Registered Phenomena Code: 980

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable Hazard h-ideological.png Ideological Hazard h-sensory.png Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: The written procedure for RPC-980 is contained, both physically and digitally, within Site-078's Deep Info-Storage Well. RPC-980's file in particular is only to be accessed by Site Director D'cruze and Head Researcher Abbasi, to whom have been assigned 980-Tarakasura Authorization. If possible, RPC-980-1 instances are to be contained for study. They must be housed in standard humanoid containment cells and provided food and water via an IV pump.

All external documentation in relation to RPC-980 is under the ownership of Head Researcher Abbasi. Should EURASCOM Directors require these materials, they are to be handed over without question.

Description: RPC-980 is a ritual created by the Republic of India and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in 2000. The belief system perpetuating RPC-980 is speculated to be an unknown school of Hinduism that presents a distorted view of the Universal Principles of Hinduism. As of this document's creation, no followers of this school exist. Most if not all subjects who have undergone this ritual before the Authority's knowledge no longer exist on Earth today.

RPC-980 was a critical resource in a series of experiments carried out by the nations of India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. The goal of this project is as-of-yet unknown, as most documentation regarding it has been destroyed. Indrani Bandyopadhyay (deceased), also known as PoI-2843, served as the director of the experiments. The project was known commonly among officials as "Project 80: The Reflecting God".

RPC-980-1 instances are the byproduct of RPC-980. RPC-980-1 are humanoid entities that have both male and female organs and features, all of which function as they would normally. The chromosomes of RPC-980-1 are abnormal, resembling "XXXYYY" when studied. RPC-980-1 instances are created using two subjects, one male and one female, and are an integral part of the RPC-980 ritual. When an RPC-980-1 instance is created, the minds of the separate humans it is composed of are conjoined and fight for control of the body. However, over time (typically 5-12 days) the minds that compose the RPC-980-1 instance become intertwined, with both consciousnesses from either subject operating and interfering within a single brain.

Addendum I: Incident 980.1 / Discovery

Addendum II: Test Documents related to the origin of RPC-980

E-Mail to Prime Minister Vajpayee, President Narayanan, President Ahmed, and President Kumaratunga

On 9/10/2000, an E-Mail was sent to the heads of state of India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on several previous tests done with the RPC-980 ritual. Attached was a document describing the tests and their results.

From: Dr. James Reddy

Subject: Previous Test Results for Project 80: The Reflecting God


Good evening.

By request, I have compiled several of the previous test results for Project 80 before we begin testing with Subject-ARDHA. I am still of the belief that the Authority has not caught on to our doings as of yet and would like to keep it this way. Therefore, I have included a Memetic Amnestic agent in this text that will activate the moment one looks away from the screen, thus making them forget they ever read this e-mail.1 Us, however, have been inoculated.



The following are summarized versions of the documents to show the final results of each test.

Addendum III: Damaged Interrogation papers

On 18/5/2003, a small scale reality disturbance was detected around 22 kilometers outside the borders of the city of Mumbai. Local agents investigated the disturbance and found 2 manila folders belonging to the Indian Government relating to RPC-980. The information laying within is incomplete and starts mid sentence and ends abruptly.

First document

… able to see?

Harihara: Colors. Many colors. Nothing I can describe. There's no word for it other than godly. Imagine red, but it's not red, it's a new type of red you have never seen. But within it is a world upon worlds. It has no start or end. And the longer I gaze the more I see, yet the less I see as it all seems minute.

Reddy: What are in these worlds?

Harihara: I see our world. But not just what you can step outside and see today. What I've seen is from the past and the future too. But then I see things that have not happened here, they won't happen, but they have. I couldn't fully grasp it, I had to stop looking. I turned around and I saw new worlds. Spaced between each other were gateways to even more worlds, I wanted to go to them, I floated to one and tried to touch it and I… I absorbed it. I became the world as the world became me.

Reddy: Absorbed?

Harihara: It entered me, and formed the Dharmachakra7 on my hand. It flows with colors. You only see it as blue and purple, but I see many of the colors I mentioned earlier. When I absorbed the world, I finally saw some people. All were nude and had a Dharmachakra somewhere on their body. There were eight of them. I felt a connection with them. Almost as if they were

Second document

[indecipherable]: … colors, all grinding against my bones. They will absorb you, too.

Reddy: Calm down, what do you mean?

Harihara: In holy jasmine cloaks, in colorful cloaks, absorbing all. The maw reaches closer.

Reddy: I don't-

Harihara: Mantis quills in such beautiful shades, clambering forth with spite. I, I do not remember what tidings sway you so sweetly! [unintelligible]

Reddy: What are you-

Harihara: My halves, my mind, my one and only conduit. That with which pins me to this world and Brahman's will, to this world and Brahman's will, going forever. See it! And taste the fragrance against your tongues. Here, here! I will do it for you.

Reddy: By God, what is wrong with you. What are you talking about? Can you answer me?

Harihara: Ah, haha, I see you with my own eyes. Boorish one. Relax…

Reddy: Gah! Don't touch me!

Harihara: Indeterminable. Come closer, so that we may travel to the world of diamonds. Come closer here! Feel this man's velveteen organs as you do to my memories and… and… [vomits] memories! Bless upon me.

Reddy: That's it, I'm done here. They obviously ha

Addendum IV: Note left by Researcher Airgetlám

On 13/7/2003, Site-078 experienced a medium scale reality disturbance located within the, at the time, laboratory for RPC-980. When security arrived at the scene, they found 2 of the researchers terminated and 4 more injured. Witnesses reported feelings of nausea and lightheadedness along with seeing several objects levitating and unidentified objects before the objects disintegrated. A note was later found stapled to a desktop computer. The contents are as follows. The locations of Researcher Airgetlám and Researcher Lugano are unknown.

I understand now. Our world is just a droplet of water on a spider's net. At any moment we could be swallowed whole and forgotten. It is not your fault. It is not my fault. It is not anyone's fault. There is no need for us to be wiped out. Soon I shall be leaving this world. Harihara had failed. I do not blame them. What constitutes this net is. Well frankly I cannot properly describe it at this time of writing, and I do not believe I ever will. Understanding it will enlighten me. My time has come. Gabriella. Mrs. Lugano, my beloved, her time has come too. As lovers, our perfect harmony shall guide us and perfect us. And from there we shall lead, from the forgeries to the truth, from the shadows to the light, and from death, we shall be lead to immortality.

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