Site Rules

Site Rules

General Conduct

  • Be civil and respectful to all members.
  • Do not raid or dox.1
  • Do not post illegal or pornographic content.
  • Do not brigade, call for downvotes, or vote maliciously on an article.
  • Do not advertise external sites or products.
  • Do not engage in targeted harassment.2
  • Do not vandalize or delete articles.
  • Do not incite conversations about politics or push your ideologies on others.
  • Do not register and use multiple accounts on the site.
  • Do not role-play.
  • Do not impersonate any staff members.
  • You must be 15 years or older to join.

Forum Conduct

  • Keep threads on topic.
  • Do not spam.
  • Post threads in their proper forum category.

Writing Conduct

  • Do not coldpost.3 For your draft to be accepted on the main series you must have at least two people give feedback on the forum.
  • Please link your criticism thread on the discussion page of your articles.
  • Self-Inserts are not allowed.4
  • Do not post low-effort content. Try your best.
  • Do not post fetish material or make RPCs needlessly sexual.
  • Do not post Joke RPCs to the main page.
  • Do not crosspost.5
  • Tangential or implied references to the SCP Foundation and/or its canon are permitted in canonical RPC Authority articles and Tales. Articles or Tales which directly or explicitly reference the SCP Foundation and/or its canon, except in the metatextual context6, must be tagged as non-canon.
  • If you are using art in your work receive permission from the artist beforehand and source it correctly.7
  • Do not plagiarize. Ensure that you credit both code and media.8
  • To create a hub page on the site, you must have at least three articles for it.9
  • DO participate in the forums to get feedback on your writing.

Staff Conduct

  • No RPC staff, be they Discord or Site, may present themselves as an authority figure or use their Staff influence while acting as a member of any sexual-content-based community, chat group, forum, or social space. Furthermore, no RPC Staff may found or claim a leadership position within such a community, chat group, forum or social space while acting in their RPC Staff capacity. Any RPC staff found to be acting in violation of this principle, regardless of their prior disciplinary record or behaviour, will be immediately removed from their Staff position and barred from assuming such positions in future. Any new Staff member should, before assuming said role, remove any links mentioning their associations to the RPC Authority community from relevant social media, forums, groups, chats and servers.
  • If any user discovers evidence of an RPC staff member violating the above rule, they are strongly encouraged to pass that information on to the rest of staff and, if they deem it necessary, to post said information in a publicly-visible fashion in the RPC Office Discord server, in the interests of maximum transparency.

The rules of this site are subject to change. To appeal a punishment message an admin.

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