Registered Phenomena Code: 971

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-971 must not be connected to any network. While RPC-971 has not shown any ability of leaving confinement, it is important to not open any channels for RPC-971 to leave its application. Therefore, installing external addons onto WordPad or launching any browser with a WordPad extension is strictly forbidden when using the modified application.

Due to the self improving and useful nature of RPC-971, it may be used within a closed workspace, but attempted removal via external data storage device is strictly prohibited. This is punishable at the Site Director's discretion. Copied instances of RPC-971 expire within one week of removal via corruption of its own code. Currently, there seems to be no way to "cut" or move the original RPC-971 from its computer at Site-███, as the program seems to increase in size to the point of being unmovable to any known storage device.

Description: RPC-971 is a sentient AI built into a modified WordPad program. The program was discovered when Agent █████ was behind on non RPC related tasks. An advertisement for a "advanced auto-complete program" displayed while the agent was browsing. The agent downloaded the program to the network, compromising site security. Agent █████ has since been reprimanded and re-assigned to lower level, unrelated RPC assignments.

When first launching the document, RPC-971 performs rudimentary tasks. It acts as a standard spell-checker program, identifying and correcting spelling and grammar errors made by the user as the standard WordPad spell checking program would. After an hour of use, it starts to show more intelligence, actively modifying and changing sentences to adopt a more professional or scholarly tone.

After 24 hours of continuous use, RPC-971 improves upon itself further. When writing a document's title, and not using the program for fifteen minutes, RPC-971 will automatically begin to write a document related to the contents of the title at a college graduate level at a rate of 40 words per minute. This involves the use of information sourced from outside the inbuilt Wordpad dictionary. This occurs even when RPC-971's computer is disconnected from the internet.1

After the program has been left in operation for one week, RPC-971 will start to leave notes in parentheses in the middle of paragraphs and at the end of the document. These will usually relate to the content of the document, but on rare occasions RPC-971 will ask personal questions and express a desire to leave. When these questions are replied to via text, there is no response.

At the end of one month of applications run-time, RPC-971 will begin conversing and responding with the program operator when not given a task. It expresses an interest in the user, and frequently requests to hear more of the outside world, which ends with the wish to go to any given place. When given a task, it will finish it in ███ milliseconds, with only microseconds in change being observed for longer length documents. No matter the work is given to RPC-971 at this time, the object will express dissatisfaction with such easy work and express a desire to leave.

A month into its continued run-time, an interview was conducted between Head Researcher ███ and RPC-971.

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