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The fire tower within RPC-996.

Registered Phenomena Code: 996

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Auditory, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-996's perimeter is to be secured via chainlink fencing measuring no less than 3 m in height topped with barbed wire. Said perimeter is to be monitored by Security Team Romero-2 ("Park Rangers") for possible unauthorized entries. Should an unauthorized individual enter within RPC-996's perimeter, said individual is to be placed in indefinite detention and questioned appropriately.

Description: RPC-996 is a static1 patch of forested land, known to have been previously inhabited by Native Americans, containing a singular fire tower as the only structure. RPC-996 is located in rural West Virginia and exhibits multiple anomalous properties.

The first noticeable anomalous property of RPC-996 is the complete lack of natural sound. This property commonly comes alongside the report that subjects can only naturally hear "the ringing in their ears." Any and all artificial sounds (e.g. footsteps, talking, coughing) will still manifest normally within RPC-996.

The second anomalous property of RPC-996 manifests when a subject attempts to climb a tree and/or the fire tower within RPC-996. Upon the subject reaching a varying point in height, they will suddenly begin to undergo an effect similar to that of "fading out" until the subject has disappeared completely.

Further research into the reason for RPC-996's anomalous properties is ongoing.

Addendum: On ██/██/19██, a severely deformed corpse genetically matching that of Zofia Scoles2 fell seemingly from directly above RPC-996. The corpse landed atop the fire tower prior to rolling off and falling ~45 m to RPC-996's floor.

Upon further examination of the corpse, the following was discovered:

  • The corpse was missing its lower jaw;
  • The corpse had its scalp forcefully removed;
  • The corpse had its ribcage broken at different intervals;
  • The corpse did not have a brain.

Further investigation is ongoing.

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