Site-CN-005 [EN]

Original: Site-CN-005 by Brynhildr Juliansk
Translated by: TTPY



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Administrative, Intelligence and Research Facility


Established: 1999/8/13

Front Cover: Royal Pacific Company

Location: Xuhui District, Shanghai

Codename: "Storm Eye"

Hex-code: [CN05]

Site Occupation: Administration, Intelligence, Medical, MST Garrison, Training, Research

Division Jurisdiction: Protection

Total Area: 102000m21

Background Information: Site-CN-005 is one of the products of the Fifth RPC-PCAAO Gulangyu Convention2 and the first Authority Site established on the mainland that is able to maintain a stable existence. The Site is the most important regional facility within the Chinese Branch, responsible for coordinating and planning the administration, communication, intelligence, human resource management, and logistic support within the jurisdiction of the Chinese Branch, as well as the office of the Chinese Branch's regional directorate.

Due to its geographical location, Site-CN-005 is also responsible for the temporary storage of Alpha-class anomalies within the Yangtze River Delta city cluster when necessary, though in principle, anomalies should not be contained on a long-term basis. Since Site-CN-005 is located in a commercial area, it is also used for the recruitment and training of personnel for administration, research, and intelligence.

Site-CN-005, while not self-sufficient, is equipped with emergency power generators and supplies in case of emergencies.

As per the Gulangyu Convention, in order to "enhance mutual trust, build consensus, promote cooperation, deepen friendship," and "improve the efficiency of cooperation in anomaly containment", PCAAO liaison offices are located in most Chinese Branch facilities, while a PCAAO embassy office is located at Site-CN-005, the "Primary Site".

History: With the shift in PCAAO's foreign policy and the RPC Authority's need to acquire and contain anomalies in the East Asian region, the Authority and PCAAO moved towards rapprochement, with a series of bilateral meetings between the two agencies held at the Gulangyu Island.3 The result of this trend was the emergence of the Chinese Authority Branch. In the late 1990s, the CN Branch decided to follow the consensus reached between PCAAO and the Authority, establishing the first batch of sites in Mainland China under the supervision of PCAAO.

In accordance with GD-ASIA's proposal at the start of 1999, the administrative center of ASIACOM's Sino-Himalayas Operational District was set in Shanghai. Bought under the CN front company the Royal Pacific Company皇家太平洋公司, the mixed-use high-rise building in Xuhui District was renamed to the Royal Pacific Tower, now Site-CN-005.


  • Administrative Level - This Level is responsible for the management of Authority activities at Site-CN-005 and across China. Access to this level is restricted to certain employees, Level 4 or higher personnel and researchers.
  • Intelligence and Security Level - This Level is responsible for the surveillance of PCAAO operations and counterintelligence. It contains the highest concentration of ACI operatives inside the Chinese Branch, and serves as weapon storage for MSTs garrisoned at Site-CN-005. The level can also provide temporary accommodation to members of the Protection Division5.
  • Medical Level - Located at the podium of the building, this Level is responsible for general treatment, emergency response, and medical examinations. The popular personnel cafeteria is also located at this level.
  • Research and Experimentation Level - The bulk of Research Division's work is located at this Level. However, as Site-CN-005 rarely engages in direct experimentation, this Level is instead responsible for data collection and summaries of experimentation at other Sites.
  • Communication Level - This Level is responsible for unclassified communications with other Chinese Sites6, as well as diplomacy with the PCAAO, whose liaison office is located at this Level.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Zhao San Yi赵三一
  • Assistant Site Director: Dr. Gu Lan顾岚
  • Dir. of Intelligence: [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Dir. of Site Security: Dr. Famer
  • Dir. of Research & Development: [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Dir. of MST Garrisons: [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Dir. of Human Resources: [DATA EXPUNGED]

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: 15
  • Administrative Assistants: 60
  • Medical Personnel: 347
  • Research Personnel: 848
  • Security Personnel: 372
  • Intelligence Officers: 1536
  • Maintenance Personnel: 347
  • CSD Personnel: 145

Total: 3670

Garrisoned Mobile Security Teams

  • MST-Wuchen-15 "Night on the Galactic Railroad"7

Anomalies Contained8

Incident Logs

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