RPC-CN-015 [EN]

Shanghai Metro Line ██
Original: RPC-CN-015 by Brynhildr Juliansk
Translated by: TTPY



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Registered Phenomena Code: CN-015

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Geological Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Animated Hazard, Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: MST-Wuchen-15 "Night on the Galactic Railroad", disguised as station attendants, will block the wall of Exit B of [REDACTED] station (where RPC-CN-015-1 is located) at 23:00 every day for reasons of construction until the metro's closure that day. At least one member of MST-Wuchen-15 is to maintain surveillance of the area during the blockade to prevent accidental entry of uninvolved persons into RPC-CN-015. In the event of a misentry, the on-duty personnel is to guide the misentrant to take RPC-CN-015-2 to the Shanghai South Railway Station and then leave RPC-CN-015, and be amnesticized in accordance with standard procedure.

Description: RPC-CN-015 is an anomalous space, which can only be accessed through RPC-CN-015-1. Based on the transit map within RPC-CN-015 (see Addendum CN-015-██: Internal structure of RPC-CN-015), it is inferred that it is closely linked to the Shanghai Metro Line ██ currently under construction.

RPC-CN-015-1 is the [REDACTED] station's interchange point from the second basement level to the third basement level, which remains a normal wall void of cavity within while its anomalous properties are inert. RPC-CN-015-1 will manifest and be available for passage after the last daily Line ██ train departing for █████ Road arrives at this station1, which usually lasts about 10 minutes. RPC-CN-015-1 is considered "one-way" and cannot be used to leave RPC-CN-015. After passing RPC-CN-015-1 subjects will find themselves on an island platform2, subjects would be considered within RPC-CN-015 at this point.

Based on the access route in RPC-CN-015-1, the platform is believed to be situated at the same point as the ██ metro platform under-construction at [REDACTED] station. The platform is identical to other Shanghai Metro platforms and their sceneries. Staying within RPC-CN-015 for more than 3 hours will result in the loss of contact with the surface3.


Photo of RPC-CN-015-2 after its doors are opened

RPC-CN-015-2 is one or more AC09B EMU(s) manufactured by Changchun Bombardier4. RPC-CN-015-2 arrives at the station and stops for about 20 seconds within 7 minutes after the first entrant (referred to as "travelers") enters into RPC-CN-015 through RPC-CN-015-1 that day. RPC-CN-015-2 will only appear on the side marked for the █████ ██-████ ████ station. No second train would arrive within 3 hours of RPC-CN-015-2 leaving the platform.

RPC-CN-015-3 refers to humanoid entities that appear inside RPC-CN-015 which are indistinguishable from ordinary human beings by appearance alone. RPC-CN-015-3 can be divided into two categories, that of "Passengers" and "Attendants". "Passengers" will solely appear inside RPC-CN-015-2 in a similar fashion to station passengers, while "Attendants" only appear under certain situations (see Incident Report CN-015-A). Usually at least one of the "Passengers" shares the appearance of a deceased friend or relative of the traveler who entered RPC-CN-015.

RPC-CN-015 was initially brought to the attention of the Authority by the "sudden appearance" of passengers in front of a wall at the Shanghai South Railway Station. The Authority began an investigation after amnesticizing the people involved and creating cover-up footage.

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