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Registered Phenomena Code: 992

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Extra-Dimensional Hazard. Info-Hazard.1

Containment Protocols: The Centro Cultural del Andino bathroom, location of RPC-992, must be closed at all times under the guise of maintenance. Personnel inside RPC-992-A must remain 100m away from RPC-992-B.

MST Delta-4 ("Garcas") is to act as undercover Centro Cultural del Andino staff, and are to report the presence of subjects identified as hostile to the Authority. MST Delta-5 ("Oligarcas") is to be stationed nearby, in Site-223, and may be activated to aid MST Delta-4.

Every three hours a patrol is to be conducted within RPC-992-B by MST Delta-4. Should a civilian or otherwise unauthorized subject be found inside, they are to be taken to a nearby secure facility for interrogation and administered amnestics; however, use of lethal force is authorized should they resist.

Any information regarding RPC-992-B's contents other than what is described in this document and the documents available to MSTs Delta-4 and Delta-5, is to be considered a Level-5 Security Breach.

Description: RPC-992 is the designation of three mirrors above the sinks in the public bathroom of the Centro Cultural del Andino, located in the city of Rio Cuarto, Argentina. RPC-992 instances are hyper-permeable surfaces, and function as the only entry points to alternate dimensions, designated RPC-992-A. RPC-992 instances are subdesignated RPC-992-1, -2N, and -3N, from leftmost to rightmost. RPC-992-2N and -3N are smashed, and only small fragments preserve their anomalous properties, making access to their instances of RPC-992-A impossible.2 RPC-992-A instances cannot be accessed by any other means.

RPC-992-A are parallel realities, closely similar to the baseline reality. The RPC-992-A instance corresponding to RPC-992-1, designated RPC-992-A-1, has a single star in the sky, which is the only light source within RPC-992-A-1 outside of RPC-992-B.

RPC-992-B is a two-story building within the single accessible instance of RPC-992-A. It is nearly identical to the Centro Cultural del Andino, with the exception of the following characteristics;

  • Both floors have eight rooms to the left of each main hall.
  • All furniture within the main halls has been removed.
  • The main halls are illuminated by a number of non-anomalous candles, located between the doors to each room.
  • The only stairs allowing travel between each floor seem to continue indefinitely both up and down, but form instead a closed loop, allowing access only to the second floor by ascending, and only to the first floor by descending.

Discovery: RPC-992 was discovered during 1959, after reports of a disappearance within the Centro Cultural del Andino. A cover story was then implemented, relating the disappearance to Argentina's military dictatorship. The Centro Cultural del Andino was then temporarily closed for exploration, and RPC-992 was found. A CSD team was sent into the anomaly for preliminary exploration and returned unharmed, having found no trace of the missing individual. The team reported feelings of "familiarity" within RPC-992-B.

Addendum 992-1 - First Floor Description:

The Hall.
The first level of RPC-992 is constructed of fired clay bricks, and has a wooden floor. At the end of the hall is a metal door, with a small glass viewport. Past this door, another identical hall appears to continue indefinitely. The door has resisted all breach attempts, including explosives and drill equipment.
Each room has a similar locked door. Each door has a rectangular mark below the viewport, colored green, red, or black.
Infrared analysis of RPC-992's first floor shows the existence of an underground basement level. This basement is inaccessible and seems to house an unrecognizable object, apparently a heatsink, lowering inside temperatures to approx. -273,15°C. Notably, the wooden floor is at 17 °C.
Use of electronic devices within this floor is made difficult due to electronical interference, apparently related to the entity within the inaccessible basement. Due to this, preliminary exploration could not be conducted by drones.

Room One.
Mark Color: Green. Beside the mark is a number 1 painted in red.
Contents: A number of firearms lie on the ground of the room. Five piles of ashes are disposed around the room. Two bars each of carbon and iron are disposed in each end of the room. Three ice statues representing human beings lie in the center of the room. A pile of dust, similar to rubber, lies in the farthest end of the room.

Room Two.
Mark Color: Red.
Contents: Coherency inside the room seems to be astronomically high, estimated above 4.5 in the ACS scale. A few pieces of blue goo are visible in the farthest end of the room.

Room Three.
Mark Color: Black.
Contents: The room is overrun with dead vines. A rotten pumpkin is visible near the viewport.

Room Four.
Mark Color: Green. Beside the mark is a number 1 painted in red.
Contents: 12 mannequin stands, occupied by white mannequins dressed in military uniforms. All uniforms correspond to French, British, or Spanish colonel attires from the year 1982. The rightmost stand is empty.

Room Five.
Mark Color: Green.
Contents: A crude map of the Milky Way galaxy can be partially observed in the wall opposite to the viewport. A number of blue spots are painted in the map. A single green spot is painted next to the location of Planet Earth. The letters "IDARI" are visible in the top of the map.

Room Six.
Mark Color: Black.
Contents: A steel box lies in the end of the room. It is marked with the words "Ceaseless" and "Never again." Room is covered in a layer of water.

Room Seven.
Mark Color: Red.
Contents: A coffin lies in the center of the room. The words "Dr. Jacob's Nightmare" are engraved in a metal placard near the feet of the coffin.

