Image of RPC-982 while all components are inactive.


Registered Phenomena Code: 982

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Transmutation Hazard, Corrosive Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Emotional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-982 and RPC-982-1 through 7 are to remain on the third floor of █████ Apartment complex on ████████ St. of the city of [REDACTED], Western Ireland. The apartment RPC-982 is contained in is to be occupied by no less than three Authority personnel at any time and the rest of Apartment complex itself must remain closed to the public. Standard Authority operating procedures Re: Level 5 Memoranda, ‘Public Secret’ are to be carried out to maintain semblance of normality and to dissuade public interest in the Apartment complex itself.

As of testing, it has been decided to reroute the plumbing of RPC-982 to a private water supply in the basement to prevent acidic materials produced by RPC-982 from entering the public watergrid.

As of ██/██/20██ in order to compensate for the loss of Relay outpost [REDACTED], the containment site of RPC-982 is to function as a safe house and outpost for Authority personnel operating in the region.

Description: RPC-982 is above standard en suite bathroom outfitted with one toilet, one sink, a 408 x 406mm mirror with wooden frame arranged vertically above the sink, one cupboard containing various hygiene goods, one radiator, one shower-bathtub combination complete with shower curtain, one hot-press containing necessities such as spare toilet paper, and the water itself produced while utilising RPC-982, henceforth designated as RPC-982-1.

Hygienic components such as toothpaste, toilet paper, shower gel, etc, do not show any anomalous properties until placed and utilised inside RPC-982 and do not show any anomalous properties outside of RPC-982 The exception to this is instances of RPC-982-1, wherein water entering into the apartment complex has been confirmed to have no anomalous properties, however, upon entering the one of the components of RPC-982, instances of RPC-982-1 occur, with the difference only noticeable upon either thorough examination of the water, or upon blocking components of RPC-982 creating further, more acidic instances of RPC-982-1. Instances of RPC-982-1 appear to have substantial quantities of beneficial minerals, both known, extremely rare and several unknown minerals. Different variations of RPC-982-1 Display different kinds and quantities of mineral components. As of testing, all variations of RPC-982-1 have been confirmed to be potable and drinkable regardless of PH level. (See Test-log)

Anomalous properties were not immediately evident upon discovery and it is unknown at present how long RPC-982 has been active, although it is known that the last time construction work has taken place on the relevant section of the apartment complex took place on ██/██/████. All related persons to this event have been interviewed under false pretenses and show no awareness of RPC-982's anomalous properties in either memory or their internal records.

Anomalous effects of RPC-982 do not become obvious until one attempts to impair, interrupt or otherwise interfere with the operations of any of RPC-982’s component parts. Observable effects include water proffered from the tap of the sink changing colour and assuming highly acidic properties in order dislodge blockage from the sink. The colour varies depending on type of blockage and difficulty in dissolving it, it is also worth noting the acid does not seem to damage the ceramic of the sink bowl nor corrode the plumbing pipes of the sink. Upon sufficient mixing with water it loses its acidity, explaining why the acidic material does not seem to damage plumbing further on down the line. Curiously, tests with CSD personnel has shown the acid to not be harmful to human tissue, although CSD personnel have reported feelings of unease on contact with the acid, testing with animals has produced similar results. Other known anomalous effects of RPC-982 include enhancing the capacities and functions of hygienic products brought into RPC-982, (see test log). Other observable effects on personnel include feelings of satisfaction, security and confidence upon utilising RPC-982 and, depending on which of RPC-982’s components where utilized, improved physical and mental health.

Other tests have shown that the bathroom somehow keeps itself clean, paint deliberately dropped on the floor in three separate occasions have shown an additional anomalous effect. When observed either by living persons or electronic means, the paint slowly peels off the floor tiles and other surfaces where the paint was splashed and has been shown to deteriorate into dust over a period of 5 minutes. An electrical outage in the city of [REDACTED] lasting for an interval of 15 seconds has shown that when unobserved, the paint splashed in the bathroom disappeared during the time of the blackout, suggesting [DATA EXPUNGED]. A third occasion, again with paint was conducted, researchers left RPC-982 and closed the door for a period of 2 minutes and returned, similar to the previous test the paint had disappeared. Tests involving breaking the sink component showed subject was capable of self repair under similar circumstances.

Investigating the plumbing of the Apartment complex has revealed that the plumbing of RPC-982 is connected to the rest of the complex. Water and waste material flows naturally from relevant pipes without incident. Of note, the only known instance of RPC-982 affecting any other part of the apartment complex occurs whenever there is a blockage in the plumbing of the building that would interfere with RPC-982's functions. RPC-982 will then on activation of either sink, shower, or toilet components, not cease pouring acidic variants of RPC-982-1 down the drains until the acidic material has eaten away at whatever blockage is preventing optimal operations, this goes so far as the toilet component refilling the cistern and flushing regardless of whether the plunger had been pulled repeatedly or not. To date, there has never been a clogging or back up affecting operation of any of RPC-982s component parts. Despite this, Director ████ has insisted RPC-982's plumbing be rerouted to a private supply of water in the basement of the structure to prevent potential future contamination of the public watergrid.

Discovery Log: Discovery occurred during the last three nights of Agent ██████’s mandatory sabbatical from the Authority. He was invited to stay at the apartment complex by a family member of one of Agent ██████'s friends. RPC-982 was utilised many times over the three night stay with no detrimental effects. Anomalous properties where discovered while one of Agent ██████'s friends, who was drinking homemade soup out of a cup, accidentally spilled the thick substance into the sink. He proceeded to turn the cold water tap on fully to dislodge the soup. It was then the sink produced acidic liquid to dissolve the vegetable material and unblock the sinkhole. Agent ██████ then contacted the Authority as soon as possible and containment of RPC-982 took place. Tenents forcibly evicted without incident, Agent ██████'s friends forcibly recruited, no amnestics necessary, property purchased by Authority assets.

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