Registered Phenomena Code: 985

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow Neutralized Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Regenerative Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-985-1 (currently Senior Researcher Dr. Lewis) is to be no further than 30 meters away from RPC-985 for longer than twenty-four hours. As long as this distance can be reasonably maintained, no additional containment procedures are required, and RPC-985 can be located wherever Dr. Lewis works at Site-065. Dr. Lewis is to be placed under special security and medical care to avoid the possible transference of RPC-985-1 status.

In the event that Dr. Lewis cannot maintain a close proximity with RPC-985, he is to be euthanized by a CSD-Class personnel, and the aforementioned CSD-Class (now an instance of RPC-985-1) must immediately maintain a 30-meter distance with RPC-985.


RPC-985 in its dormant state.

Description: RPC-985 is a potted plant with large, flat leaves and multiple tall, thin stalks. The pot is abnormally dense, weighing approximately seventy kilograms. Additionally, a faint beat can be detected from the pot when held. X-rays of the interior have proven inconclusive with varying results. Digging into the dirt merely results in the tool being used to dig hitting an unbreakable surface.

RPC-985 has a worn label on the bottom of the pot, identifying itself as coming from a "Sam's Flower Garden" botany industry. The label claims that the anomaly "will be your new best friend" and "you'll never want to leave him alone!" All Authority attempts to trace any business potentially related to a "Sam's Flower Garden", anomalous botany, or plant sales in the area have failed.

RPC-985's primary anomalous effect is activated when a person it has bonded to (RPC-985-1) is not within a 30-meter diameter of the entity for longer than twenty-four hours. The bonding process is not entirely understood, but it is known that upon the death of RPC-985-1 the person closest to RPC-985-1 will instead become RPC-985-1, and the original bonded person will cease their anomalous effects.

Should this criteria be achieved, RPC-985 will mutate in order to reduce its distance between itself and RPC-985-1. This can range from harmless mutations, such as the stalks becoming long enough to grow around the pot and act as legs to transport the plant, to more aggressive ones, such as the plant mutating to violently destroy anything surrounding it if RPC-985 is several hundred meters away. Upon reaching RPC-985-1, RPC-985 will revert back to its standard form and become inert.

Discovery: RPC-985 was discovered in the process of attempting to reach Dr. Carol, a previous instance of RPC-985-1. A detailed log of its discovery and capture have been displayed below, with ψ representing the apparent activation of RPC-985's anomalous effects.

Discovery Log, 2/5/19

ψ - 30 hours: A report of "a bizarre potted plant" being left on the doorstep of Dr. Carol was filed to the police.

ψ - 22 hours: Interviewed neighbors claim having seen Dr. Carol attempt to dispose of RPC-985, only to fail and give up. RPC-985 was left by Dr. Carol's trash in her backyard.

ψ - 2 hours: Dr. Carol leaves her house and drives to the Miami Airport.

ψ - 1 hour: Dr. Carol boards her plane to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has purchased the front seats on the first-class of her plane.

ψ: RPC-985 activates. Reports between witnesses vary, but it appears to have resembled a large tree at this stage, moving via pulling itself with its branches.

ψ + 2 minutes: RPC-985 reaches Florida State Road 997. The Authority becomes aware of RPC-985 due to Dr. Lewis being in the general area. Class-D amnestics are prepared for deployment.

ψ + 6 minutes: The Board approves armed measures to attempt subduction of RPC-985.

ψ + 10 minutes: RPC-985 reaches the Atlantic Ocean. All Authority attempts to slow down RPC-985 have failed. By this stage, RPC-985 resembles a large, vaguely humanoid mass of vines approximately fifty meters tall.

ψ + 15 minutes: In an effort to quicken amnestic deployment, a false tornado alert is broadcast across Miami radio waves and televisions to encourage civilians to stay indoors.

ψ + 2 hours: Amnestics are successfully deployed in Miami. Authority efforts are directed toward the Caribbean area.

ψ + 2.6 hours: The Authority's investigation into the potential origins of RPC-985 is concluded, and successfully identifies the location of its potential target.

ψ + 3.2 hours: The Board approves via a close margin a procedure to shoot down the plane carrying RPC-985-1.

ψ + 4 hours: The plane RPC-985-1 occupies is shot down near the Venezuelan coast. Due to this causing the death of Dr. Carol, this unknowingly transfers the status of RPC-985-1 to Jonathan Morgan, the gunner aboard one of the Authority helicopters.

ψ + 4.1 hours: RPC-985 approaches the Authority convoy. Upon coming within three hundred meters of RPC-985-1's aircraft, RPC-985 shifts into its base form and flings itself at a currently unknown speed into the aircraft. All personnel aboard are killed.

RPC-985 lands in the ocean below after this attack, as does the plane surrounding the entity. An Authority submarine manages to successfully recover RPC-985. The object appears to be mostly undamaged except for a small crack on one of its leaves. Due to RPC-985 killing RPC-985-1 and therefore eliminating the possibility of a target, it appears to have removed its major anomalous property and is classified as Neutralized.

ψ + 1 day: RPC-985 successfully relocated to and contained in Site-065. Object placed in a 3x2x3 meter room for temporary storage.

ψ + 3 days: Senior Researcher Dr. Lewis makes direct physical contact with RPC-985 in order to test for anomalous properties about the pot itself. This is believed to have accidentally targeted him as RPC-985-1 and restarted the anomalous effects. Containment procedures are updated and the object is reclassified as Gamma-Red.

Following the anomaly's recovery, a cover story about an ongoing storm in the southern areas of the Caribbean was released in order to explain the disappearance of Dr. Carol, as well as the passenger plane she was flying on.

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