Special Class & Hazard Box Guide

Designed with hilarious incompetence by AlmardukAlmarduk, using code borrowed from VizloxVizlox's Hazards component. Turned from an indecipherable ball of code into a component by TTPYTTPY.

This piece of formatting replaces the normal top of the page — Object Class and Hazard types — and packs them neatly in a box. It's a little more difficult to learn than the regular formatting, but should also prove far more convenient.

Here's a functioning example:

[[include :rpcauthority:component:special-box number=200|

Registered Phenomena Code: 200

Containment Rating: Gamma

Lethality Rating: White
h-sentient.png Sentient h-toxic.png Toxic h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic divine-hazard Divine

Now, to explain each part.


This will display the number that you'd like to see. You can also input letters and other characters if you want, for whatever reason.


These are just the words you'd like to see in the Object Class: and Lethality Rating: slots. You can type anything in here as well, but normally you'd want it to match the Object Class image. Remember to Capitalize these!


This corresponds to the Object Class image. It accepts anything from Alpha-White to Omega-Black, plus the Research Tone classes. Do NOT capitalize this variable!


This is for any number of Hazards or Additional Properties you'd like to use. You can add as many or as little as you want, but I recommend keeping the number low — this component doesn't look as good when there's too many of them. Here's a full list of usable hazards, taken from this page.

The code used for the hazard images is a slightly modified copy of the Hazards Component described in that page, designed by VizloxVizlox.

Bonus: Any image included in the Icons component will also work for the "symbol" variable (most of which I see no reason to use). See bottom of page -> files for a full list of names. Some examples:

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