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rpc.b4k is a simple image-based bulletin board forum where Authority personnel can comment and share images. The purpose of this site is to discuss postgraduate studies, finance, applications, research, containment, international studies & administration, politics, and much, much more. Users don't need to register an account to post, but, for the sake of Authority privacy and policy, higher-class personnel are required to enter with their clearance registered, while those with a clearance of lvl 4 and above are barred from directly posting.


Anonymous 04/09/18 13:07 No. 04301 ▶ >>04302 >>04303 >>04304

For the past 4 months, I've stolen a bunch of Class A-1 amnestic canisters for the shits and giggles. I usually take 4 or 6 of them every day at 8 at night after my janitor shift. Idk what this will do to my body in the long run, hopefully nothing too bad.

Anonymous 04/09/18 13:12 No. 04302 ▶

>>04301 (OP)
Anon I genuinely hope you’re joking. You’re gonna die.

Anonymous 04/09/18 13:15 No. 04303 ▶

>>04301 (OP)
>janitorial shift
the absolute state of union jannies.


Anonymous 04/09/18 13:17 No. 04304 ▶

>>04301 (OP)
Go for class G next.

Anonymous 04/09/18 14:12 No. 04305 ▶

Kinda based in a weird way desu


- /schiz/ - Schizo general Anonymous 03/13/22 10:07 No. 09981 ▶ >>09982

They don’t tell you this, but 85% of all anomalous terrorist and mercenary organizations are actually mainly funded by the UNAAC and the Authority elites as their main shareholders to perpetuate the illusion of “us vs them” mentality that makes members from either side more susceptible to control. The useless administration agencies the Authority continually pumps out is a money-laundering scheme meant to make the dirty money of those terrorist organizations feasible for the stock market

Anonymous 03/13/22 10:20 No. 09982 ▶ >>09983 >>09984 >>09985 >>09986

>>09981 (OP)
The fact that y'all believe shit like this is the reason why the maintanence union is underfunded. Take your meds.

Anonymous 03/13/22 10:22 No. 09983 ▶

uh oh looks like someone forgot to use a VPN

Anonymous 03/13/22 10:25 No. 09984 ▶

Go back to sucking OI's dick nigsite fed


Anonymous 03/13/22 10:25 No. 09985 ▶


Anonymous 03/13/22 10:33 No. 09986 ▶ >>09992

No fucking way this is real holy shit

Anonymous 03/13/22 10:47 No. 09987 ▶ >>09988

Bruh why does the glowies have their own icon?


Anonymous 03/13/22 10:49 No. 09988 ▶ >>09989

It's bait. still not wrong about the maintenance union tho, fuck those guys. If they actually did their jobs correctly we wouldn't have budget cuts every fucking week. They only exist to put money in the chief's pocket

Anonymous 03/13/22 11:11 No. 09989 ▶ >>099990

Blame the GDs for their incompetence kek. Why the fuck do they keep electing out-of-touch old people or borderline-demonic fags anyways? Half the niggas there ain't even qualified to supervice a regional site let alone an entire fucking continent. You just KNOW some globOIhomo bs is happening behind closed doors.

Anonymous 03/13/22 11:23 No. 099990 ▶ >>099993

Solution: Instead of elections, we should have globos fight their candidate opponents. But there’s no limit to how much anomalous steroids or curses you can put in your body before the fight.

Would be kino.

Anonymous 03/13/22 10:33 No. 09992 ▶


Anonymous 03/13/22 10:56 No. 09993 ▶ >>099994

gavrilo wins 100%

Anonymous 03/13/22 11:01 No. 09994 ▶ >>09995

My GD wins 100% :nerd: :nerd: :nerd:

Anonymous 03/13/22 11:06 No. 09995 ▶ >>09996

he is simply the perfect representation of the research division

Anonymous 03/13/22 11:11 No. 09996 ▶

Gavrillo is old af and he’s gonna die if he’s just gonna trust in God instead of taking UNAAC-approved catgirl adrenochrome like the other cool GDs


Anonymous 03/13/22 11:40 No. 10003 ▶ >>10004 >>10005


Anonymous 03/13/22 11:43 No. 10004 ▶

So true bestie!

Anonymous 03/13/22 11:44 No. 10005 ▶

thank u anomaly fren. very cool!


