DaVincian Soulware





Currently, RPC-976 is uncontained and its whereabouts are unknown. In the event of recovery, adhere to the following containment protocols.



Registered Phenomena Code: 976

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-psychotronic.png Psychotronic h-sentient.png Sentient h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-contact.png Contact h-emotional.png Emotional h-animated.png Animated h-mechanical.png Mechanical

Containment Protocols:
RPC-976 is to be contained within a low-threat containment chamber, lined with hardwood. The chamber is to be checked for cracks and erosion on a monthly basis, and immediately repaired if found. Biweekly interviews are to be conducted with RPC-976, as the anomaly is believed to be a useful source of information regarding the anomalous practices of Leonardo Da Vinci and his accomplices.

Communication is to be achieved through connecting RPC-976 to any machine which can display information, that does not store energy, such as a typewriter. Connecting RPC-976 to any source of energy (such as batteries, generators, matchsticks, etc) and removing the anomaly from its containment without the approval of two or more Level 3 staff members is strictly forbidden. Guards are to be positioned in front of the chamber, with monthly rotations.

Objects that can harm to authority personnel when wielded by it, have a method of emitting sound and vocalization, or are directly connected to infrastructures and large machinery are forbidden from being brought anywhere near RPC-976.

RPC-976 is an anomalous metallic liquid, stored within a bamboo sphere woven like a basket. The anomaly is able to move within the sphere, and through its holes. The basket itself has not demonstrated any anomalous properties and is presumed to serve as a method of preventing RPC-976 from dispersing. RPC-976 is capable of limited locomotion by way of dragging itself using tendrils, attaching to other moving objects or by shifting its weight within the basket in order to cause it to roll.

The anomaly has shown a limited ability of controlling man-made objects, such as clothing, furniture and devices through contact. Once in contact with an inorganic object, it will “pour” itself through the item at a presumably molecular level. This allows the liquid to contract the shape of the object it is connected to, without damaging the item's structure. RPC-976 is capable of manifesting its property in metals and minerals, although materials like objects created with a mix of organic and inorganic materials are more difficultly controlled. Purely organic material cannot be controlled by RPC-976, but can be moved and touched without any hindrance.

RPC-976 was recovered during an MST operation in the monastery of the Order of St. John the Hesychast, after the location had been compromised by the anomalies contained within. MST November-12 (“Dumpster Divers”) was mobilized to scout and map a section of the crypt, and to recover low-level and non-hostile anomalies. The operation log can be accessed below, along with the recovered research notes.

Refer to the following documents for further information.


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