RPC-993-2-03 peeking out of RPC-993-1.

Registered Phenomena Code: 993

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazards: Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-993 is to be kept in a containment chamber furnished similarly to Room 28 of the ███ Apartment (London) to familiarise RPC-993-2-18 with its surroundings on Site-007.1 Every night from 20:00-00:00 to 03:00-06:00, RPC-993 must be monitored cautiously for any RPC-993-2 instances; monitoring must continue until all instances disappear. If a new and unrecorded instance of RPC-993-2 appears, instance must be reported to the site manager immediately.

Testings involving CSD-class personnels must be filed under careful registration by personnel of Clearance level-2 or above. Subjects of lower prominence will be tested solely for behavioral analysis on the RPC-993-2 instances. Subjects of a higher prominence2 will be tested under the supervision of Director M█████ for psychological evaluations and potential interview of RPC-993-2-18. Class-A amnestic will be given to subjects if necessary.

Description: RPC-993 designates both the black stain beneath, and anomalies generated from it. The anomalies reside in a twin-size memory foam mattress bed with no other apparent anomalous property except for it's hinted "invulnerability" and the anomalous "shadow" underneath it. Beneath RPC-993, an irremovable black stain marks its perimeter: registered as RPC-993-1. If RPC-993 changes location, RPC-993-1 will change its location accordingly similar to a shadow. Despite its shadow-like property, no amount of light is able to illuminate RPC-993-1. It must be heavily emphasized that RPC-993 manifests itself into a physical nightmare every night.

Every night from 20:00-00:00 to 03:00-06:00 the anomaly enters a state where RPC-993-1 undergoes a drastic shift in configuration creating a "gate". The purpose of said gate is to allow RPC-993-2 instances to materialize out of RPC-993-1. These phenomena all differ to one another in shape and form. The purpose of these anomalies is currently unknown, for RPC-993-18 have proven itself to be difficult to cooperate with. Instances have a tendency to indirectly interact with each other in a complementary manner. Multiple experiments reveal that RPC-993-2 instances are less aggressive towards more prominent test subjects. After 30-40 tests on the same human subject, RPC-993-2-05 - 10 will materialize allowing RPC-993-2-18 to enter.

Addendum 993-01 (Discovery Log):
RPC-993 was found on Room 28 of the ███ Apartment on ████, London. After a child by the name of J████ K██████ was reported missing. Authority agents found RPC-993 after the parents of K██████ reported that they heard strange noises inside their child's bedroom. Class B amnestics have been given to the K██████ couple along with false memories.

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