Registered Phenomena Code: 984

Object Class: Theta-Orange

Hazard Types: Explosive Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-984 is to return to Site-313 every Friday at 12:00 PM EST for their weekly recharging regimen (see Addendum 987-5). After their recharging regimen is complete, they are to continue their ongoing service with MST-83 until their next recharging regimen, or until further notice from Director Johnson.

Description: RPC-984 is a cybernetic organism, approximately 10% organic, 90% cybernetic. The only organic structure that remains is the head, which matches the description of a 35-year-old Caucasian male. Facial features include: brunette hair, green eyes, tissue scarring on the left cheek, and a 7 centimeter scar over the right eye.

The cybernetics that encompasses RPC-984 is comprised of a titanium endoskeleton with Kevlar shielding, along with an unidentifiable metallic substance comprising the outer plates. The endoskeleton also includes friction-less bearings in its joints, and drive motors that control the limbs, allowing increased movement.

Inside the torso of RPC-984 are 2 nitrogen fuel cells, each with the capacity to fuel RPC-984 for approximately 150 hours. At full power, these fuel cells would allow RPC-984 a substantial increase in strength and speed; with records showing RPC-984 lifting approximately 10,800 kilograms, and reaching speeds of 40 KPH. If these fuel cells rupture, the explosion that follows could span upwards to 180 meters. Replacement fuel cells are still in development.

Inside RPC-984's head is a neural computer system, directly connected to the brain stem at the base of the neck. The neural system is ran by an unknown internal CPU, running at 8.9 Ghz. This computer system works as an external database system, allowing RPC-984 to access various archives and documents that are stored within the system. The information located in the database includes (but not limited to): human anomaly documents, weapons catalog documents, human history documents, and Authority containment procedures. Discussions to allow RPC-984 to connect with the Authority Database System is ongoing.

RPC-984 came into the Authority's possession on 07/17/2020. After reports of a power outage near Site-313, Director Johnson sends out MST-83 to investigate. After securing the power station, the Task Force finds RPC-984 unconscious in a smoking crater, approximately 3 meters wide and 2 meters deep. Upon closer inspection, the Task Force learns that the suspect has markings that match that of Authority personnel, with a decommissioned insignia. MST-83 immediately returns RPC-984 to Site-313 for containment.

Interviewed: RPC-984

Interviewers: Head Researcher Andrew Sykes, Site Director William Johnson

Forward: RPC-984 reactivated itself immediately after containment protocols were complete. This provided an opportunity to interview RPC-984 and to learn of its potential origins.

According to RPC-984's Internal Database, the timeline of which RPC-984 is from experiences events that vastly differ from our own timeline. In RPC-984's timeline, the Cold War continues well into the 21st Century, where the US and the Soviet Union still battle for supremacy over several fronts. The Authority is still active in this timeline, but due to lack of resources during the 1990's, a proposal was made to help deal with the increasingly dangerous anomalous threats that continue to spread across the world. That proposal was Mobile Computerized Units; a cybernetic organism which fused man and machine into the perfect containment weapon.

The first legion of MCUs were volunteers from the various remaining MSTs that still functioned during this time. Before converting into an MCU, RPC-984 was known as James Mustang, the leading commander of MST-2010, Codename: "Blood Snakes". He was one of the Authority's top commanders during the Cold War, his training and knowledge of Authority operations served well for the project. He would serve the Authority as an MCU for 23 years, up until the unexplained event that caused the temporal displacement.

Due to RPC-984's extensive knowledge of the Authority and its containment procedures, as well as its semblance of sentience, the Board approves of Director Johnson's proposal for RPC-984's deployment into the field. RPC-984 is tasked to assist Site-313 in containing anomalous entities, and to assist in the push against the enemies of the Authority. Because of this reassignment, RPC-984 has been given the Codename: "The Apex Sentinel".

RPC-984 will be assigned to work with MST-83, Codename: "The Wrecking Crew". They are tasked with containing any anomalies within the Tri-City area, and to eliminate any and all enemies of the Authority. As of this documents production, MST-83 have already successfully completed 21 missions with RPC-984.

RPC-984 requires a weekly recharging regimen, due to the nitrogen fuel cells depleting after 150 hours. Despite technical limitations due to RPC-984's advanced technology, Head Researcher Sykes and his team was able to reverse-engineer the power outlet that connects to RPC-984's brain stem. However, to generate enough power to fully charge the fuel cells at a reasonable rate required the charging station to be hardwired directly to the nearby power station on the outskirts of Site-313. At 0%, the time it would take to fully charge both fuel cells would be approximately 6 hours per fuel cell.

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