Madam Mystical





Image taken of RPC-977 after a motion sensor was triggered in containment.


Registered Phenomena Code: 977

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-sapient.png Sapient h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-contact.png Contact
Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-animated.png Animated h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable h-mechanical.png Mechanical h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic

Containment Protocols: RPC-977 is self-contained within its own wooden box, which is to be kept at Site-047 in a standardized humanoid containment cell.

A set of motion-activated cameras are to be placed at several preordained locations within RPC-977's cell in order to keep track of any sudden movements or deviations in RPC-977's behavior.

In the event that RPC-977 suffers physical damage, Maintenance Union personnel are authorized to perform necessary repairs. Prior to performing any repairs, maintenance staff is to candidly inform RPC-977 of their intentions in order to prevent unwarranted retaliation by the entity.

Should RPC-977 release any instance of RPC-977-A, all personnel within the vicinity are to immediately vacate RPC-977's chamber until RPC-977-A has receded.

Description: RPC-977 is a vintage fortune teller machine presumably produced by Amazing! Co. The words "Madam Mystical! The teller that can seal your fate!" are written in gold lettering on the top front panel along with the Amazing! Co. logo under the text.

RPC-977's stationary booth measures 2.1 meters in height and 1.3 meters in width. The booth is comprised of varnished oak and iron nails. The exterior of the booth is decorated with tassels overhanging its upper edges, along with a white cloth on the top of the booth, and a sign pointing to a coin slot that reads "Coins here!".

RPC-977 has displayed sapience and is capable of limited communication. RPC-977 will refrain from holding normal conversations and only respond to questions pertaining to itself. Whether this is simply due to personal choice or an inability to communicate remains to be determined.

RPC-977 is capable of self-locomotion but can only travel over a short range spanning between 50cm-60cm. Despite this limited range, RPC-977 is capable of moving quickly. RPC-977's limbs operate in a similar matter.

When a subject inserts 50 cents into the booth, RPC-977 will then begin to become animate and move in a jittery dancing manner. After RPC-977 finishes this display, a non-anomalous, distorted variant of the generic carnival music plays and RPC-977 will begin to draw cards from a deck of tarot cards.1

The song RPC-977 plays has been recorded below:

When finished drawing the cards, RPC-977 will then flip over the cards. RPC-977 will then make an estimation of when the subject will expire and the cause of death.

RPC-977 will then gain the ability to control when the expiration of the subject will occur. It will do this by altering events by unknown means that will cause the subject to expire in the specified way.

Although this drawing process can be reverted if an individual simply gathers the cards when they are flipped down and place them back into the deck of cards. This will cause RPC-977 to do a hard reset and revert back to if the coins were never inserted. No anomalous effects will be applied to the individual afterward.

If RPC-977 has been tampered with (i.e. dismantling, breaking, tweaking) RPC-977 will then begin to exude an array of organisms and/or liquids such as acid, spiders, insects, or noxious gas. These exusions are designated RPC-977-A

The gaseous agent RPC-977 exudes has similar characteristics to the compounds found in formonitrile, commonly known as cyanide. This highly volatile agent is capable of exterminating organisms within approximately 3 minutes after inhalation within a 4-meter parameter.

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