Site-017 was constructed adjacent to Antarctic Region 17, as the first permanent Antarctic Site, and now acts as the premier facility on the continent. Due to the variable subterranean topography and the solid permafrost of the area, Site-017 is an entirely above-ground facility.


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Antarctic City Exploration Center



Established: 24th June 2019.

Front Cover: Multi-National Research Outpost

Location: Antarctic Region 17, [REDACTED]

Codename: "Etemenanki"

Hex-code: [11]

Site Occupation: Research, Anomaly Containment, Personnel housing, Exploration

Division Jurisdiction: ANTARCOM [Research, Protection and Containment]

Total Area: [REDACTED] m2

History: Prior to the construction of Site-017, several Authority sites had been established throughout Antarctica. Most notably, OL-Site-543 and the containment area for RPC-563 ushered in an Authority presence in the region. However, neither containment-zones had been deemed large enough for a Site classification.

Following the discovery of AR-171, the Authority launched a massive multi-national operation to further assess the situation. These teams quickly discovered that AR-17 was too large for a small scale observation and expedition operations. As such, Site-017 was commissioned by the Global Directorate too match the growing urgency the Antarctic anomalies represented. OL-Site-543 and all other RPCs in the region now fall under the jurisdiction of Site-017.

Background Information: Site-017 was constructed adjacent to Antarctic Region 17, as the first permanent Antarctic Site, and now acts as the premier facility on the continent. Due to the variable subterranean topography and the solid permafrost of the area, Site-017 is an entirely above-ground facility. It is constructed primarily through the use of fixed prefabricated large-scale structures.

A single runway is located approx. 1.5 Km from the site proper. The runway is constructed on an immense section of blue ice2 which is capable of supporting the weight of wheeled cargo planes. The site's main supply line is through the use of bi-weekly aerial delivery runs. These supply runs are also used to rotate personnel on a regular basis and export the site's refuse.

Personnel assigned to Site-017 are to remain on duty up to two months at a time before compulsory rotation. For every two months on-site, personnel are required to take one month of leave. This protocol has been established to help personnel recover from the isolation associated with the area.


Site-017 prefab structures erected 24th of June 2019.

Due to the limited use of the prefabricated structures, Site-017 is not equipped to contain particularly aggressive or lethal anomalies. On-site containment specialists have been instructed to keep entities within AR-17 when conventional containment protocols are not feasible. As such, RPC-917 remains the main containment asset regarding anomalies still located within AR-17. As of ██/██/████, additional funding has been granted to establish a larger completely permanent facility.

Office Sections

  • Administrative Section — The administrative offices are the only non-prefabricated structure of Site-017. The offices act as both personal lodging for the Director Heads and their assistants, but also as the facility's HQ. Personnel must have Level-IV clearance or above to access the administrative wing.
  • Security and Expedition Section — Hangar 17-01 has been designated as the site's garrison and expedition equipment storage facility. The hangar has been fitted with a small housing component to accommodate any small Mobile Specialized Team currently on-site. Due to the site's relatively small size, no large MST can be stationed permanently.
  • Research and Paratech Section — The research and the paratechnology hangars3 are used for low-threat anomalous experimentation and item storage. The ██████████ reactor is housed within this section of the facility and is the primary energy source for the entire site. In the event of a power failure, a serious of diesel generators are to be used to power the facility. Solar panels may also be employed during the Antarctic diurnal period. Hangar 17-02 also acts as the site's maintenance facility.
  • Containment Section — Hangars 17-04 through 07 have been constructed for the purpose of containing low-risk anomalies. These hangars have been fitted with additional attachment points to easily allow additional fortifications and reinforcements. Any movable anomaly with a Threat Level above Yellow is to either be held within AR-17 or transferred off-site.
  • Personnel and CSD Section — The personnel section of Site-017 is constructed through the use of 3m x 3.65m housing units. Each unit has been fitted to accommodate 4 inhabitants comfortably, and up to 12 if needed. A communal bathroom has been constructed and assigned per every 10 housing units. Additionally, all on-site CSD personnel are to be given equal accommodations but are forbidden to leave their respective housing units. The personnel section also has 2 medical bays constructed from refitted housing units, a mess hall connected to the main administrative building and a staff lounge.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Director Andrew Hemmings
  • Assistant Site Director: Director Diego Santino
  • Dir. of Anomaly Containment: Director Alice Goodwall
  • Dir. of Site Security: Gen. Troy Coplands
  • Dir. of Research & Development: Doctor Alexis Petrov
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Director Sarah Matson

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: 5
  • Administrative Assistants: 11
  • Medical Personnel: 23
  • Research Personnel: 143
  • Security Personnel: 210
  • Maintenance Personnel: 100
  • CSD Personnel: As requested

Total: ~500-6004

Anomalies Contained

RPC ### Additional Information
RPC-259 RPC-259 is held within a standard Alpha-Class containment chamber at Site-017.
RPC-411 All 380 instances of RPC-411 are held within Mass Containment Unit A.
RPC-543 An unverified number of RPC-543 instances reside within AR-17.
RPC-563 RPC-563 is contained within a large, fenced off-site containment area.
RPC-580 RPC-580-2 is contained within a Gamma-level containment cell at Site-017-B.
RPC-707 Associated phenomena manifest within AR-17.
RPC-719 Threat Level above Yellow - Located within AR-17.
RPC-747 Immovable - Located within AR-17. Associated Lesser Objects contained within Hangar 17-07.
RPC-830 Immovable - Located within AR-17.
RPC-917 Utility-Rated anomaly. Primary means for containment within AR-17.


Anomalies Previously Contained

RPC ### Additional Information
RPC-437 Previously located within AR-17. Item has been relocated to Site-042's maximum-security wing.


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