OL Site-035 is currently built around the remains of the Black Lake Technical Institute. The campus came under Authority control following Incident A8-035. Due to the incredibly anomalous state of the campus, access of all personnel is restricted at the discretion of Site Director Magnússon.






On Location Containment Facility



Feed of the former campus entrance.

Established: ██ March, 19██.

Front Cover: Water Reclamation Plant

Location: Kálfborgarárvatn, Iceland, 38.0 km Southwest of Reykjahlíð

Codename: "Crossroads"

Hex-code: [23]

Site Occupation: Containment, Research, Development, MSF & ASF Housing, Administrative, ICRU "Frávik" Division

Division Jurisdiction: General

Total Area: 19.4 km2

Background Information: OL Site-035 is currently built around the remains of the Black Lake Technical Institute. The campus came under Authority control following Incident A8-035. Due to the incredibly anomalous state of the campus, access of all personnel is restricted at the discretion of Site Director Magnússon. The facility is powered by the five AMOS Generators built around the Sub-Basement J11 Rift.

In order to effectively contain the constantly shifting realities that now exist within the campus, Site-035 has had over ██ expansions within the past decade. The Site has now nearly expanded to twice the size of the original institution, and is still getting larger.

Aside from containing the remains of BTI, Site-035 is also the foremost facility for research into alternate realities, metaphysics, and ontology. This can be done without much difficulty at Site-035 due to the large number of realities of various Anderson Constants which intersect the campus. Over 50 VMLs (Variable Modular Labs) have been installed in the "Safe" areas of the institution for the purposes of observing the realities present in the area. Research from Site-035 has already been productive, assisting in the creation of the Anderson Coherency Scale (a detailed summary of which can be found here).

Research in the former Sherman Auditorium and Development Offices of the campus are strictly prohibited due to a majority of the realities present there being of Class ACS-1 or lower.

Site Protocols

Offices & Wings Section

  • Administrative Wing - This wing houses the offices of the Site-035 administators. This wing is off limits except for personnel with Level 5 security clearance, Head Researchers and/or admitted personnel.
  • Security Perimeter - Maintained around the campus at a distance of 1 km. Should the campus itself expand due to its anomalous effects, the perimeter will have to expand accordingly. MSF are stationed at points along the perimeter to keep intruders out as well as to keep any entities from escaping the site. Should an entity overwhelm the available personnel, Security should refer to Protocol #035-4 'Jonah'.
  • Research and Laboratories Wing - Comprised of established laboratories within the 'safe' sections of the campus and several VMLs built around - and in some cases within - the many rifts present on site. Research at Site-035 is primarily focused on metaphysics and ontology, utilizing the varied and ubiquitous rifts as a means to access alternate realities. The VMLs (designated "Direct Research" sectors) are off limits to researchers of clearance lower than Level-2 as well as researches that have not undergone the requisite Direct Research approval by Site Director Magnússen.
  • Medical Wing - Medical facilities are required to be present at OL Site-035 in accordance with Authority Safety Protocols B██-D█ due to the Site's ever-present safety hazards. The rifts can produce highly unsafe levels of structural instability on campus, though the entities emitted from the rifts (especially those originating from Class ACS-2 or lower realities) pose the most potent threat to staff. The psychiatric ward has recently been expanded in response to a spike in profoundly negative cognitive effects reported by staff. Said effects have been hypothesized to have resulted from distortions of the Site's physical space by the rifts.
  • Containment Wing - Considering no cataloged anomalies are contained at OL Site-035, the Containment Wing is much smaller compared to many other sites. This wing is mainly dedicated to containing anomalous objects and entities that have been ejected from the rifts, often in accordance with Protocol #035-3 'Panopticon' (or in more extreme situations, Protocol #035-4 'Jonah'). A list of currently contained anomalies can be found below.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Jóhann Magnússon
  • Assistant Site Director: Dr. Reynir Jakobsson
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Hans Fischer
  • Dir. of Site Security: Undirofursti Björn Sveinsson
  • Dir. of Garrisoned MST: Maj. Michael Gardner
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Dr. Andrea Ólafsdóttir

Total On-Site Personnel: 2,615

Emitted Anomalies Currently Contained

Object Origin: Rift B93 [ACS-3]

Object Description: Object is a standard 71.1cm by 91.4cm window set in a mahogany frame, painted white. Though the object can be manipulated and moved, when not acted upon by outside forces it will remain completely stationary in its location regardless of whether or not it should be physically possible for it to do so (it has been observed to consistently stay suspended in midair despite its orientation). When looking through the window, rather than seeing through to the other side of the glass the observer will instead perceive a vast, flat, reflective landscape (it has often been compared to a more pristine instance of a reflective salt flat). A single motionless figure is visible through the window as well - most accurately understood to be a large white-haired primate - at varying distances from the window. Several researchers have described the figure having pronounced red eyes, though there is no concrete evidence of this.

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