Room Eight.
Mark Color: Green.
Contents: Five rock pillars are disposed around the room. A compulsive anomaly prevents direct observation of the pillars.

Addendum 992-2 - Second Floor Description:

The Hall.
The second level of RPC-992 is constructed entirely of steel, with the exception of wooden doors.
All rooms are unlocked, with the exception of the sixth.
All doors are marked with a symbol and a phrase painted in white below it.
An almost imperceptible, possibly antimemetic, figure can occasionally be seen entering the second and eighth doors. Observation of this figure ceased after the events described in Addendum 992-3.

Room One.
Symbol: A red star.
Phrase: "Mutation and culling."
Contents: Five empty cylindrical glass containers, each being 2 meters long, lie in the center of the room. Room is littered with pieces of flesh.

Room Two.
Symbol: A triangle drawn in white dotted lines.
Phrase: "Failure Alpha."
Contents: Six sets of numbers are engraved in the wall, all seemingly corresponding to radio frequencies. Left side of the room has suffered heat damage.

Room Three.
Symbol: A crude human face, seemingly forming a smile.
Phrase: "Awe."
Contents: Five shelves are distributed around the room, similar to typical supermarket designs. All shelves are full of a variety of products, with each individual product possessing minor memetic properties, apparently enticing observers to take them.

Room Four.
Symbol: A 22-toothed gear enclosed within a diamond.
Phrase: "Two Rivals."
Contents: The room is divided in the middle by a black mark running from ground below the door to the opposite end of the room. The left side is painted completely orange, while the right is painted completely gray. Otherwise, the room is empty.

Room Five.
Symbol: Two dots placed vertically from one another and a number three beside.3 A helix resembling a DNA strand is drawn below.
Phrase: "The Rot Within."
Contents: A crystal pillar is placed in the middle of the room, containing a malformed humanoid.

Room Six.
Symbol: A white circle, and a number of thin lines stretching below.4
Phrase: " The Drowning of Azrael, the Frozen Scythe."
Contents: Cannot be accessed. The door has a small glass viewport, showing that the interior is flooded with water. The door is at a temperature of -125 °C.

Room Seven.
Symbol: A triangle, pointing down.
Phrase: "Courage within the Desperate"
Contents: The room's interior walls are made of an anomalous type of reflective glass that is resistant to physical damage.

Room Eight.
Symbol: Ditto, inverted,
Phrase: "True Authority."
Contents: The room is entirely black, except for a glass window in the left side of the room. A blue vortex over what appears to be a dark sky can be seen from the window. Individuals leaving the room report a lingering sense of dread.

Addendum 992-3 - Recovered Diary:

During the date of 4/06/2018, sometime between patrols, a black, frozen backpack manifested in RPC-992's second floor. The backpack contained a number of frozen edibles, and a personal diary, devoid of any dates, titled "Graff Quagliarello,"5 appearing to be a log of personal travels. Relevant fragments of the diary are transcribed below. Analysis of the diary has shown no descriptions of anomalous, or otherwise abnormal locations, outside of these fragments.

Found another one of those mirrors. Sad that the other two are broken.6

It's curious that there are no stars in the sky. For some reason, whenever I think about it, a passage from the Bible comes to mind. "The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter."

I found a strange door. It had no latch, and had a symbol I can't reproduce here. It was a triangle, and a net in the center. There was something more, but I can't remember. How weird.

The tenth room in the second floor is a gate to the third.7 I don't really get how it works, or why the seemingly infinite stairs led only to the second floor. Anyway, there's a stone bridge right in front of the door. I can't see anything below, it's dark and I can't see anything with my flashlight. At the end of the bridge, there's another door and the third floor after.

The first room has a bunch of huge turtles. It seems to be kind of a small island.

The second room is… Empty. I can't hear or make any noise inside.

The third room feels bizarre. There's a single blue lamp at the top, descending slowly. It feels as if it's insulting me.

Fourth has a map of New York… And nothing else. Something's odd about it. Can't quite put my finger on it.

I don't want to enter the fifth room.

Sixth one has a single pillar with a slot for a key. Can't find any keys though.

My phone ain't working well. Also, it's kind of… Dripping. My backpack is really fucking wet now and this diary was almost soaked.

I've gotten a few messages. "Can you feel the rain?" is repeated in all of them. Don't feel like I should care.

I heard shots, and dripping noises. Ran to the basement and hid there. I can hear them walk above me. They're moving something in, but I don't know what.

Opened the basement trapdoor. I saw someone running away, some kind of military outfit. Had another triangle in it, this time pointing up. He got about three hundred feet away, then turned to water.

I hear more shots above. People being shot. Just what kind of people? Water seems to drip from above every time a shot rings.

It's cold. Infinite cold. I don't dare look at it, it'll freeze my face. My provisions are freezing, and my back hurts. What kind of glaciar is behind me?

I finally looked at it, the infinite cold. It's Azrael. I'll throw the backpack with the diary inside, and maybe it'll get to someone. I'm still hopeful. Beer tastes nicer cold.

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