Primary Object Containment Facility & Oil Field


Site-004's Surface Sector, c. 2023


Established: November 8th, 19571

Front Cover: Shaybah Oil Field

Location: Rub' al Khali Desert, 22.5248° N, 54.0086° E

Codename: "The Strip"

Hex-code: [04]

Site Occupation: Low Containment, Object Containment, Research, CSD Holding and Anti-Terrorism

Division Jurisdiction: Research and Containment

Total Area: 7,435 m2
710 km (Surface Oil Field)

Background Information: Site-004 is the primary site for the EURASIACOM region, and also serves as it'a largest site, and is responsible for supervising the Arabian Peninsula. The site also serves as the primary containment facility for non-sentient RPCs, although has made two exceptions.

Site-004 was a personally funded endeavor of GD-EURA through the ██████ Oil Company. Offically recognized as a Site in the 1950s at EURASIACOM's economic height, it logistically links up Europe and Asia and manages anomaly transport from ASIACOM to AFRICOM and WESTCOM.

In the early 1970s, rising extremism, anti-western ideals, and Malthus terrorism became a rising problem in the middle east, and increased terrorist and Church of Malthus activity around Site-004 became a problem for the site and the surrounding region.

During Authority Budget Cuts, GD-EURA began to purchase both U.S. and Israeli military equipment as an efficient and cheaper alternative to the sudden weapon rollbacks, benefiting ASF and MST units stationed at Site-004.

During Operation Dawn Initiative,2 Site-004 was used by both Authority and Coalition forces as the main Forward Operating Base from the start of the operation in 2001 to the end of the operation in 2006.

Site-004 doubles as both an oil field and a containment facility, operating under the guise of an oil field run by Saudi Aramco. Site-004 also has a private airstrip, which is utilized to transport Authority personnel and supplies to Site-004. Annual oil production rates are estimated at 14 million barrels.

Offices & Wings Section

  • Surface Sector: The surface section of Site-004. Site-004 is in control of an oil field which is a method Site-004 personnel use to gain revenue for the Site and the Authority as a whole. A private airstrip accompanies the oil field and transports both personnel and supplies to the Site. The surface is also home to a wildlife reserve for endangered Arabian animals.
  • Administrative Sector: The command sector of Site-004. Offices of administrative personnel are located here. Only Level-4+ or specifically authorized personnel are allowed to enter.
  • Personnel/Recreational Sector: The main housing sector of Site-004. Features a mess hall, multiple research labs, an infirmary, a housing sector able to house around 500 Authority personnel, and multiple rooms for recreational purposes. This sector leads to most of the other sections in Site-004.
  • Low Containment Sector: Unlike other major Authority sites, Site-004 utilizes the less common Low/High containment sector system. The Low Containment Sector is utilized to contain primarily Alpha-class or Beta-class anomalies. Humanoid-type anomalies are infrequently contained at Site-004, being stored temporarily. The only instances of humanoid anomalies being contained at Site-004 indefinitely are RPC-505 and RPC-763.
  • High Containment Sector: This wing of Site-004 is utilized to contain either Gamma-class anomalies or objects rated Purple or higher.
  • CSD Cell Block: All Confined Subject (Disposable)s within Site-004 reside here. There are three cell wings for L1-CSD, L2-CSD, and L3-CSD subjects respectively along with a mess hall and a gymnasium connected to all three cell wings.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Dr. Abbad Ghali
  • Assistant Site Director: Omar Boulos
  • Dir. of Terrorist Control: Mohammed Al-Osman
  • Dir. of Site Security: Fatimah Abboud
  • Dir. of Research: Burhan Nu'man
  • Dir. of Oil and Finances: Neil Morrison
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Abd al-Uzza Luay
  • Dir. of Garrisoned MST: Aleksandar Ateljevic
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Mona Rushdi

On-Site Personnel:

  • Administrative Heads: 9
  • Department Heads: 10
  • Administrative Assistants: 14
  • Medical Personnel: 24
  • Research Personnel: 153
  • Security Personnel: 113
  • Maintenance Personnel: 30
  • Garrisoned MST: 10
  • CSD-Class Personnel: 141

Total: 504

Garrisoned Mobile Security Teams


Anomalies Contained

RPC # Additional Information
RPC-006 Held within Beta storage locker 23.
RPC-008 Held within Site-004’s high security containment vault.
RPC-033 All instances are held within a Beta-class storage vault at Site-004.
RPC-041 Unprocessed instances stored in OL-Site-041. Processed instances are housed at Site-004 in a containment chamber utilizing combined vibration control and steel plate wall earthquake mitigation systems.
RPC-095 RPC-095 is stored in a cushioned Alpha-Class Storage Unit in Site-004's High Containment Sector.
RPC-117 RPC-117 is to be kept within Beta storage locker 15 at Site-004 when not in use for testing.
RPC-123 Kept within a medium security small item containment locker A-23 in Site-004.
RPC-128 Housed in a standard Size B anomalous object locker in Site-004.
RPC-181 Instances of RPC-181 are to be contained in a low-security, temperature-regulated section of Site-004's low containment sector.
RPC-336 RPC-336 is to be contained in an airtight steel cube in Site-004.
RPC-378 1550 instances stored within Site-004's Low Containment Sector.
RPC-505 RPC-505 is to be contained in a standard humanoid chamber at Site-004 fitted for a 6 year old child.4
RPC-763 RPC-763 is to be contained in Site-004's High Containment Sector.

Anomalies Previously Contained

RPC # Additional Information


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