Anonymous 04/01/22 04:13 No. 10023 ▶ >>10024 >>10026

>late night doing bitchass obs duty
>im not event supposed to be doing this shit but the main obs researcher is "sick"
>gaylord forgot that he lied to me and sent me a text of him golfing before deleting it
>im a fucking researcher dont they have meatheads for this
>raise from my slouch to glance at the shitter im babysitting
>retarded pheno is banging head against exit door at regular intervals
>i could literally leave and nothing would go wrong
>notice there's no cameras for the obs room itself
>shieeeeeet do i risk it
>realize doors have actuation detectors and they'll know if i leave
>decide to just catch some shut eye in the obs room
>like 20 minutes go by and I wake up
>realize where I've been resting my head
>​>​>​>​>on a button
>pit in my stomach as I raise my head to see what the buttons for in my barely-lucid state
>raise my head even more to look through obs window if its still inside
>spamming interface and flipping through auxiliary external cameras like a fucking schizo
>its hanging outside the entrance door of its cell
>trying to comprehend the glowing lights of the vending machine while mumbling some typical pheno bullshit
>open observation window and chuck my half-eated granola bar with peanuts in it into containment chamber
>dont ask about the peanuts part just know it's important
>phenoid hears the thud and turns around to look into its cell
>slowly lurches forward toward cell
>painfully fucking slow its like it's trying to fuck with me
>almost fucking there I can taste it
>finally enters cell
>abuse access button harder than a kk client abuses his product
>door shuts behind it
>i cant fucking believe my eyes
>fucker devours the granola bar, wrapper and all
>come on dickhead do the thing do the fucking thing
>as it burps it wipes the cameras and legers by 10 minutes
>it's like nothing happened
>career fucking saved
>career fucking saved
>career fucking saved
>career fucking saved

I fucking swear this happened. No way that I was dreaming about it since I know I set my granola bar on the counter and its gone. The next day I could even see the barely-noticeable smear of chocolate on the part of the window i grabbed at the time.

Y'all got any stories yourselves of close-calls like this? I can't be the only one right. Pic related, it's not the actual control room but it's pretty damn close

Anonymous 04/01/22 04:15 No. 10024 ▶ >>10025

>>10023 (OP)
bull fucking SHIT LOL. Name the fucking pheno or gtfo retard. This is just too fucking convenient to be true

Anonymous 04/01/22 04:22 No. 10025 ▶

No way fag, if i do that i may as well stand on a table at the cafeteria and wave a fucking sign saying "FIRE ME I LET OUT AN RPC!!" kys


Anonymous 04/01/22 04:25 No. 10026 ▶ >>10029

>>10023 (OP)
Fucking amazing. Anon really got saved by a fucking granola bar, imagine if he decided not to bring one holy we would not be hearing about this situation here LOL


Anonymous 04/01/22 04:32 No. 10029 ▶

>>10026 (((OP)))

>samefigging this hard.
cringe desuu

Anonymous 04/01/22 06:10 No. 10031 ▶

…does OP and his alt accounts know how many protocols you have to go through to open even an alpha-class containment chamber before making this story up?

Anonymous 04/01/22 06:39 No. 10032 ▶

>in this 4chan knockoff site
>in this italian pasta-crafting spyware website
It's more likely than you think.

Thread archived.

You cannot reply anymore.


Uh… Presidium bros? Anonymous 04/06/22 14:55 No. 10048 ▶ >>10049 >>10050 >>10051 >>10052

>Mr. Site Director, why can't we just ship the duplicating bread to Africa to end world hunger?

Anonymous 04/06/22 14:55 No. 10049

Authoritarian hands typed this post. Sage

Anonymous 04/06/22 14:56 No. 10050

>he hasn't heard of the breadflation shitfuck event

Anonymous 04/06/22 15:21 No. 10051 ▶ >>10053

Because the bread keeps duplicating while inside the stomach. Besides, the Conscious guys take care of it anyway.

Anonymous 04/06/22 15:22 No. 10052

Cope more janny, this won't unrape Containment's funding


Anonymous 04/06/22 15:44 No. 10053 ▶ >>10054 >>10055

>the Conscious guys
The who?

Anonymous 04/06/22 16:01 No. 10054 ▶ >>10055

That's some nigsite hyperschizo shit right? I saw something about it on /schiz/ the other day


Anonymous 04/06/22 16:21 No. 10055 ▶ >>10057

I ran a quick database scrape (god bless techfag clearance perms) and ran across some spooky shit. QRD:
>founded in 1992 by Fakename P. Holder
>immediately receives Vinland-Pyre funding
>VP is the research institute that's banned on /schiz/ because every newfag keeps making threads about it btw
>so these guys somehow immediately get to the front of the race in this meme tier science field and start making real progress

