Amazing! Co. Wonderful Notebook





Registered Phenomena Code: 986



Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Immeasurable Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-986 is currently contained inside modified inanimate storage for anomalous objects. The doors leading to the containment chamber should be made of reinforced steel with additional locks. At least two ASF member should be tasked to supervise access to the anomaly at all times in order to prevent any potential abuse of the anomalous powers of RPC-986.

Description: RPC-986 appears to be a plain black A5 notebook with white checkered pages. The number of pages inside RPC-986 appears to be variable, with attempts to count the pages producing random results between 220~512 cm. The material of said pages usually is plain paper, but pages made out of leather or human skin have been noticed. Pages torn out of RPC-986 are both fire and water proof, altough it does not take tremendous amount of strength to destroy them. The test which would involve tearing out all of the pages of RPC-986 has been proposed and is yet to be approved.

Whenever a sentence is written inside RPC-986 and the book closes, an anomalous reality bending process will begin which involves the writers past. The anomalous process mainly consists of changing a certain factor inside the life of the subject thus changing the appearance, memories or beliefs of the subject. There is no discernible or predictable trend in what crucial background past RPC-986 might choose to alter. The alterations observed range from being negligible such as the color of the eyes of subject becoming slightly lighter to [DATA EXPUNGED] without suffering. Check experiment logs for more information.

Discovery: RPC-986 had been first found inside the office of Dr. Johnson between regular books on his bookshelf which mainly served decoration purposes. It is unknown how and when the anomaly had been placed inside the room, however, Dr. Johnson found out that something was wrong with the notebook when he pulled RPC-986 out of the bookshelf with the intent to use it as a normal writing pad and a bookmark with the logo of the group of interest Amazing! Co. and the following text printed on it fell out of the anomaly.

Are you disappointed with your current self? Did the mistakes of the past still haunt you? Or are you just sad with who you are? NO WORRIES! You can now change your
own past with our new and improved WONDERFUL NOTEBOOK! Did your parents abandon you when you were young? Now you can change it and live your dream
life! You want to learn a new language but you know that you are too old for that and you wasted your childhood? NO WORRIES brother! Our new and improved
WONDERFUL NOTEBOOK will help with that too!

Addendum-1: 12/12/2019 Due to the increasingly more chaotic nature of RPC-986 all further experiments have been suspended until further notice.

Addendum-2: 16/01/2020 The leading theory about the anomalous powers of RPC-986 suggested by Dr. Krasinski reads as follows:

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