RPC-CN-460 [EN]

Minced Words
Original: RPC-CN-460 by Xiao Tian
Translated by: TTPY



4.5 stars



Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-CN-460

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Info-hazard

Containment Protocols: For recreational purposes, RPC-CN-460 is to be contained in a glass tank housed at Site-CN-005, rotating between on-site personnel dormitories. Personnel should provide the necessary books for RPC-CN-460's sustenance every month. Any research or experiments on RPC-CN-460 should be referred to the Maintenance Union.

Description: RPC-CN-460 is a dung beetle (Catharsius molossus) 2.2cm in length, it is indistinguishable from a common dung beetle in appearance. RPC-CN-460 sustains itself by consuming text extracted from the surface of objects. The chemical composition and physical structure of the extracted text do not correspond to any known substance. After RPC-CN-460 begins its feeding activity, it would expel approximately 20 ml of precipitates covered in viscous liquid from its mouthparts after 5-10 minutes, which possess no anomalous properties.

RPC-CN-460 exhibits behaviors typical of a dung beetle, rolling its food into a ball for preservation. Extracted text would be rolled into balls by RPC-CN-460, which are described as "blue and foul-smelling, with the texture of dung", but are otherwise non-anomalous. RPC-CN-460 does not use these balls to reproduce and is presumed to be infertile.

RPC-CN-460 does not age, however, it does not possess any regenerative properties or capacity to reproduce; The anomaly could not withstand being struck or subjected to lethal experiments.

RPC-CN-460 was discovered in 2015 in a Tang Dynasty tomb excavated on the outskirts of Shanghai. At the time of discovery, the 26 scrolls of bamboo slips and accompanying tools, which were presumed to be of high archaeological value, had their inscriptions consumed by RPC-CN-460. To avoid unnecessary controversy, the Authority blocked all news about the excavation and contained RPC-CN-460 in the nearest site.

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