But here's where the really spooky shit comes in

>Conscious actually has 1 or 2 registered phenomena codes
>they're all Malevich paintings
>but what we can read is absolutely not good
>sorta shit we'd get the Protectorate helmets to bomb the fuck out of a third world shithole for
>but there's no tracking or planning project for any kind of operation
>not even funding blockades, and the OFA suits swung those against fucking José the taco cook from Texas
>turns out they're in bed with these other guys called Miracle Incorporated
>also founded by the same Fakename P. Holder
>also has a few RPCs
>also gets VP cash
>but this one is much smaller
>a cursory search through AFRICOM public files pulls up 1 instance of MInc
>signed deal to operate in Zambia, Somalia, etc
>this kind of deal (mutual operation agreements or MOAs) implies some sort of goods exchange
>but no goods to exchange are mentioned in the entire document

And here's the kicker

>check logistical meetings for AFRICOM
>Fakename P. fucking Holder
>"special items shipment"

Bet you can guess what's inside those boxes

Anonymous 04/06/22 16:22 No. 10056 ▶ >>10057

Holy shit, what? You think the Ears know about this shit?

Anonymous 04/06/22 16:22 No. 10057 ▶ >>10058 >>10059

Absolutely. I'd say they endorse it.



Anonymous 04/06/22 16:22 No. 10058


EURA Admin ID:B0MHzZok 04/06/22 16:23 No. 10059 ▶ >>10060

Anon got banned due to improper placement of schizo material.
He's also about to be demoted, related to a bureaucratic incident and nothing to do with this thread. No funny stuff involved

Anonymous 04/06/22 16:24 No. 10060


Anonymous 04/06/22 16:25 No. 10061

Shit like this makes me wonder why the feds hasn't nuked this site yet


- /AoI/ - AoI International General Int Assoc Admin 05/09/22 8:20 No. 10120 ▶

Our Lady, Victoria Louise edition.

Welcome to /AoI/, a thread general where Agencies around the globe can discuss national, political, and cultural events about agencies and their respective nations.

Previous Thread: »10033

Anonymous 05/09/22 8:24 No. 10121 ▶ >>10122

Finally, a new thread. Don't let the busocucks cucks know or they'll bitch about the anomalies we "stole" again.


Anonymous 05/09/22 8:29 No. 10122 ▶ >>10123 >>10125


Anonymous 05/09/22 12:01 No. 10123 ▶

no it doesn't kek

Anonymous 05/09/22 13:11 No. 10124 ▶

Retarded question, but what's the current Iron Initiative branch that's still active in Russia? I don't really understand the whole "fractured splinters" thing.

Anonymous 05/09/22 13:11 No. 10125 ▶

It’s been over 90 years and y’all still seething over this.


Anonymous 05/09/22 15:01 No. 10126 ▶ >>10127 >>10128 >>10129

the charges officer?

Anonymous 05/09/22 15:43 No. 10127 ▶

Franku-sama… I kneel…

Anonymous 05/09/22 16:08 No. 10128 ▶


Anonymous 05/09/22 16:12 No. 10129 ▶ >>10130 >>10134 >>10147

>wow it sure sucks the Authority isn't as Christian anymore
>destroys an entire fucking site for no reason
>that will make the pope love me!
was it autism?

Anonymous 05/09/22 16:30 No. 10130 ▶

No amount of purple-nerd autism can hide how much the whole event GLOWED.


Anonymous 05/09/22 17:51 No. 10131 ▶ >>10132 >>10133 >>10145

>still falling for unaac bait

Anonymous 05/09/22 16:59 No. 10132 ▶ >>10133

t. The worst agency
Neck yourself

Anonymous 05/09/22 17:19 No. 10133 ▶

Authoritards always act like they’re superior over others even though they’re probably some random Hispanic janitor from a tiny site in fucking Guatemala or some shit like that.

Neck yourself.

Anonymous 05/09/22 17:31 No. 10134 ▶ >>10143

FACTS: the authorityfags deserved it. Anything to make auctoritas-san proud~

Anonymous 05/09/22 18:52 No. 10143 ▶

auctoritas would hate fags like you.

Anonymous 05/09/22 19:23 No. 10144 ▶

notice how the authoritards that speaks the most shit are always containment wagies… curious

Anonymous 05/09/22 19:30 No. 10145 ▶

>> 10131
>that flag
How the actual fuck did you get access to this site?

Anonymous 05/09/22 19:40 No. 10146 ▶

How do you guys keep on making up new stereotypes that don't even exist lol?

Anonymous 05/09/22 20:22 No. 10147 ▶

The autism was on the authoritards for letting it happen lol.

