Site-007 is maintained as the forefront for containment and safety of the populace of Europe. The Site is home to a large number of Alpha and Beta anomalies of varying lethality ratings. Site-007 is used as a training facility for new MSTs and Authority security forces.






Anomaly Response And Containment


Established: November 7th, 1939

Front Cover: British Armed Forces Installation

Location: 56.36 N, 4.51 W

Codename: "Loch Lomond Castle"

Hex-code: [07]

Site Occupation: Administrative, Containment, Medical, MST Deployment, Research, Training.

Division Jurisdiction: General

Total Area: 3549.83 km2
Facility: 1685.12 km2
Surrounding land: 1864.71 km2

Facility Access
Access to Site-007 is available via three different methods.

  • Access on vehicle and foot via the south gate entrance. Papers or identification must be provided at gate to security personnel on duty.
  • Access on rail via Authority railway used for supply and anomalous delivery.
  • Access via runway aboard Authority aircraft. Any attempt at entering Authority airspace without proper authorization will be met with adequate force.

Background Information:
Site-007 is maintained as the forefront for containment and safety of the populace of Europe. The Site is home to a large number of Alpha and Beta anomalies of varying lethality ratings.

Site-007 is used as a training facility for new MSTs and Authority security forces. Authority records show ██% of all Authority personnel are trained at Site-007 every year.

A very large security force and a high number of MSTs are housed at Site-007 due to its position as first response for European and outlying anomalies. It utilizes a rail connection and multiple runways for rapid deployment of MSTs, agents, and research teams all over the Continent.

Site-007 also includes production and storage facilities for basic resources to allow a certain level of self sufficiency. This is supplemented by deep pump wells and a highly advanced fusion reactor contained on Research 2F. It is one of the few Authority Sites capable of maintaining itself for an extended period of time without outside assistance.

Due to its location in Loch Lomond National Park, Site-007 uses a front of secrecy as a base for the British Armed Forces. The surrounding National Park, also owned by the Authority, is used as a public method of preventing further development near the Site. This disallows it from containment of exceptionally dangerous anomalies.1

Site-007 was founded in 1939 under the front of expanding Britain's military forces following the beginning of the Second World War. It began as a military base that makes up the core of the current Site. At this time it only contained above ground facilities and was used as a deployment center for containing anomalies used by each side in the war.

After the war, Scotland saw an economic boom along with the rest of Britain that threatened to encroach upon Site-007. To prevent public interference with Authority goals, Site-007 was expanded upon by acquisition of a large amount of surrounding land. The growth of Site-007 continued for a number of decades. This larger area was held off limits to the public until suspicions and public conversation of Site-007 grew to critical levels in 199█.

To prevent a public breach, the Authority retracted the official workings of Site-007 to the military base and set up the surrounding land as a national park. This was advertised as a move by the Scottish government to give back to the people. Surveillance equipment and a full staff of security personnel hidden as National Park staff were organized throughout the area surrounding the base to provide heightened levels of secrecy. This staff is equipped with low level amnestics and keeps all unauthorized persons from approaching or examining Site-007 too closely.

Site Protocols

Facility And Levels Section2

  • Administrative Facility - A large reinforced and fortified structure in the center of the Site. Access is restricted to Level-4 personnel or specially admitted personnel. It is responsible for the coordination and control of the entire Site-007.
  • MST and Security Barracks Facility - A series of military barracks in the north portion of the Site. The Barracks have housing for two thousand personnel at any one time. All on-site armaments, MSTs, and security personnel are all housed in these barracks.
  • Medical Facility - A multilevel bomb-resistant structure on the west side of Site-007. Contains offices and housing for all on-site medical personnel. Capable of housing and treating up to two hundred patients at any one time.
  • Maintenance Facility - A two-floor structure with sixteen garage bays in the Central Site. It also includes multiple hangars for aircraft and is responsible for maintaining all Authority vehicles and equipment on base. All personnel responsible for Site-007 structures and containment upkeep work out of this facility.
  • On-site Personnel Facility - The Northern border of the Site is constructed for the production and storage of non-critical supplies such as food and additional housing. Because of this, Site-007 is capable of total self-sufficiency.
  • Research Facility And Level - Surface facilities around the base are used for low level and low-risk experimentation. Heavy lifts in various locations around the Site allow for access to the first three subterranean floors which are all used for higher-level research. Contained on the second floor is an advanced fusion reactor maintained by select members of the research team capable of outputting ██MWs to power the entire Site.
  • CSD Containment Level - CSD containment is maintained below research level and is manned at all times by a minimum of 75 Security staff. Cells are efficiently constructed for maximum use of space. Food and recreational areas on this floor allow for up to 300 CSD to be held at once.
  • Containment Level - The second most secure part of the facility outside of Administration. The containment facilities for Site-007 are capable of containing anything smaller than 5x5x5 meters in size and weighing less than 65 metric tons. Restrictions in weight and dimension are due to the size of lifts that access the lowest levels of Site-007. Site-007 has a capacity for ████ Alpha and Beta secure lockers up to 23m and ███ containment cells of varying sizes.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Directors:
  • Assistant Site Director: Dr. Frank Tiberius
  • Dir. of Site Security: James Carlson
  • Dir. of Medical Services: Dr. Kelly Anne Quill
  • Dir. of MST and Deployment: Colonel Benjamin Erricksson
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Jason Markin
  • Dir. of Anomalous Containment: Dr. Jainy Grace
  • Dir. of Anomalous Research: Dr. Frederick McGantly

On-Site Personnel:

  • Total Administrative Heads: 8
  • Total Administrative Assistants: 28
  • Total Security Personnel: 891
  • Total Research Personnel: 537
  • Total Medical Personnel: 112
  • Total Maintenance Personnel: 316
  • Total CSD Personnel: 299
  • Total On-Site MST: 808

Total On-Site Personnel: 2999

Garrisoned Mobile Security Teams

Hotel-1 "Highlanders"


Anomalies Contained



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