Registered Phenomena Code: 978

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Biological Hazard, Corrosive Hazard, Toxic Hazard, Radiation Hazard, Microscopic Hazard

Containment Protocols:
At all times is the book to be stored in a containment cell with a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.1 Certain CSD are ordered to read the book to study the rate of evolution for the species that grow within their bodies. If infected with the manifested pathogens, they are to be quarantined in sterile cells and rooms. Tissue samples are to be taken from infected individuals who have read the book for further research and studying of the creatures that infect the bodies of individuals. In order to ensure the safest possible conditions for researchers studying the anomaly, several organic mini-structures, called "Host-Cities," which contain sentient life are to be periodically terminated via incineration, based on a cities hostility towards researchers.

RPC-978 is a large, leather-bound book titled, "Death to Intelligentsia", exact date of print is uncertain, though records indicate that it appears to have been written and/or published between 1979 and 1984. The author of the book is stated as a man by the name of Arthur Blackwell. Mr. Blackwell, here after referred to as POI-978, appears to be a resident of Discovery, Massachusetts, though the town itself does not appear to exist, RPC-978 details that the book was published in the author's birthplace.

The plot of Death To Intelligentsia centers around a collection of species that use bio-mechanical and or bio-organic technology to fulfill tasks that would be otherwise be accomplished by current industrial mechanical tools, vehicles, and hardware. Within the book, it describes a group of highly deceitful entities known as the Guiding Kings, who have been purposefully amassing knowledge that would be otherwise beneficial to their citizens.

Any individual that reads a page from RPC-978 will be infected by unknown means by a biological "super-organism" that will begin to break down the body on a molecular and genetic level. Common symptoms from after reading RPC-978 includes headaches, vomiting, joint stiffness, vertigo, and the development of massive organic tumors on the skin of any affected individual. Affected subjects will report feeling a substantial amount of pain and discomfort before being mutated and broken down into materials needed for the host species.

Observations have shown that the mutated individual will begin to be transformed into a number of flora, organic architecture, and even fauna. The organic mass will slowly begin to slowly replicate through a process of cellular division that acts under different principles than what is commonly found in nature. More inexplicable is the creation of highly intelligent microscopic species that inhabit these organic structures and bioengineered environments.2

These species are known to variegate in terms of taxonomy, but the most common types are arthropods, numerous types of gastropods, mollusks, tardigrades, and arachnids. The intelligent organisms count as extremophiles given their proclivity towards surviving in extreme temperatures and atmospheric conditions, but they are not entirely immune to any conventional forms of eliminating them such as the use of incendiary weapons, conventional ballistics, explosives, and kinetic implementations.

Another meticulously studied trait is the ability to somehow grow larger through the consumption of any form of biological matter. The matter consumed contributes to increased musculature growth, significant cerebral growth that allows for greater cognitive abilities and the ability to create more complex forms of bio-mechanical or bio-organic technology, but at the cost of needing to consume larger forms of organic matter for proper energy and nutrition in take. This correlates with a form of bio-energy that has been given the designation of "Nucleoessence" that acts some form of biological energy. Some equate to some form of biological fission energy despite any instance of RPC-978 not demonstrating any low or high levels of radiation from using the energy in their activities. Current properties of this bio-energy are being studied from surviving species kept contained in Site-125's vivisection wing.

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