A Brief Exaggerated Explanation of the RPC Discord Server’s Very Own Anomaly





Registered Phenomenon Code: Phantom

Object Class: Omega-Black (All must know his presence) Neutralized

Hazard: Instant Rage Hazard

Containment Protocols: Hope is no longer lost. Nothing can be done. He’ll always come back. Nothing we do can stop him. Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why? Should we just ignore him? If we ignore him maybe he’ll just burn away.


Note left by RPC-Phantom-J.

Description: There’s no point. He had no true form, no point of reference, no morality. He was true Chaos, beyond 8661. Nothing could stay pure. It would've all been tainted by his hand. The Gods could never create in his presence.


Addendum: You were a Fool. You said his name.

Incident-Ph4t0M-Omega: What did you expect to happen?
The entity walked into a nursery and spontaneously combusted, causing the entire building to burn, along with its inhabitants. When RPC-Phantom-J was questioned by Authority personnel it said, “I hAvEn’t BRoken aNy Rules.” and then proceeded to disembowel all Authority personnel and law enforcement personnel on the scene.

We weren't Burning Yet?

Addendum: Fighting it just makes it stronger
Twenty combat Leopard 2A7 tanks surrounded RPC-Phantom-J and fired simultaneously. The entity absorbed the rounds and then expanded to a size of 15km wide ãbšõrbìñg åłł čømbātàńtś áñd çįvíłîâń pōpūłätïòñš īń thė ãręå.

Addendum: Just Ignore him. Reality is already burning around you.

Addendum: We’re Still Alive?

Addendum: Not a Apology but a Ultimatum.
At this date of 12/11/19 we can confirm that the mayhem is over, Space is sound, Time is quiet… and the storm has passed. Due to an unbelievable space-time fluctuation RPC-Phantom-J is officially neutralized.

Receiving Transmission

I'm not even gonna bother with an introduction here. Today, on November 12th, 2019, for duration of 20 to 30 minutes, I was physically assaulted. shot and attacked by a bunch of Men in lab coats and a overpowered unexplained anomaly. These people, whom I had never personally harmed or gone after in any major fashion, with a few minor or major exceptions, I will admit, were trying to contain me over, that on various occasions over the last few decades. I had repeatedly done major collateral damage to the the RPC Authority's sites. Several fully grown intelligent scientists, attacking and assaulting a Young Elder God.

Now none of this is new for me, and if you're are hearing this then I'm sure you can deduce why, but because of the extent on which it happened, and because of which it happened and the things used on me, I have come to a end. I cared way too much about this small, niche, universes filled with feeble morons who do nothing but lead me on and then shoot me in my non-existent back, So as of today, I am dreaded to announce that I soon will expire due to circumstances. RPC/NDI/Whatever the fuck call yourselves, I hope your happy.

Being in this universe isn't good for my mental health and it's doing nothing but turning me into a full-fledged jerk and basement dweller, like that dude C'thulu, when I could be focusing on improving my Elder Godhood as a whole, I will say that during my time here, my personality had been completely warped, and I have done some truly revolting things which I don't regret, I'm not sorry. I know my wording of this message, my character, and the fact that I'm doing this will only fuel your Authority and Ego. By the time you see this message I won't be around to actually see your celebrations, and frankly, I don't care. Unlike the other 1,000,000 times I've thoughted to of said this, I can actually state it with authenticity, Knowing this chapter of my never-ending life is over is a relief.

Change da world
My final message
Goodb ye


This message was sent 5 minutes before RPC-Phantom-J's Neutralization.

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