Registered Phenomena Code: 974

Object Class: Omega-Purple

Hazard Types: Destabilization Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Mind-Regression Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Sensory Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to its nature, RPC-974 cannot be contained. In order to counteract the effects of RPC-974, ASF Rapid Response Team "Social Club" was formed. Romeo-84's main responsibilities consist of identifying and liquidating both RPC-974-1 and RPC-974-2 if they are present in an urban environment. In order to sense RPC-974-2 instances Romeo-84 members is equipped with special drugs called ''viderics''1.

The Authority has created a number of self-supporting organizations whose activities are aimed at integrating people into social interaction2.

Captured instances of RPC-974-1 and RPC-974-2 must be kept in a low ACR-resistant research biocells of zone ██, located at a distance of 8 meters from each other, and and kept under constant monitoring.

Description: RPC-974 is the designation for an anomalous phenomenon affecting people from 8 years of age around the world, mainly in the developed countries of Europe and Asia.
It is unknown in what way people initially become affected by RPC-974, however, due to the analysis of statistical information, RPC-974 risk factors were identified, including:

  • Social exclusion
  • Lack of social skills
  • No children or living relatives
  • Apathy, depression symptoms
  • Psychological diseases such as: Dementia, schizophrenia, paranoia, OCD
  • Long stay in one place
  • Old age
Individuals affected by RPC-974 are hereby designated as RPC-974-1.
RPC-974-1 is effected by RPC-974 in the following way.
Time under affection Symptoms Stage number
1 day RPC-944-1 experiences a complete loss of dreams. Brain scans during unconsciousness have shown nothing apart from the functions of the autonomic nervous system. 1
1 week RPC-974-1 regains the ability to dream. Reportedly begins experiencing only one repeating dream, consisting solely of an exponentially growing geometric structure. [See interview log 074-1:13 for additional information.] 2
3 weeks Degradation of perception by sensory organs, including impaired vision, hearing, perception of smells and taste, muffled tactile sensations. Decreased libido. A gradual decrease in the susceptibility of dopamine receptors. 3
5 weeks Decrease in metabolism, physical activity, and the need for replenishment of the body's resources by taking food and water. The beginning of a decline in intelligence. Subjects describe that the structure in their dreams feels noticeably larger'. 4
7 weeks Decrease in the level of mental activity, IQ at this stage is from 22 to 30. Hair loss throughout the body. Level of melatonin secretion at this stage is 16 times higher than normal, and duration of sleep is ~20 hours per day. Subject no longer needs food, water, or other sources of energy. Body openings3 are overgrown with skin. 5
8 weeks The senses of the RPC-974-1, with the exception of tactile sensations, atrophy completely. Subject tries to find the closest place in its current environment (usually is corner of living space, under the bed or in the closet), and then folds into the fetal position, falling into permanent REM sleep. 6
9 weeks From this point on, the subject is classified as RPC-974-2. The subject's skin acquires pale pigmentation, parts of the body are deformed and fused together, giving the subject the appearance of a homogeneous biomass of vertical ellipsoid form. On surface of the crown of the RPC-974-2, the pattern of indefinite nature begins to grow, eventually covering the entire body of the RPC-974-2. [Additional information can be found in Addendum 2] 7

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