Site-074 acts as minor containment facility (keeping RPCs for intense study in an isolated wing) and major development facility responsible for a number of Authority and civil used materials. .






Designated Site: RPC Authority, Research Advancements and Development facility



Site-074, 198█

Established: ██ January, 197█,

Front Cover: High altitude weather station

Location: Urenen pass, Canton of Uri, Switzerland.

Codename: "Weather Station"

Hex-code: [4A]

Site Occupation: Research, Development, Light Containment, [L4-CONFIDENTIAL]

Division Jurisdiction: Research

Total Area: 168.5 km2

Background Information: Originally a collection of copper mines, old World War II bunkers and weather stations. After the area came under Authority control in early 1970's. Site-074 originally housed small containment facility but by 1980's included wast Research & Development wing.
Facility is expanded every year, adding space for it's VMLs (Variable Modular Labs) and expanding Site's manufacturing wing. As of 20██ Site-074 has the capacity to hold 230 large VMLs and includes four large chemical plants, two manufacturing lines for various robotics and two experimental nuclear reactor plants.


VML assembly line

Site-074 acts as minor containment facility (keeping RPCs for intense study in an isolated wing) and major development facility responsible for a number of Authority and civil used materials. From novel Polymers to pharmaceutics, Site-074 belongs to the Authority's major chemical producers. Notable research departments in Site-074 include:

Chemical department

Researches novel shock absorbent, conductive and biodegradable polymers, nootropics, stimulants, organic/inorganic catalysts and amnestics. Responsible for majority of Authority chemical production.

Robotics & Construction department

Responsible for the development of logistic bots used for construction or transport. As well modular labs used for short-term or highly variable research.

Nuclear department

Develops and researches experimental nuclear technology such as self-regulating Uranium Hydride (UH3) reactors or compact fusion magnetic mirror reactors.


Offices & Wings Section

  • Administrative and Office Wing - This area is the central management of the entire facility. The Offices house on-site researchers and officers. This wing also houses Seat of Site Directors comprised of two Research Directors and two Development Directors who further report to the Board of European Directors and Research Division Council.
  • Security Wing - Site-074 is secured by on-site security officers, two air force squadrons, seven platoons, and three small sleeper cell teams of agents, which are to be activated in the case of 074-████ breach scenario, located in the cities of Lucern and Altdorf. Security wing has access to state of the art technology and is equipped with memory, concentration and perception enhancing nootropics.

Chemistry Station VML [Medium]

  • Research & Development Wing - R&D wing separated into two sectors each headed by tribunal compromised of senior researchers with expertise in Chemistry, Robotics and Nuclear physics respectively, responding to Seat of Site Directors. The two sectors include; Research Sector, further divided into individual sub-sectors encompassing all departments except [L4-CONFIDENTIAL]. Manufacturing Sector, divided into two smaller Nuclear and Robotics sub-sectors with a large Chemical subsection.
  • Medical Wing - Small wing housing a section for intensive care as well as a clinic for daily personnel check-ups. Includes high-tech medical tools such as Magnetic Resonance scanner and the Da Vinci Surgical System for emergency surgeries. Personnel with serious medical status are to be transported to Site-026 as soon as possible.
  • Containment Wing - Isolated from the rest of the facility, accessible through the separate entrance located inside of WWII bunker close to the town of Engelberg. Used primarily for containment of relatively harmless and potentially useful anomalies. Containment Wing itself is divided into three sectors, one for each anomalous class. These sectors are labeled A, B, C and house Alpha, Beta and Gamma class anomalies respectively. Containment wing is headed by Containment Director who reports directly to Containment Division Head reports to Seat of Site Directors [This is primarily a research facility, all personnel are to be under the command of Research Division Council.] - Chancellor 07

Developed Technologies


Polyurethane closed cell under electron microscope

  • Polyborodimethylsiloxane based shock absorbent material [D3o] - Powerful non-Newtonian dilatant used in state-of-the-art armor plating and shock absorbent vehicle components. Composed of closed cell polyurethane foam with PBDMS (15-35%) dispersed through its matrix. Discovered in 199█, this material was later introduced to wider population through Authority owned company D3o and proved to be a great source of income for the Authority.


MENO chemical formula

  • Methylphenidate ████ derivative [MENO] - Memory and inhibitory control enhancing nootropic, a more potent variant of Methylphenidate. First synthesized inside of Site-074 in 19██, it quickly became standard issue nootropic for field agents and MSTs, taking on the nickname Memo for its memory-enhancing abilities. Introduction into the civilian sphere is still being debated by Civilian Relations Committee and Research Division Council.

  • Variable Modular Lab [VML] - Modular labs used for short-term or highly variable research. Time of construction of one lab can take anywhere from one hour to five hours. Individual Lab components are stored in large logistic warehouses and transported using logistics bots.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Research Director A: Dr. Adam Mason
  • Research Director B: Gaëlle Bless
  • Development Director A: Joel Bodmer
  • Development Director B: Dr. Moszek Grom
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Émilie Buchli
  • Dir. of Site Security: Lt. Bartolo López
  • Dir. of Garrisoned MST: Maj. John Adams
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Laura Vermeulen

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: 8+
  • Administrative Assistants: 19+
  • Medical Personnel: 47+
  • Research Personnel: 378+
  • Security Personnel: 124+
  • Maintenance Personnel: 452+
  • CSD Personnel:███

Total: ████

On-site Anomalies Contained

  • RPC-035 - Stored within Betlehem-class containment chamber at Containment Sector B
  • RPC-120 - Stored within Aleppo-class containment chamber at Containment Sector A
  • RPC-175 - RPC-175-1 and RPC-175-2 are stored in separate containment lockers at Containment Sector A
  • RPC-212 - Stored within Tobruk-class containment chamber at Containment Sector B
  • RPC-319 - Instances contained within numerous cells at Containment Sector C
  • RPC-378 - Stored in Sub-Level 4 of Containment Sector A
  • RPC-497 - Stored within Betlehem-class containment chamber at Containment Sector B
  • RPC-940 - Stored within a reinforced humanoid containment chamber at Sector B
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