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Greetings! I am SovereignAuthoritySovereignAuthority, formerly known as RealAmerican. Initially, I was an SCP writer before I left to join the RPC community on February 3, 2020. This page contains an index of my articles and sandbox pages.

Although I enjoyed writing for the SCP community, I was searching for an alternative containment fiction project which was more dedicated to classic horror themes and the exploration of in-universe geopolitics. I discovered the RPC Authority after coming across a YouTube video on the site by Dr. Cimmerian, and so I joined soon afterwards and slowly ported my old articles to here.

Ever since joining the RPC Authority, I have had a blast contributing to the growth of the site and the expansion of the canon. Thank you to everyone who has read and rated my articles, and to the talented individuals who have created fanart inspired by my anomalies!

I fully welcome and support people of all gender identities and ethnic backgrounds participating in this community. I hope as time goes on, RPC finally sheds those reactionary elements of its founding like SCP did and move forward to a brighter future. Hate has absolutely no place in containment fiction, and nobody should remain silent about this issue.


Registered Phenomena Code Reviews Creation Date
RPC-009 4.5 10 Jul 2021 18:11
RPC-797 4.6 28 Dec 2020 03:09
RPC-875 4.5 20 Sep 2020 10:43
RPC-918 4.6 21 Jun 2020 02:26


Tale Title Reviews Creation Date
Book of Simeon 4.4 19 Aug 2020 23:47
Warlord of Darkness 4.6 26 Aug 2022 22:19


Document Label Reviews Creation Date
Eighth Pillar of Wisdom 4.9 11 Jul 2020 23:15
Tango-12 "Eye From The Sky" 4.2 27 Jul 2020 02:45
Vatican Primacy Format 5 03 Apr 2022 23:55
Vatican Primacy Hub 4.8 04 Apr 2022 00:44

Extra Pages

Name Description
GD-OCEA GD-OCEACOM Contest Submission
SovereignAuthority Active Sandbox Page
Vicarius Leti: The Lich Pope Myths and Magic Contest Submission
Vatican Primacy Format Vatican Primacy AoI Format Page

Favorite Articles

Article Designation Description
RPC-359 Best RPC article by TheGreatTarbolin69TheGreatTarbolin69
The Fall Best RPC tale by FortunaeFortunae & AlmardukAlmarduk
RPC-987 Gothic Horror RPC article by Moenennbys
RPC-296 Scariest RPC article by YoknapatawphaYoknapatawpha
RPC-387 Fantasy Horror RPC article by moist breadmoist bread

Favorite Submissions

Article Designation Description
RPC-435 Best RPC submission for New Frontier Event by bXluYW1lamVmZgbXluYW1lamVmZg
The Roar of War Best RPC submission for Myths and Magic Contest by Doctor LupinDoctor Lupin
RPC-647 Best RPC submission for Budget Cuts Event by AlmardukAlmarduk
The Endless Allegiance Best RPC submission for Misfortune Contest by LogangreenjeansLogangreenjeans
RPC-931 Best RPC submission for Cair Aisling Event by KaiserXIKaiserXI
The Maw Best Tale submission for Sub Vesuvia Event by Prototype_ToasterPrototype_Toaster
Caligula Best Tale submission for Below Zero Event by SticksNTricksSticksNTricks

Recommended Articles

Article Designation Description
RPC-200 Mathematic Horror RPC article by AlmardukAlmarduk
RPC-227 Supernatural Horror RPC article by Doctor LupinDoctor Lupin
RPC-455 Gothic Horror RPC article by Ion_12Ion_12
RPC-947 Financial Horror RPC article by AlmardukAlmarduk & ieatcrepesieatcrepes
Site-286 Cool Authority Site article by 8ismo8ismo

Award Information

  • Winner of Critic's Corner: July 06, 2020 | July 19, 2021 | November 11, 2021
  • Dual-Winner of Critic's Corner: August 17, 2020 with TTPYTTPY
  • Winner of OCEACOM Regional Global Director Contest: January 17, 2021
  • Winner of Myths and Magic Contest: First Place - July 08, 2021

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