, the debris made up of your own sins forever moping and laying here with the rest of the trash.” I turn to stop facing the creature and start to leave.

As Puer turned his head not only to leave but too stop the wounded animal from seeing his tears. He felt terrible for everything he had said. How could he not when he looked into its sad dead eyes, and looked at its face covered in old tears. The whole time he was speaking he felt only pity. He regretted it so much he almost couldn’t finish the act and what Dominus wanted him to say, it was almost too cruel, all he wanted to do is tell it was forgiven for their sins. He left before the creature could hear him weep.

After the demon saw the thing disappear into a cloud of grey smoke that smelled of strawberries and chocolate the beast looked into the dark and empty sky that was void of even stars and sobbed. It then closed its eyes and lowered its head onto the floor where it lay. It lay on the trash, it lay on the sand and broken glass, and it lay on the forgotten corpses. Pretending to wait for something, knowing nothing will ever come.

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