>got steamrolled by a bunch of christcucks
>became laughing stock of anomalous community for a decade

Honestly better off just killing yourself at this stage desu.


happi thread Anonymous 05/11/22 03:33 No. 10333 ▶

post images of things that make you feel like its a happy day. also check em.

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger


where did the soul go? Anonymous 08/22/22 14:23 No. 10442 ▶ >>10443

what went wrong?

Anonymous 08/22/22 14:31 No. 10443 ▶ >>10444

quite simple really
>take God out of the equation
>pay with your sovl

Anonymous 08/22/22 14:46 No. 10444 ▶ >>10445 >>10446

Auctoritas lost its soul when they stopped having weekly gay orgies in the library

Anonymous 08/22/22 15:01 No. 10445 ▶ >>10447

wait wtf was that a thing????

Anonymous 08/22/22 15:15 No. 10446 ▶ >>10447

The what now?

Anonymous 08/22/22 15:16 No. 10447 ▶

I made it up


i fucking hate this department Anonymous 05/22/22 11:02 No. 10529 (OP) ▶ >>10540

every single day I have to deal with the same trivial shit

just get up, establish links, transcribe shit, end comms, repeat. every single fucking day.

the department leader is a complete cocksucker who wont even give us a single day off work, because apparently we are so vital to the authority our veil of secrecy would collapse if i so dared going to the caribbean for some hookers and cocaine

fucking hate the fact that research is exempt from this bullshit

Anonymous 05/22/22 12:32 No. 10540 ▶ >>10541

>>10529 (OP)
Oof, you sound like you're stuck at Comms. You are aware of the fact that those guys literally monitor your activity on a daily basis, are you?

Anonymous 05/22/22 12:33 No. 10541 ▶ >>10542


lmao that's so absurd. they give us our own machines to work with their VERY CRUTIAL AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION (lord forbid Malthus knows what the Rhodesian governor had for breakfast)

but if that is the case, hi Jerry!

Anonymous (Mod) 05/22/22 12:34 No. 10542 ▶ >>10543


Hey Ian!

Anonymous 05/22/22 12:34 No. 10543 ▶

>>10542 (Mod)




im gonna quit Anonymous 02/15/20 08:21 No. 10565 (OP) ▶ >>10566 >>10567

>chief is an arab lady who hates my guts
>both of my teammates are gay
>get deployed to neutralize a pheno
>mauled by cyborg aids baby
>have to go to research site for medical care
>informed im gonna be an augmentee for an MST
>the kabashakai one

i cant keep doing this

Anonymous 02/15/20 09:01 No. 10566▶

>>10565 (OP)


thatll do it

Anonymous 02/15/20 09:13 No. 10567▶ >>10566

>>10565 (OP)

>having a female leader
>working with gay people

couldnt be me

Anonymous 02/18/20 07:11 No. 10583▶ >>10584


you're irish

Anonymous 02/18/20 07:12 No. 10584▶




artist needed Anonymous 02/19/20 01:12 No. 10590 (OP) ▶ >>10591 >>10592

yo i just got assigned to an rpc and im looking for someone to draw it to put on the dossier


Anonymous 02/19/20 01:24 No. 10591▶ >>10593

>>10590 (OP)


just take a photo

AFRI Admin ID:B2MmfFmL 02/19/20 01:30 No. 10592▶

>>10590 (OP)

i know a guy on twitter

Anonymous 02/19/20 01:32 No. 10593▶ >>10594


i cant


Anonymous 02/19/20 01:33 No. 10594▶ >>10595


is it something that you cant take photos of? i dont understand..?

Anonymous 02/19/20 01:34 No. 10595▶ >>10596


no i just cant

Anonymous 02/19/20 01:36 No. 10596▶


what are you talking about?? why would you draw it??? you have cameras all over the site, you probably monitor it with cameras?? in what world would you use a drawing?? and this isnt the first time someone has done this. it feels like this is every other entry in our database. whats going on???



uh oh sisters Anonymous 02/18/20 11:53 No. 11992 (OP) ▶ >>11993

>they forgot about the buff shark men at site 016

Anonymous 02/18/20 12:03 No. 11993 ▶

>>11992 (OP)
my bad guys


I can't go on like this Anonymous 09/16/22 08:22 No. 20134 (OP) ▶ >>20135 >>20136 >>20138

Why haven't you guys made an effort to destroy this satanic organization? You know the shit I've seen other agents do to their enemies? No joke, they would grab the bodies of dead combatants, freeze them, and throw them off of tall buildings for all to see to destroy their morale. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the evil shit the Authority is constantly getting away with.

