Registered Phenomena Code: 981

Item Type: ENTITY

Lethality Rating: RED

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-emotional.png Emotional h-ecological.png Ecological
Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-animated.png Animated h-organic.png Organic

Abstract: RPC-981 is a humanoid entity formerly known as [REDACTED]. When RPC-981 comes into contact with any surface, biological or otherwise, it secretes an organic growth from its skin that will spread across the surface. If at all possible, this growth will enter the structure of said surface and begin to grow inside, effectively colonizing the object or being. It is believed that RPC-981 does this involuntarily but to its ecological advantage, as RPC-981 has been observed to be more comfortable in the modified environment. RPC-981 is immediately hostile to human subjects that come into contact with it. RPC-981 has been observed to be especially agitated when in contact with female subjects. Due to the aggressive nature of RPC-981, all experimentation shall be carried out through CSD personnel, as well as cleaning protocols.

Safe Handling and Usage: RPC-981 is held in a standard Authority containment chamber equipped with two surveillance cameras at Site-002. All interactions with RPC-981 are to be approved by project lead and are to be carried out by no less than 2 CSD personnel equipped with Bio-safety Level 3 (BSL-3) protective gear, one extendable electric prod, and any equipment necessary for experimentation.

Any BSL-3 protective equipment that makes physical contact with RPC-981-1 is to be removed from the containment chamber immiediately and destroyed. If contamination breaches protective equipment and makes contact with personnel, terminate.

Description: RPC-981 is a humanoid entity measuring at a height of 1.9 meters. RPC-981 exhibits an absence of skin pigmentation as well as contusions ranging in diameter with a coat of perspiration across its body. RPC-981 is functionally blind due to crystalline glass objects that have been grafted through the eyes and into its orbits. In lieu of eyesight, RPC-981 utilizes sound as its primary method of navigation. Analysis of RPC-981's body has shown a lack of internal organs requiring any form of nutrition; what organs have been found appear to be sacs of bile and glands that produce RPC-981-1. While ambulatory, RPC-981 is unable to walk due to its Achilles tendon having been severed prior to containment, as well as having its knee joints dislocated.1 Attempts to repair the damage have failed due to the anomalous regression of its injuries.

When RPC-981 comes into contact with any surface, it secretes an invasive ecological growth which slowly progresses outward, designated RPC-981-1. Should this growth find any form to enter the structure of the surface, it will invade and continue to grow inside. It is believed that RPC-981 involuntarily does this, however it benefits from the ecological changes as it becomes more docile and appears to be content with the changes. Should a human subject become infected with RPC-981-1, they are to be designated an RPC-981-2 instance and terminated.

Further analysis of RPC-981 reveals severe bodily tampering via unknown means. It has been determined that RPC-981 was once a non-anomalous human named [REDACTED], determined through identification found on its person upon retrieval. Further investigation on this matter is to be carried out by Authority Central Intelligence.

Experimental Logs: Detailed below are the annotated records of experiments carried out on RPC-981 by CSD personel.

Addendum 981.01: Detailed below is the annotated record of post-experiment interview between CSD-6399 and Dr. ██████.

Research Staff: Dr. ██████ - Head Researcher

Dr. ██████ - Assistant Head Researcher
Dr. ████████ - Lead Biological Researcher
Dr. ███ - Lead Ecological Researcher
Dr. ██████ - Lead Psychiatric Expert
Brian ███████ - Research Assistant // Biological
Martha ██████████ - Research Assistant // Biological
Terry ████████ - Research Assistant // Ecological
Chris █████ - Research Assistant // Ecological
Yukiko ███████ - Research Assistant // Psychiatric
Tyrell █████████ - Research Assistant // Psychiatric

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