RPC-PL-006 [EN]

Code of War
Original: RPC-PL-006 by Sharha
Translated by: JakisPorus





Registered Phenomena Code: PL-006

Object Class: Alpha-Black

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-ideological.png Ideological

Containment Protocols: RPC-PL-006 should remain permanently attached to the explosive 006-E, with which it should be stored in Site-052, in an armored document cabinet from which oxygen has been removed to reduce the rate of paper decomposition. Access to the cabinet should be granted to authorized researchers with at least level-3 security clearance. Removal of the object from its storage is prohibited, with one exception: if leaving the object in the cabinet exposes it to destruction or interception by an unauthorized third party, all personnel with access to the cabinet shall be responsible for ensuring its security, even if this requires removal of the object from its storage. The display case is opened using a dual authorization system with two keys by two staff members after the lock is released by an on-duty security officer in the monitoring room, after the activity has been authorized by the project manager or deputy project manager. If the monitoring system records the object being taken out of the storage room outside of a crisis situation or during a crisis by unauthorized third party, it will remotely detonate 006-E. The explosion should result in the complete destruction of the object. The employee that removes the object from its storage during a crisis should periodically reset the 006-E counter in the manner in which he or she was trained to do so, until the crisis' causes have passed.

In the event that the object is unauthorizedly removed from its storage and relocated abroad, all available means should be used to locate, secure, and immediately move the object back within the territory of Poland. Under no circumstances should the object be abandoned or moved across other borders. In case the object cannot be immediately moved back to Poland, 006-E should be detonated remotely. If it is not possible, the Authority Board should be notified immediately so that it can deliberate whether it is necessary to raise the alarm in the diplomatic community through the Authority Delegation to the United Nations.

The anomalous effects of the object should be combated in every possible way, and all available resources should be devoted to its prevention. However, if the above fails and the object's anomalous effects affect a state with access to nuclear weapons, the existence and anomalous characteristics of the object should be revealed globally, and appropriate measures should be taken so that the outflow of information allowing for public identification of the Authority and anomalies is narrowed down to the necessary minimum.

Description: RPC-PL-006 is a hardcover compact publication, measuring 30 cm × 20 cm × 15 cm, titled “Code of War”. The book is unmarked in regards to the identity of the publisher, the author and the year of publication. However, dating of the object revealed that it was written between 1902 and 1904. The book contains 380 pages covered in smeared ink. A fragment of one of the pages was successfully cut off, and then analyzed to find out whether it can be destroyed. It was determined that the cut off instance exercised similar anomalous influence as the main object. After the object's fragment was incinerated it was found out that its remains no longer show any anomalous effects. Due to this it is currently assumed that physical destruction of the main object will lead to complete neutralization of its anomalous properties.

The anomalous effects of RPC-PL-006 occur when it is moved across the Polish border. Within 48 hours an escalation in diplomatic relations between the below-mentioned states occurs. Eventually, it will escalates into an armed conflict caused by an issue trivial enough to be considered a pretext by the international community. The aggressor is the state from which the object was moved out (hereafter: State A). If the object crosses another border, such as of the State C's, then States A and B will form an alliance against State C. If the object returns to State B, an alliance will be formed between States A and C. However, once the object returns across the first border, all conflicts and alliances between the influenced states immediately cease. This phenomenon also affects those conflicts and alliances that formed from factors other than anomalous impact of RPC-PL-006.

The military forces involved in a conflict never seem to move towards RPC-PL-006. The situation escalates continuously and with each day more norms of public international law are violated between the states under the anomalous influence of RPC-PL-006. It is currently predicted that the initiation of a nuclear conflict would occur 12 days after crossing the borders of a nuclear state. It should be noted that the members of the population of such states do not participate in conflicts escalation as decision-makers; the effect influences those who hold top political, military and diplomatic offices, as well as private individuals who, for various reasons, play an important role in terms of the state's war capacity.

Despite conducting a series of studies, special considerations had to be made, as definitive knowledge was not guaranteed as a result of conducting riskier studies, and they would have involved repeated induction of the RPC-PL-006 anomalous effect. The data obtained does not indicate how the object determines the so-called proper location, which is considered to be the territory of the state within which the RPC-PL-006 can be safely contained.

It has been established that decision-makers in the state power sphere who are informed by the Authority about the nature of RPC-PL-006 and effectively convinced about its anomalous influence, for about twice as long after the activation of the effect seem to resist its influence. However, sooner or later they always undergo an almost compulsive escalation in the severity of their diplomatic stance.

Addendum: Discovery.
RPC-PL-006 was acquired during Operation Ninth Raven, conducted on July 7, ████, in the vicinity of [REDACTED], Poland. The operation was prompted by discoveries made during a lengthy and budget-limited investigation that had been ongoing since the end of World War I to determine what the “artifact of victory” is or was, as the object was a defense priority for German commanders conducting operations on the Eastern Front. After the conflict ended, it was determined probable that the artifact could have been used to facilitate forming of the alliances that had a significant impact on the early stages of World War I. Therefore, an investigation was launched and after lengthy research, its location was determined — the ruins of [REDACTED], in northeastern Poland.

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