Sub Vesuvia Event

In 1514, the Auctoritas Imperata confiscated the art, notes, and inventions of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci, during his stay in Rome. According to recovered texts, the reason for the Imperata's intervention in Da Vinci’s research was “to halt unholy actions on holy ground.” The mass confiscation of anomalous artifacts was enough to clog the Auctoritas' Imperata inner workings of containment for years. They needed outside assistance to help control these godless creations.

A monastery on the slopes of smoke-belching Mount Vesuvius was contacted. A plan was devised, certain construction projects begun. The monks of the secretive Order of St. John the Hesychast perfected the arts of containment, and using the anomalies sealed themselves away from the rest of the world. Once per decade an Authority delegate makes a traditional rendezvous in the mountain with the monastery only to be turned away once more. Over the centuries, memories of the confiscated items would be lost to time, and the story of the interventions would become Authority legend.

Until today. A novice of the Order has made a terrible mistake, undoing the veil of silence that protects the things contained within Vesuvius. Seismic activity from the core of the mountain has been increasing over the years and the age old rituals are becoming stale. A legend has become real once more, with terrible cost. The ancient rituals of the Order have lost their potency, and lost secrets, heretical technologies and forbidden works of the craftsman's art are clawing their way back to the outside world. Whatever their original purpose, one thing remains clear; Da Vinci and his colleagues were toying with powers beyond Earthly comprehension. The long-lost Crypta sub Vesuvia is opening.

Sub Vesuvia RPCs

  • RPC-802 - The Golem of Monte Cristo, or, Garpon, Ruler of Beasts 2: Battleground Vesuvius
  • RPC-586 - Schwert meiner Liebe und Königreiche
  • RPC-967 - Felled Sorcerer Paladins
  • RPC-740 - Hateful Sentinels
  • RPC-369 - Damian's Brain
  • RPC-289 - The Heart of the Mountain
  • RPC-628 - The depth's whale
  • RPC-263 - Sub Vitruvia
  • RPC-284 - Legacy
  • RPC-465 - Da Vinci's Bizarre Friend
  • RPC-394 - Heart of Judas
  • RPC-976 - DaVincian Soulware

Sub Vesuvia Documents

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