Registered Phenomena Code: 999

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard,

Containment Protocols: The property in which RPC-999 is located is under Authority possession and has been deemed as private land. Public access is forbidden.

In the event of any major damage to RPC-999’s structure, designated on-location staff are to aid instances of RPC-999-1 in repairing such damages.

Description: RPC-999 is a two-story house located in ██████, ██████████, United States. RPC-999 had previously been owned by the now-deceased Mary and Frank ██████ (local funeral directors of the town). No anomalous properties were reportedly present during the couples time living in RPC-999.

Maintenance and preservation of RPC-999 is kept by RPC-999-1, a number of disembodied humanoid limbs capable of protruding from any surface within RPC-999. Instances are dark blue in color and appear partly translucent. Instances are each unique in appearance, coming in various lengths and bearing distinct marks, scratches, and other bodily details. Thus far over [REDACTED] unique instances of RPC-999-1 have appeared in RPC-999. Instances of RPC-999-1 are able to retreat back into their protrusion point and reappear on other surfaces inside RPC-999, including objects that are not fixed in place and living beings. Often, instances will be seen moving items inside RPC-999 by emerging from them and working together as a single body to transport them elsewhere (often for cleaning of the surface where it stood).

Instances of RPC-999-1 are believed to be aware of their surroundings and are commonly seen maintaining RPC-999, working together using available equipment to clean its rooms and repair damages. Various instances of RPC-999-1 can also be found occasionally operating and tending to machinery and other equipment within RPC-999.

Instances of RPC-999-1 will take on an accommodating nature in the presence of non-hostile humans which enter RPC-999. RPC-999-1 will acknowledge subjects' presence by showing them hospitality, preparing food and drink or catering to other needs. Specific instances of RPC-999-1 have shown to be knowledgeable in treating minor injuries; attempting to aid injured subjects as best they can despite the limitations brought on by their own form. In the event RPC-999-1 cannot aid an injured subject whether it be from their own physical limitations or the injury in question being too drastic, instances will often attempt to take the subject's phone and dial for an ambulance.

RPC-999-1 will become hostile towards anyone who attempts to damage RPC-999 in a significant way (severe damage to rooms, walls, furniture belonging to the previous owners, etc). If this occurs, RPC-999-1 instances will retaliate by attempting to force the subject out of RPC-999.

Discovery: RPC-999 was discovered two weeks after the passing of Mary and Frank ██████. At the time, local authorities reported witnessing what was presumed to be several assailants inside the house, which turned out to be instances of RPC-999-1. The Authority was able to reach RPC-999 before any further exposure to the town.

The following is an interview with Roger ████, a local resident of ██████. The interview was taken shortly after initial containment of RPC-999.

Roger ████: Oh yeah. It was a shame to see the two of them go.

Agent ██████: I take it they must have been popular?

Roger ████: Oh yeah! They really cared about their work. Always made sure people got a good send off. When their time finally came it was pretty disheartening and a bit ironic for the whole town to see them go. They’d treated the families of the deceased with such good care. Kinda felt like we were losing a pair of guardians, ya know?

Agent ██████: I can imagine that. This may be a sore subject but, did you ever hire their services? Did you ever go to their home?

Roger ████: Hmm… No- well, not me. My Aunt Margret passed a few years ago. Really got everyone down, another decent person gone. My uncle was hesitant to plan things and Frank and Mary could tell. Wasn’t there for it but they were apparently really welcoming with him, talked to him about what Margret would’ve wanted, even got on the subject of what he was gonna say on the day of the funeral. Came back like a bit of the weight had been lifted off his shoulders. They were like that with all their clients from what I heard.

Agent ██████: They sounded like good people. So what happened to them? Were they buried in the cemetery?

Roger ████: Oh, yeah. Gave them a good send-off. The best we could. It’s always the same when something like this happens. Ya wish there was more you could’ve done really. To show you appreciated them. But their house ended up as property of the government or something, and no one was exactly rushing to buy the thing. Real shame.


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