Site Index

Site Index

The Authority maintains a worldwide presence in its effort to research and contain RPCs. Authority facilities can range anywhere from remote outposts with only a handful of personnel to sprawling bases with thousands of staff members.

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Site Roles

Site facilities operate, often carrying multiple roles, to conduct the mission capabilities of the Authority within their region. While various sites may conduct one or two roles, such as containment or research, some take on multiple roles due to their vast funding, initiatives, strategic importance.

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Comprehensive List of Facilities

Designation Role Location Region Contained
Site-001 Containment, Research, Detention Henderson Pitcairn Island OCEACOM See Site-001
Site-002 Containment, Research, Medical, Detention, Weapons Testing Nevada, USA NORTHCOM See Site-002
Site-004 Research, Object Containment, Detention Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia EURASIACOM See Site-004
Site-005 Research, Containment England, United Kingdom WESTCOM RPC-300
Site-006 Research, Containment Vancouver Island, Canada NORTHCOM RPC-107, RPC-256
Site-007 Containment, Medical, Rapid Deployment, Research, Training Loch Lomond, UK WESTCOM See Site-007
Site-008 Research, Medical, Containment Panama Canal, Panama SOUTHCOM See Site-008
Site-009 Detention, Containment October Revolution Island, Russia EASTCOM See Site-009
Site-010 Garrison, Commerce & Acquisition, Research, Containment New York City, United States NORTHCOM RPC-403
Site-011 Garrison, Low Containment, Medical, Rapid Deployment Verkhorichchia, Ukraine WESTCOM See Site-015
Site-012 Humanoid, Low Containment Milwaukee, United States NORTHCOM RPC-366, RPC-867, RPC-890
Site-013 Containment, Detention, Research, Garrison Gobi Desert, Mongolia ASIACOM RPC-472
Site-0141 Research, Containment, Transport Nevada, United States NORTHCOM See Fail-Safe
Site-015 Containment, Medical, Research, Detention Phoenix, Arizona NORTHCOM See Site-015
Site-016 Containment, Research, Rapid Deployment Prins Christianssund, Greenland NORTHCOM See Site-016
Site-017 Research, Containment, Exploration Antarctic Region 17 ANTARCTICOM See Site-017
Site-0182 Research, Containment Manhattan, United States NORTHCOM [DATA EXPUNGED]
Site-019 Containment, High Containment, Logistics, Spatial Moon N/A See Site-019
Site-020 Containment Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan EASTCOM RPC-063
Site-021 Containment Ulm, Germany WESTCOM RPC-315, RPC-021
Site-023 Containment Venice, Italy WESTCOM RPC-138, RPC-163
Site-024 Rapid Deployment, Logistics, Containment Omaha, United States NORTHCOM RPC-019, RPC-053, RPC-089, RPC-116, RPC-118, RPC-457
Site-0253 Research, Containment Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica ANTOCEACOM N/A
Site-026 Containment, Humanoid Amfilochia, Greece WESTCOM RPC-022, RPC-065, RPC-330
Site-027 Containment Amazon Forest, Brazil SOUTHCOM RPC-100, RPC-735, RPC-825
Site-028 Biological, Transport, Research, Containment Abu Dhabi, UAE EURASIACOM RPC-253, RPC-318, RPC-757
Site-029 Biological, Research, High Containment Toronto, Canada NORTHCOM RPC-511
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