Anonymous 09/16/22 08:24 No. 20135 ▶

Anonymous 09/16/22 08:25 No. 20136 ▶

>>20134 (OP)
>and this is just the tip of the iceberg

Anonymous 09/16/22 08:27 No. 20137 ▶ >>20139

I've seen this kinda stuff before. Did you know that there was once this MST "painted highway" mission where black op agents would quickly draw a road leading directly to a wall that Malthus agents would run into, comically flattening themselves against it?

Anonymous 09/16/22 08:28 No. 20138 ▶

>>20134 (OP)
I blame the budget cut

Anonymous 09/16/22 08:30 No. 20139 ▶ >>20141

that's nothing. I heard from a coworker of mine they tied anvils to a string and used Marlboro cigarettes to bait nihil cultists. Once they grab one, the string is cut and the anvil flattens them into a thin sheet of paper. Satanic stuff.

Anonymous 09/16/22 08:33 No. 20140 ▶

>they would grab the bodies of dead combatants, freeze them, and throw them off of tall buildings for all to see to destroy their morale

Anonymous 09/16/22 08:35 No. 20141 ▶

Yeah, back in the 50s, Authority soldiers used to put comically large dynamites inside letters full of hearts and kisses addressed from "mom". A bunch of howlers read the letter and it immediately blew up in their face. It killed 6 million howlers and was how we won the Austral war.

Anonymous 09/16/22 08:39 No. 20142 ▶

I heard WW1 started when an aci spy shot a bullet inside a letter and sent it to Archduke Ferdinand. When he opened it, the bullet flew through his head, killing him instantly and kickstarting the whole conflict.

Anonymous 09/16/22 08:44 No. 20143 ▶

I was there when we were dispatched to Vesuvia. A bunch of Malthus agents were there, how we cleared them was we lured them into the cliff without them noticing and signaled them to look down. They would realize they weren't standing on the ground, say "uh oh" and fall to their deaths, leaving a cloud of smoke on impact. Sadly, a lot of my buddies looked down as well. I'll never forget the last time I saw my friend Eric look me one last time as his eyes detatch from his eyesockets, suspended in midair to look at me and blink twice before reattaching to his falling body, creating a "POOF" shaped cloud on impact.


that feel when Anonymous 10/10/22 09:22 No. 20201 (OP) ▶ >>20202 >>20203

got denied psych leave by the site director after my entire team got slaughtered by that sewing machine
reason? personnel shortage.

Anonymous 10/10/22 09:23 No. 20202 ▶

>>20201 (OP)
that sucks man

Anonymous 10/10/22 09:42 No. 20203 ▶

>>20201 (OP)
It hurts, but something you research boys don't understand is that this isn't like other jobs. We- all of us- we're humanity's first line of defense. When we're needed, there's no sick days, no vacations, and no overtime.

Anonymous 10/10/22 09:43 No. 20204 ▶

wait does protection not get overtime?

Anonymous 10/10/22 10:30 No. 20205 ▶ >>20204

Of course not. We have a job to do, and it's not like my nights aren't already sleepless.

Anonymous 10/10/22 10:33 No. 20206 ▶

Wait, do you?

Anonymous 10/10/22 10:36 No. 20207 ▶

get overtime? yeah, time and a half for every hour over 50 up to 60.

Anonymous 10/10/22 10:37 No. 20208 ▶


Anonymous 10/10/22 10:41 No. 20209 ▶

?? you don't get that?

Anonymous 10/10/22 10:42 No. 20210 (OP) ▶

anon have you read your contract? they're also supposed to match your 401k. there was a strike back in 2018 and maintenance union got us ortho coverage too

Anonymous 10/10/22 10:43 No. 20211 ▶

>>20210 (OP)
think about that next time you shout at us over comms when your ipad stops working

Anonymous 10/10/22 10:41 No. 20212 (OP) ▶

⚠️ you have alerted the janny


Site-070 employee, AMA Anonymous 01/19/2023 10:46 No. 20233 ▶ >>20234 >>20236
See title. Bored, will answer anything that isn't classified

Pic: entrance to my office

Anonymous 01/19/2023 10:48 No. 20234 ▶ >>20235

>>20233 (OP)
isn't that just joining Malthus with extra steps

Anonymous 01/19/2023 10:49 No. 20235 ▶

That's classified.

Anonymous 01/19/2023 10:55 No. 20236 ▶ >>20237

>>20233 (OP)
Is it true that you guys fuck nollies?

Anonymous 01/19/2023 10:59 No. 20237 ▶ >>20238

I hope we can all agree that's a horribly perverse and shameful thing to consider.

Anonymous 01/19/2023 11:01 No. 20238 ▶

>doesn't deny it

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