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  • Write the Site Passcode in the application below. To find the passcode you must read the guides linked above.
  • Your application must include a grammatically correct sentence explaining why you wish to join.
  • (Optional) Tell us where you heard of our site.
  • If your account is less than 1 month old or has no apparent activity, you will be required to verify your account on either the Official RPC Authority Discord Server or the RPC Office Discord Server.

If your application is not grammatically correct or does not contain an introductory sentence and the site passcode, it will be denied. If your application is denied, know that you can reapply as many times as needed.

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it is worth it and is free

Please allow us some time to review your application. If your application has been rejected and you find yourself unable to re-apply with a message stating "You have already applied to this site" persisting for longer than 24 hours, please message ThermicLineThermicLine.

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