RPC-PL-015 [EN]

Original: RPC-PL-015 by Samuel B
Translated by: Samuel B





Registered Phenomena Code: PL-015

Object Class: Omega-Black

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sapient.png Sapient h-destabilization.png Destabilization h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable

Containment Protocols: RPC-PL-015-1 is stored in Chamber 299, on-Site 122, in an upright position. Access to the vault is granted only by order of a Senior Researcher or the Head Researcher. The storage room is excluded from the scope of maintenance, as it cleans and refreshes itself from any accumulated impurities about twice a month.

Description: RPC-PL-015 is a sapient being identifying itself as "Virr"1. The subject partially resembles a humanoid and exhibits anomalous properties that enable it to shape reality, except for shifting back time and restoring vital biological functions after the irreversible loss of activity in the brainstem or its non-human counterpart.

Anatomically, RPC-PL-015 resembles an approx. 35-year-old Caucasian male, 213 cm tall and 102 kg in weight. The feature that distinguishes the entity from representatives of the human species is its elongated head resembling a cylinder with a height of approx. 35 cm and the radius of approx. 7 cm, with the face being visible on its upper part. The entity has shoulder-length wavy, brown hair and a mustache, and green-yellow eyes. No differentiators were found in the timbre of RPC-PL-015. In terms of clothing, the entity prefers the American disco fashion of the mid-1970s, usually manifested in an appropriately sized shirt with ruffles, beige bell-shaped trousers, and dark brown wedge sandals, as well as dark sunglasses and a golden chain around the neck.

RPC-PL-015 has been voluntarily contained by the Authority since May 18, 1977. The being displays peaceful behavior and constantly shows a willingness to cooperate. Since 1977, the entity has resided in a personal pocket-dimension marked as RPC-PL-015-2, accessible through a door — RPC-PL-015-1. RPC-PL-015 intends to stay on Earth until it meets a woman named "Uhnna"2 who allegedly lived about two million years ago in the world where RPC-PL-015 originated, and the entity believes she will be reborn on Earth. RPC-PL-015 claims that it has spent the last two million years searching for a world in which Uhnna will be reborn. According to the collected information, RPC-PL-015 comes from Blue Ray — a planet named so due to its proximity to a massive and hot star that covers Blue Ray's surface with blue light.

Following the terms of cooperation, the entity does not leave its dimension, provides the Authority with all the information about its world or origin, and in return, the Authority is obliged to notify RPC-PL-015 upon finding Uhnna. However, the Authority in such a case will only notify the Head Researcher, who will be ultimately responsible for deciding whether the information can be relayed to the entity. RPC-PL-015 communicates in English language and has translated a number of its writings into English in compliance with the terms of its cooperation with the Authority. A transcript of the notes is provided in Appendix B.

RPC-PL-015-1 is a single-leaf door of anthracite color, without a handle, made of galvanized steel, opened to the right. Its dimensions are: 90 cm × 230 cm. Its thickness is 7 cm and mass approx. 41 kg. The door is mounted at an angular frame, from which the leaf is tilted approx. 25° outwards. RPC-PL-015-1 is a direct means of physical access to RPC-PL-015-2. RPC-PL-015-1 can be leaned against a wall, placed vertically or horizontally — the spatial position of RPC-PL-015-1 has no known effect on its extra-dimensional properties. It has been noted that in the event of an accumulation of waste in RPC-PL-015-1's chamber, the space affected by pollution is spontaneously cleaned and refreshed. This usually occurs twice a month.

RPC-PL-015-2 is a pocket dimension that has been assigned the identifier PD-208. In the course of its exploration, it was proven that RPC-PL-015-2 is a dimension that is either physically infinite or has no visible spatial boundaries. It should be noted that no time dilation phenomenon was found between the base reality and RPC-PL-015-2. The PD-208 consists of an unknown number of halls3, each measuring 150 m × 150 m in size. The halls probably do not have ceilings, and their lighting is provided by disco balls suspended at the height of approx. 50 m4 from which moving beams of light fall onto concrete walls coated with anthracite-colored oil paint5. The RPC-PL-015-2 floor is built of 1.5 m × 1.5 m glass panels illuminated from below, of various colors. Stylistically, the PD-208 is compared to a typical American disco from the 1970s. No other rooms, doors, or windows have been found in RPC-PL-015-2 so far. However, it has been noted that there are colored strobes in the unlit space above the disco balls in some rooms. The halls are connected by door frames approx. 90 cm × 230 cm and approx. 40 cm thick.

It has been noted that each hall produces a different6 looped piece commonly played at American discos in the mid-1970s. The sounds of music reach an intensity of up to 75 dB, and their source is located in the unlit space above the disco balls. It has been noted that music from one hall is completely inaudible in others and that no noises reach the spaces between the halls. The music from the entrance hall, however, is heard in the storage room; within a radius of approx. 1 meter from RPC-PL-015-1, its intensity is approx. 52 dB.

While contact with RPC-PL-015 can be made by calling it after its Registered Phenomena Code or name from any of the PD-208 halls, the entity usually moves between distant halls, dancing on to the rhythm of the music played there. The explorers who physically located RPC-PL-015 claimed that near the hall where the subject is dancing, muffled words were spoken to them by RPC-PL-015 in a language unrecognizable for them — despite the phenomenon of sound separation of the halls. RPC-PL-015 does not react to nearby explorers unless called by them. He often asks if Uhnna has already been found. After receiving a negatory answer from the explorers, RPC-PL-015 encourages them to dance7 and then resumes its own.

Addendum A: Acquisition.

Addendum B: RPC-PL-015's writings.

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