Currently, Site-031-1 houses botanical anomalies that are classified from Alpha to Beta, with a Lethality Rating from White to Orange at Site-031's Natrual Reserve. Site-031-2's facilities harness the innate geothermal activity of the area to act as the primary power source and are distributed between each other.






Natural Biome Research and Containment Site



Established: 9th November 1971.

Front Cover: Colombian base for various environmental NGOs

Location: Amazonas Provinces, Colombia [3° 49' 37.146'' S 70° 2' 41.9388'' W]

Codename: "Cabin in the Woods"

Hex-code: [1f]

Site Occupation: Natural Bio-climatic Research and Containment Facility for anomalous faunas and plantation.

Division Jurisdiction: SOUTHCOM [Research and Containment]

Total Area: 41,062 m2

History: After numerous appearances of anomalous creatures in the South American continent, especially within the Amazonian rainforest, the Brazilian, Peruvian and Colombian Government and other government's containment and neutralization of the anomalous within the region began to dwindle. A deal was made between the governments and the Authority Resources division in which the Authority would be allowed to covertly operate in designated regions of the Amazonian rainforest, unhindered by the government and local authorities for the continuous monitoring of Possible Anomalous Activity and the research and containment of said anomalies present at the region.

Initially established as "OL-Site-313" along with 6 other On-Location sites all across the Amazon rainforest. With the discovery of [REDACTED] by OL-Site-313, the administrative staff was able to acquire additional funds and a containment facility was constructed to utilize the anomalous capabilities of LA-1██. Upon the completion of Containment Biome Domes-A through -G and the reconstruction of OL-Site-313 as a water treatment facility for CBDs, the site was then officially re-designated as "Site-031" and given jurisdiction of its sister sites and other facilities present in the region1.

Since the discovery and subsequent containment of RPC-███, negotiations between the Authority and GOI "Descendants of Yggdrasil" has led to a research collaboration between the two groups. Currently, DoY-Affiliate personnel have been integrated into Site-031's research groups.

Background Information: Currently, Site-031-1 houses botanical and faunal anomalies that are classified from Alpha to Beta, with a Lethality Rating from White to Orange at Site-031's Natural Reserve. Anomalies classified as Gamma and with Lethality Ratings of Red are either contained at Isolated Containment Units located near the Natural Reserve, or contained at the Separated Containment Wing. Site-031-1 currently does not house any Black-lethality anomalies.

Update (01/02/2014):
Due to increasing suspicious activities, and increasing numbers of people spotted outside of Site-031 and facilities related or under the jurisdiction of Site-031, as of 1st February 2014, an additional 60 Protection Personnel has been added into Mobile Specialised Team-Sierra-15 "The Wild Wranglers", and will be stationed all across Site-031-1. These changes will be noted in the containment protocols of each Registered Phenomena document.

Facilities And Sections


Site 031-1 Hydroelectric Power Plant.

  • Administrative Facility - The primary facilities of Site-031-1 located north of the area's hydroelectric power plant. The administrative facility is responsible for the administration and coordination of the Site-031-1 and every other OL-Sites under its jurisdiction.
  • Aquatic Facility - A facility located south of Site-031-1 and adjacent to Site-031-1's power plant. While the Aquatic Facilities is capable of housing and research of marine anomalies with its subterranean containment sector, the primary function of the Aquatic Facility is the transportation of personnel into other sites and facilities located near the Amazon River.

Site 031-1 Personnel Facility A.

  • Personnel Facility - Located south-east of Site-031-1 is responsible for the housing of personnel such as CSDs, research personnel, and MST personnel, and the distribution of them into other facilities.
  • Research and Containment Facility - A facility located east of Site-031-1 and is generally responsible for the research and containment of RPCs taken into Site-031-1. Site-031 Natural Reserve is contained within Research and Containement Facility
  • Medical Facility: Located 33 km from Site-031, the Medical Facility serves as Site-031's major medical treatment facility for patients and injured personnel and anomalies. The facility is also used to store medical supplies, and as a checkpoint for supplies and anomalies' transportation into other sites located within Latin America from Site-008.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Dir. Gilda Jair
  • Assistant Site Director: Dir. Harrison Jhoulen
  • Dir. of Anomaly Containment: Dir. Christian Huygens
  • Dir. of Site Security: Cap. Marshall Tegipher
  • Dir. of Research: Dr. Ferdinand Bellard
  • Dir. of Personnel Management: Dr Boyd Burns
  • Dir. of Facility Management: Dr. Emilia Fischer

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: 6
  • Administrative Assistants: 15
  • Medical Personnel: 42
  • Research Personnel: 252
  • Security Personnel: 210
  • Maintenance Personnel: 325
  • CSD Personnel: 37

Total: 887

Garrisoned Mobile Security Teams

MST-Sierra-15 "The Wild Wranglers"

MST Oscar-35 "Green Health"

Anomalies Contained

RPC # Additional Information
RPC-076 RPC-076 instances are contained at Research and Containment facility.
RPC-340 RPC-340 instances are stored at Research and Containment facility.
RPC-355-1 RPC-355-1 instances are contained at the Research and Containment facility.
RPC-███ RPC-███ is contained at OL-Site-357.
RPC-381 RPC-381 instances are contained in separate chambers at the Aquatic Facility.
RPC-420 RPC-420 is contained at OL-Building-420.
RPC-491 RPC-491 is contained inside its designated testing chamber.
RPC-630 RPC-630 instances are stored at the Research and Containment facility.
RPC-704 RPC-704 is contained at the Research and Containment facility.
RPC-975 RPC-975 instances are kept at the Research and Containment facility.



Incident Log

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