MOTH-erfuckers Be Gone!





One of the moths that have come from an instance of RPC-MOTH-J-ARC-1

Registered Phenomena Code: MOTH-J-ARC

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-MOTH-J-ARC is to be kept in a standard Alpha-Class storage unit on Site-1000. Access to RPC-MOTH-J-ARC is restricted to personnel with Level-3 clearance and above, or anyone who doesn't repost memes from iFunny.1

Description: RPC-MOTH-J-ARC is a spray-able container produced by "Amazing! Co." with the words "MOTH-erfuckers Be Gone!" written in permanent marker on its side. The anomalous properties of RPC-MOTH-J-ARC become apparent when a subject is on a [DATA EXPUNGED] server in which large volumes of images resembling sexualized moths2, or from the manga hentai manga hentai manga Layers of [REDACTED] by Shiro [REDACTED]3, are being posted by users (Classified as RPC-MOTH-J-ARC-1). When an individual sprays whichever electronic device they are using to view the images on with RPC-MOTH-J-ARC, within ten to fifteen minutes all instances of RPC-MOTH-J-ARC-1 will release statements claiming that they are "Permanently leaving [REDACTED] in an attempt to get a job, start a family, and actually find some meaning in life"4. If an instance of RPC-MOTH-J-ARC-1 has already reached these goals, then the spray from RPC-MOTH-J-ARC will cause them to burst into a cloud of moths. Testing has shown that the moths demonstrate traits that are akin to that of the mental illness Autism [See Above Image].

Discovery: RPC-MOTH-J-ARC was discovered in an abandoned house previously belonging to an individual named ████ John, who abandoned the house in 20██ for reasons currently unknown. Next to RPC-MOTH-J-ARC in its location of discovery, was a statement by "Amazing! Co." that describes its purpose.

Ever wish that those idiots that plague your [REDACTED] server with really awful images that no one in their right mind would want to see would just go away? Well fear no more! Now you have "MOTH-erfuckers Be Gone" by Amazing! Co. This product gets rid of those pesky moth fuckers on your internet, while also helping them add some meaning to their lives! Simply spray your electronic device with this and they disappear like magic! Permanently!*

  • *Proven to work on 99.9% of moth fuckers5. Amazing! Co. is not responsible for any unaffected people that you spray with "MOTH-erfuckers Be Gone!". "MOTH-erfuckers Be Gone! is a registered trademark by Amazing! Co.
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