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fig. 1.1: ████ Elementary, █████ Prefecture, Japan. Location of first recorded RPC-979 instance.


Registered Phenomena Code: 979

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Grouped, Organic, Sentient, Toxic

Containment Protocols: Currently, 3 RPC-979 instances are to be contained in a standard 6m x 6m x 6m anomalous fauna containment chamber at Site-279. Feeding sessions are to be completed at 12:00 PM each day, by dropping 7 live Mus musculus1 into the chamber through a sliding door located on the chamber's ceiling.

MST Tango-17 ("Peter Parkers") is tasked with the location and eradication of uncontained RPC-979 instances. Tango-17 is to locate RPC-979 nests and destroy them using flamethrowers. Civilians claiming to have seen RPC-979 are to be administered Class-A amnestics.

Authority Webcrawler 437452 ("ARITI") is to detect posts on social media sites2 and search results suspected to be of a nature regarding RPC-979. Personnel are to manually delete confirmed RPC-979 related findings.

Relatives/Parents of expired RPC-979 victims are to be administered Class-C amnestics, to make them forget that the victim(s) existed. All records of the victim(s) are to be wiped. Surviving RPC-979 victims are to be administered Class-A amnestics.

In the event of a containment breach, ASF operatives are to coax RPC-979 instances back into their containment chamber by shepherding them with flames3. Any operatives bitten by instances are to be taken to the on-site medical bay, and treated.

Any questions regarding RPC-979 are to be directed to Dr. Kody Palanez.

Description: RPC-979 is a previously unidentified species of spider4 genetically and physically similar to the Latrodectus geometricus5. The average length of RPC-979 instances is ~120cm from mouth to anus, with the largest recorded adult instance being ~150cm and the smallest being ~90cm. RPC-979 instances' exoskeletons are light-brown in coloration, closely resembling the average skin tone of caucasian humans. RPC-979 have six eyes, but rely on touch and vibration to "see".

RPC-979 are native to East Asia, and have been found in China, Japan, South Korea and North Korea.


fig. 1.2: female Latrodectus geometricus

The most noticeable feature of RPC-979 is that each instance has the face of a human child of unidentifiable sex located on its abdomen. This face is capable of movement and expression, due to muscles in RPC-979's abdomen. Through unknown means, RPC-979 instances are able to speak, and move the mouth on its abdomen's face while doing so. RPC-979 instances have what are similar in shape to human hands located on the end of their hind legs.

RPC-979 are carnivorous, and mostly prey on human children, but will eat other animals such as squirrels and birds if desperate. RPC-979 instances use a unique method of hunting to capture human children, which involves the following:

RPC-979 will "stand" on its front legs, so that their abdomen faces forward. They will use their hind legs as "arms", using the hands located on their hind legs to grab and pick up objects. Instances will wear appropriately-sized children's clothing gathered from previous victims to blend in more effectively. They will create makeshift hair out of other animal's fur, stuck together using their saliva. The hair will then be placed on the end of their abdomen. Their other appendages will be hidden under the aforementioned clothes.

RPC-979 specimens will seek out small towns and cities, and make a nest in a secluded area6. They will then alter themselves in the way mentioned above, and head towards the nearest elementary school. They will stay around the outskirts of the school, but will also attempt to gain the trust of a student. RPC-979 instances appear to be telepathic, and use said ability to determine the interests of their victims. They will use this knowledge to manipulate their victims, and cultivate trust. After an RPC-979 instance has gained the child's complete trust, it will wait for ~3 weeks. After this period of time it will direct the child to follow them, and lead them to its nest. There, it will inject them with a powerful neurotoxin by biting them, paralysing them in the process. They will then be wrapped in silk to prevent them from moving, and used as a food source until they have been completely consumed.

Addendum 979.1: Request From Junior Researcher Dwight Newman




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